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In Harm's Way by dawnofme
4. Sunrise Date
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In Harm’s Way
Chapter Four: Sunrise Date

Spike shielded his head with an arm as pebbles rained down on him, and again, he wondered what the hell had possessed him to agree to this outing. He glanced up again and tilted his head slightly at Buffy’s nicely rounded backside. Well, it wasn’t all bad. She’d insisted that they climb up to the ridge, because they wouldn’t get there in time if they walked up the winding road.

Once they’d made it to the top of the ridge, they found a grassy spot and sat with their legs dangling off the edge. He gave up trying to put some distance between them because she scooted over every time he did. Spike was just glad that she was being quiet at this point, even if she did keep staring at him with those adoring eyes of hers.

Gazing out over the city - still covered in darkness and littered with tiny yellow lights, he said, “So how long before things start to lighten up?”

She shrugged, following his gaze out over the city. “I’m not sure really. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a sunrise, too. After a long day at school and then hours on patrol, I’m usually tucked in bed by this time.”

The life of slayer was really hard; something he’d never really thought about before. He was just thinking that she had a nice profile, when she pointed at the small hills on the other side of town.

“Look, it’s getting light over there.”

“This is crazy--you know that don’t you?” he told her as he watched the sky above the hills slowly turning purple.

“I don’t know. I would say it’s pretty amazing. You haven’t seen a sunrise in over a hundred years and because of a magical piece of metal around one finger, you can see one now.”

“Was talking about me and you sitting here together, not trying to kill each other, and the fact that you think you’re in love with me,” he said dryly.

Buffy leaned back on her hands and watched him with half closed eyes. “Maybe it is crazy that I’m in love with you, but this didn’t happen over night, you know.”

“Hmpt. I’d say that this is exactly the definition of overnight. Think really hard, Slayer. When can you remember first having feelings for me? I’m gonna guess it was earlier this afternoon right after I punched you on the UC Sunnydale campus.”

When she snorted and then giggled, his stomach tightened pleasurably.

“Wrong. I can tell you the exact moment this all started for me.”

Buffy’s direct stare unnerved him. He had a feeling he wasn’t ready for her next words. “This should be good,” he said with a frown.

“The alley at the Bronze. That’s where it started.”

“What! You mean the night we first saw each other?” He remembered that night well. She had been too young for his tastes, but even then, he’d been drawn to her.

“When you came into the light all clapping your hands and big swagger, you know what my first thought was?”

He shook his head.

“Oh, my God. He’s hot.” She smiled at him and he wanted to look away but couldn’t. “And then…then you spoke, and I just about died when I heard your accent.”

“Oh, sod off; you’re making this stuff up.”

“Nope. And as long as it’s confession time, I might as well tell you-”

He held up his hand and shook his head. “No more. I don’t want to hear another word.”

“Shut up. I’m talking.”

She was glaring at him now and that somehow soothed his nerves. Here was familiar territory.

Then she said, “Last year, when you came back to Sunnydale- I won’t say that I was in love with you, because you know all the angst I was going through with Angel. But, I will tell you this. I hated Drusilla and wanted to be her at the same time.”

Spike stood up and brushed at his coat. “Ok, this conversation has officially ventured into the insane.”

“Sit down. The sun is about to come up.”

He eyed her with suspicion, but complied; only he put more distance between them.

“Like I was saying. Drusilla. I envied her because she had someone who would do anything to be with her and who would forgive her for anything. After you left, there were times I’d lie in bed at night and think about you and wish that Angel was more like you.”

He knew she was staring at him, but he couldn’t look her in the eye. Swallowing past the poncy lump in his throat, he looked out over the city instead. The spot just above the hill was growing pink now. He didn’t want to think about Drusilla. Spike tried to tell himself that he didn’t want to be sitting next to the reason why Dru had left him, but he had to admit that just this little bit of time in Buffy’s presence without fighting with her was doing strange things to him.

“I can’t believe I just told you all of that.”

He stole a glance at her and thought the slight flush of color on her cheeks made her look adorable. Angry about where his thoughts were taking him, he slapped his hands on his legs and prepared to stand up again, but Buffy’s words stopped him.

In a hushed tone, she said, “Oh, look, Spike. Isn’t that just beautiful?”

The sky had lightened with the sun that was just peeking over the hill and causing the sky to go pink and orange. She sucked in a breath and let it out slowly. He took a quick look at the Gem of Amara on his finger and did his best to let the age-old panic pass before giving himself over to the awesome sight before him.

They sat together, side by side, in silence and watched until the sun had cleared the hill. When he stood up, she followed and they quietly went back the way they had come. Spike didn’t protest when he realized that she was walking him home.

When they arrived at the entrance, he whirled around and faced her with a frown. “This little…um.”

“Date?” she offered.

“No, this little outing changes nothing.” Spike got in her face to intimidate her, but Buffy just smiled at him. With a snarl, he said, “Later this afternoon, I’m coming to find you and I will kill you. You and your stupid friends.”

Her eyes moved back and forth as if she was trying to take in his face all at once. “Have you ever kissed a slayer before?” she asked boldly.

He reared back. “What?” he said, knocking her hand away when she tried to place it on his shoulder.

“I’m just saying, not many couples get to say that their first date happened during a very romantic sunrise. A date like this should end with a kiss.”

He gestured with his hand, pointing at each of them. “You. Me. We are not a bloody couple!”

“Ok.” She shrugged, but made no move to leave.

“Go back to your watcher and pray that he figures out how to reverse that spell. Though it won’t make a bit of difference. You’re going to die either way.”

She folded her arms and gave him a smug smile. “If you keep saying that, you think maybe you’ll be able to convince yourself?”

“Shut your gob--go away.”

“Gee, you don’t have to get testy.”

“I said…go away.”


“What will it take,” he asked through gritted teeth, “to get you to leave me the hell alone?” He was suddenly feeling the desperate need to get away from her and the sunshine. He’d feel more like himself if could just get underground, in the dark, where he belonged. It occurred to him that he could just leave her standing there, but his chivalrous nature would not allow it.

“You want me to go home?”

He threw his hands up. “She gets it!”

“Kiss me and I’ll go.”

Buffy said the last bit quickly as she pushed herself on him. He backed up with her still advancing until he hit the dirt wall behind him. She pressed against him and slipped her hands into his coat.

Her warm and delectable little body was mashed up against his while he turned his head and kept his hands up and out to the sides. Her naturally sweet and musky scent was mixed with the smell of brown sugar and it all was driving him mad.

Spike grabbed her hips with the intent to push her away, but she moaned and wiggled those hips against him. “I know you’re dying to find out what it’s like to kiss a slayer.”

He changed tactics and pushed at her shoulders until he had her at arms length. “You daft bint! I just told you I’m going to kill you and you still come at me with those--oh the hell with it!”

Mush. His brain was mush. He spun them around, threw her against the wall, and smashed his lips to hers. He kind of hoped the moan that escaped her was due to his rough treatment of her. She wanted a damn kiss; he’d give her one.

Spike’s knees nearly gave out when her tongue darted around, begging entrance into his mouth. Of their own free will, his lips parted and his tongue met hers in a hungry duel. Buffy moaned again as her hand snaked between their bodies to cup the bulge in his jeans. His eyes flipped open and he tightened his hold on her even as he told himself how wrong this was.

When Buffy untangled herself from him, acute disappointment set in. But, panic quickly took over when she grabbed his hand and yanked him inside the lair. She was running now, and as he followed, the cool air helped him to see reason.

All the lit candles in the room had burned out, but she somehow found the room. She stood by him as he lit one of the candles, placed it on a ledge and turned to her.

“You should probably go,” he told her.

“Don’t start that again.”

“No, really. You got your soddin' kiss; now leave me to cool off.”

He sucked in a deep breath as she caressed the bulge in his jeans again. “I know you don’t really want me to leave.” He decided that just sticking her lower lip out in a pout gave her a better thrall than any Dru had ever had. She grabbed his hand and placed it over the bare area above her breast. “See how hot I am for you?”

“Grraah!” His battle cry echoed off the walls as he threw her onto the bed.

“Oomph,” she grunted when he landed on top and knocked the wind out of her.

“You’re hot for me, are you?” When she nodded, he said, “This won’t be like getting poked by that ponce, Parker. I promise you that.”

She stared at him as a smile spread over her face, then a little giggle escaped, and finally she tossed her head back and forth, laughing with abandon.

With his hands on the bed on either side of her, he propped himself up and stared at her in confusion. “Have you gone completely ‘round the bend?”

“No. Oh, God.” She giggled again. “It’s just that I almost broke Parker and…and…I…,” She burst out into laughter again.

“I can imagine that he wasn’t able to keep up with the likes of you. I bet you have muscles that could crush a mere mortal.”

“Maybe I do,” she told him as she blushed and looked away. Then she stared at him boldly and said, “If you want to find out for yourself, you’d better do more than just lie on top of me.”

He couldn’t stop the smile from taking over his face. “You saucy little wench.”

The shock to his system when she smiled back at him brought him to his senses. “Let’s get one thing straight here. I’m evil; I’m taking advantage of you, and I plan to ravish you thoroughly.”

She slapped at his chest before attempting to tug his duster off. “Fair enough. But, would you stop with the talking and get on with the ravishing? Or I’m going to start to think that you’re all talk.”

“All talk!” He glared at her as he shrugged out of the coat and tossed it aside. “I’ll show you.” Spike gripped the low neckline of her shirt with both hands and ripped it open, getting impossibly harder when he saw the black lace bra underneath.

She slapped his hands away when he went to rip that off too. Fumbling with the clasp in front, she undid it and slowly pulled the two parts away, revealing two pert handfuls of delectable breasts with rosy, hard nipples.

Spike stayed stock still as Buffy kept her eyes lowered and bit her lip while fumbling with his belt. He tore his gaze away from her flushed face, nearly passing out; he was so turned on by the sight of her undoing his pants.

After they were completely undressed, she crossed her arms over her chest and shivered-asking timidly if they could go under the covers. Spike marveled at how fast she could go from hot, tempting vixen to shy innocent girl and back. Both sides of the coin drove him mad with desire and he hurried to get them under the sheets.

As she writhed beneath his talented fingers, a thought occurred to him. “Are you a screamer?”

Buffy stop moving and looked at him. “A what?”

“You know, when you… Do you scream?”

“I…a…I don’t know.”

Making an educated guess, Spike concluded that her previous inept lovers had not gotten her off. He grinned. Maybe she wasn’t going to live much longer, but he was going to give her something to remember and take with her to the grave.

“I guess we’re gonna find out together then, pet.”

He slipped on top of her and nudged her thighs apart with a knee. She was most definitely ready for him, so he wasted no more time, plunging into her with one firm push.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

A couple of hours later, Spike stared at the dirt ceiling above him and sighed. He knew that if it weren’t for the Gem of Amara, he’d feel as spent as the burnt out candle that went dark a long time ago. He looked over at Buffy’s sleeping form and shook his head in wonder.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Chosen One, was lying fast asleep in the lair of the Slayer of Slayers. It didn’t get any stranger than this. Least now they knew for a fact that she was a screamer. His grin faded as he thought about the fact that she was a study in contradictions, because she was a whisperer, too.

The last time, right before she’d fallen asleep, she’d clutched him tightly and whispered in his ear the one thing that he’d never heard from Drusilla in all their years together. She’d simply whispered, “I love you, Spike.”

For her it’s just a bloody spell, he thought. Spike looked over at her and swallowed at the lump in his throat. What’s your excuse, mate?

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