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Verse language lessons?

Feb 01 2007 01:59 pm   #1slaymesoftly

It has occurred to me that I have explained speech tag punctuation a huge number of times lately to a lot of different people and I wondered it there would be any interest in my putting selected "lessons" from the Riters_R_Us LJ community somewhere here on the verse where writers could go to check things like that?  I haven't run this by Dia yet *waves at Dia*, so I'm not sure what would be the appropriate place - under my name, in the forum, whatever - but it would be fairly easy to do and would put some much-needed punctuation, grammar and spelling information someplace easy to find.  Comments?

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Feb 01 2007 02:06 pm   #2Diabola

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I think that would be the best place. You can put the lessons in seperate threads, and I can close them once you're done. That way they stand alone, and can even be linked as references. -- Hehe, I guess you can tell that I linke the idea. *beams*

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Feb 01 2007 05:27 pm   #3Jenna

You know I think it is a good idea! LOL

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Feb 01 2007 11:30 pm   #4slaymesoftly

Okay. I'll get on it. Having some satellite issues today, so I don't know how long I'll be on line, but I'll work on the text tomorrow and pull out the ones I think would be helpful.

I am not a minion of Evil...
I am upper management.
Feb 02 2007 08:59 am   #5GoldenBuffy

I heart the idea.

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