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My Poems

Sep 09 2008 12:12 am   #1Vampire_Wiccian
I don't know if this is the right place to post this so forgive me if it isn't.

For a while now I've been making up my own poems. I never really wrote them down and decided to now.

I suppose a lot of people will think of it as a Dark poem so...You may wanna take caution while you read any of my Poems because most of the stuff i write about isn't that happy.

Okay here goes

I just wrote this it's about the arguments my Parents have and have had.

Sharp Tongues

Suddenly absent in this dark place.
Knowing a one or two much familiar face.
Hurts too much to just sting.
The pain un-compared to that of the ones it’s aimed.
Words turn to Iced Daggers as they hit the air.
Striking the heart of which they have targeted.
Yet which they have not.

Unable to stop the flow of these words.
Unable to stop the blood simmering to a boil.
Feeling helpless enough to shed tears.
Yet not allowing so because of my pride.
Often unwillingly letting the tears of my own spill.
Mind whirring with thoughts that shall not be though.

Hoping tomorrow will be a brighter day.
With more possibilities and an obvious amount to say.
Wishing Well
Wanting Freedom
Finding just out of reach.
Never forgetting the worst of Times.
Remembering fondly the good.
Never ending unwishful thinking of emotions that will come.

Abandoned, Absent, Alone.

Okay try not to be too cruel.

Thank you for reading though and any feedback is appreciated.