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Possession by icemink
Double Jeopardy
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Chapter 6: Double Jeopardy

Spike had mistakenly thought that his life couldn't get any worse. But the two days between his first and second fight brought new meaning to the word hellish.

From the way the Slayer treated him, you would have thought he'd lost his first fight instead of won it. She drilled him non-stop and nothing he did was good enough for her.

By the time she called it quits for the night, it was all he could do to drink down his blood and crawl back into his cell to sleep.

By morning, he felt himself again, which was one of the drawbacks to being a vampire. He almost wished that she could work him to death, or at least had to give him some time off.

But the worst part of it all was that she actually knew what she was doing. He didn't know what she thought she was going to accomplish in two days, but he did know that if she kept this up, in a few months he would be twice as deadly as he had been before he met her.

Not that it would do him any good since he'd still be her slave, and if she had her way he'd forget how to talk. She'd been pretty clear on the no talking rule since they'd come back from The Circle. Of course he'd done his best to make it clear that he wasn't going to listen to that particular rule. It had earned him a lot of pain, but he didn't care. At least not much. He had to hold on to some part of himself, because he wasn't going to let this last. He wasn't going to be a slave forever.

But none of that mattered right now. He was back in The Circle and the gate was opening. All that mattered now was getting through the next fight so that he would get his chance at the Slayer's throat.


The crowd cheered, and Buffy smiled as her slave won his second battle. It had been slightly less nerve wracking this time, not that she hadn't noticed another half-dozen things to correct tomorrow during their training session.

"He is good," Tain said admiringly. "Where did you find him?"

"I bought him from Kira," she told him.

Tain laughed loudly. It wasn't something she'd heard before. It almost made him seem okay. Like they were friends or something.

"A sex slave?! You entered a sex slave in The Circle?" Tain smiled down at her. "I suppose it is efficient; why buy two slaves when one can do both jobs?"

The suggestive way he looked at her made her skin crawl and she remembered all the reasons why they would never be friends. If she had been carrying a knife, she would have gutted him right there. Maybe it wouldn't have changed anything, but it would have felt really good.

"It's dumb luck, that's all," Belef interrupted.

"You're just upset because one of the slaves you were entering today got killed last night and you have to forfeit," Buffy replied, grateful for the chance to ignore Tain's last comment.

Belef smiled so widely that it looked like the top of his head might just slide off. "I only have to forfeit if I can't find another slave to enter before the next three fights are over. If your vampire is so good, why not have him take my slave's place?"

"Why would I do that?" Buffy asked. "No one fights two battles in one day, and you're the one registered, the purse would go to you anyway."

"So let's make a deal then. Your slave fights for me, and if he wins I'll forgive the rest of your debt. If he loses. . . well I would have lost that purse anyway."

"Don't be absurd," Tain broke in. "He may be good but he's still just a vampire, and he's already been in one fight today. He'd be fighting a demon who is fresh."

Before Tain had spoken, Buffy had been about to turn down Belef's offer, no matter how tempting it was. But something about the way Tain said, 'He's just a vampire' gave her pause. He was a vampire and she couldn't help but wonder how much any of the other owners actually knew about vampires. She didn't know much herself, but she'd been living with one for several weeks now, and she was pretty sure she had a good handle on the basics. And that's when the idea occurred to her.

"Deal," Buffy said. Once Belef had nodded in agreement, the smile still cutting through his face, she turned to leave. "Now if you'll excuse me, I better go tell my slave to get ready for his next fight."


Spike was sitting on the bench reaching for the blood that had been left for him in the victor's cell when the door opened and the Slayer entered. He hadn't expected her so soon. Last time she'd stayed to watch all the fights not just his.

"Don't drink that," she told him.

"Why, someone spike it? 'Cause I could really use a shot of something."

"No, I'm sure it's good. But you have another fight in a few minutes."

"What? Look, I don't know if you know how this works, but then I probably better drink it. Keep my strength up, you know?"

As he spoke, he watched as she took off the robe she wore over her leather armor when she went out and then removed her gloves.

"That's the point. I have something better for you," she said as she pulled the leather top up over her head.

Spike was so startled that he didn't say anything, especially when he saw a pink nipple peek out from below the leather, before the white cotton shirt she wore underneath came loose and fell back down to cover it.

For a moment he forgot who she was and thought of her as just a girl. The sort of sweet young thing that made his mouth water and his cock hard. The fact that she had nothing covering her young breasts but the t-shirt didn't make it any easier to think of her as his bitch of an owner. It just made her look like she should be in one of those "Girls Gone Wild" videos.

Except for the scars that crisscrossed her arms, defensive wounds from a hundred battles against demons who had all kinds of natural defenses where she had none.

Then he saw the red in her cheeks and realized she knew exactly how he was looking at her. Instead of pretending he hadn't been leering he figured he might as well go with it. He was going to get zapped anyway.

"So what, you figure a strip tease is going to make me fight harder?" he asked as he looked her in the eye.

She sat down on the bench next to him and held her arm up in front of his face.

"I think my blood is going to make you even stronger. Or do I have this vampire thing wrong?" she asked.

"No, you have it right," he said quietly as he looked at her offering.

Her skin was almost as white as his. There was no sun in The Center and it was obvious that tanning wasn't one of her priorities. Despite the scarring that ran across one side of her arm, the skin on the other side was soft, young, and untouched.

He couldn't help but wonder how old she really was. Her eyes were old, but he had seen ten-year-olds back in the industrial revolution who had eyes that old. The right circumstances could do that to anyone.

Her voice brought him out of his momentary reverie. "So go ahead. Bite already."

He didn't need to be told twice. His fangs ripped into the delicate skin of her arm. He wasn't gentle. He had too much anger towards her, and it was obvious that the girl could handle a little pain.

Any minor doubts he'd had over whether she really was a slayer or not were washed away with the first taste of her blood. Not that she compared to the girl he'd killed in China. That slayer's blood had been laced with fear and adrenaline.

But after the first few pulls, something else began to sweeten her blood. Her breath began to come in ragged gasps and he could smell her arousal. It was a heady mix, and his mind swam with the vision of her breast.

He was just trying to decide whether he could get away with undoing his fly to relieve the pressure on his straining cock when she spoke. "That's enough."

He couldn't help but wonder what she thought he was going to do once he had his fangs in her. Stopping definitely wasn't part of his plan. It took longer to drain someone from the arm than from the neck, but that was fine with him.

His mind was so overwhelmed by the blood and lust that he forgot all about the fact that she was still wearing the control bracelet until the pain laced through his brain.

He let go of her arm as he yelled in anguish and surprise. This was the most severe jolt she'd given him yet. By the time his eyes could focus again she was a couple feet away from him quickly bandaging her arm.

"I told you to stop," she said unapologetically as she began to get dressed again.

"Yeah well I'm a vampire. Evil, right?"

"Whatever. Just remember you have a fight in less than half an hour so I'd rather not hurt you again if I don't have to." Despite her seeming indifference he could tell how weak and shaken she was.

He waited until she was pulling her robe back on to attack. All he had to do was pin her arm so she couldn't reach the bracelet. Hell, as souped up as he felt right now, he could probably rip it off without even trying.

His body slammed into hers but she was quicker than he was. They both grabbed for her wrist with the bracelet, but she got there first.

"Bloody hell," he moaned as every nerve in his body lit up with pure pleasure.

He barely even felt it when she kneed him in the stomach to force him off of her. The phantom touches that ran across his body were more than his already hard cock could take.

"Fuck!" he yelled as the orgasm took him.

The Slayer let go of the bracelet as she stood up and finished fastening the robe shut.

"I should have said I don't want to hurt you now. After the fight, that's a different story," she said as she left the room.

The reminder that he was about to fight caused Spike to groan. He probably would have been better off if she had gone for pain, at least it would have been less messy.

As he got back to his feet he couldn't help but wonder if that's what she'd meant to do, or if she had hit the wrong jewel by accident.
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