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Comedy vs Fluff

Mar 08 2007 11:55 pm   #1slaymesoftly

The last one, I promise!


Another area that I think pits nominated apples against nominated oranges is the Comedy/Fluff category. Now confusion in this category is not necessarily the fault of the nominator, as this is how most sites seem to list the category.  But, just as angst and darkness are not always the same thing, neither are comedy and fluff.  A story can be light and happy and completely fluffy (think of all the Christmas fics you’ve read) without having a truly funny line in it.  And, by the same token, it can have a fairly sad premise (think of Kargif’s hysterical fic in which Buffy accidentally kills Angel with a holy water douche) and still keep the reader laughing all through it.  Certainly, it’s possible to judge both fics in one category and come up with the best one; but more fics would have opportunities to win if they could be separated into ha ha funny fics and light, fluffy, happy fics.  Just a thought – and probably more for the award site owners than nominators, who really have no choice.

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