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Looking for a vamp!Buffy fic

Sep 22 2016 01:27 am   #1Madmarchhare3
Looking for an Evil-ever-after fic where Giles becomes Ripper and teams up with Spike and Drew to take down the watchers and Spike makes buffy a vampire.
Sep 22 2016 05:25 am   #2Saggit
I think you may be looking for Midnight in the Garden of Evil, by spikesdeb and seductiveembrace:

Good fic.
Sep 24 2016 06:36 am   #3Madmarchhare3
Yes! Thank you! You rock!
Sep 25 2016 12:47 am   #4Saggit
My pleasure.

I also dance a mean pavan.
Mar 23 2017 06:14 am   #5nmcil12
Thanks for the link - it's been a long time since I read a Dark Giles - I've seen this story listed but have never read it - guess this is a good time to do so.