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Forever Knight

Mar 21 2007 10:45 pm   #1maryperk

I have to admit reruns of this show on the SciFi show started my vampire fetish.  The differences between BTVS vamps and FK vamps is quite significant.  The FK vamps are more like the Buffy movie than the Buffy series.   I found the first two seasons of FK at Walmart for $20 each, so guess what I'm doing?  Anyone else a FK fan?

Mar 22 2007 12:13 am   #2GoldenBuffy

I'm waiting until I get some extra money before I get the dvd's. LOVE Foever Night. I watched it fromt eh beginning til the end. Even cried when it went off the air. I was so pissed, lol.

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Mar 22 2007 01:55 am   #3Spikez_tart

Got it on my Netflix list.  I'll probably get to in 2011

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Mar 22 2007 02:42 am   #4LadyYashka

My sister told me she saw the dvd's at Wal-Mart. I cried. I'd don't have enough money to buy them.

I love that show and the ending still pisses me off.

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Mar 22 2007 12:03 pm   #5slaymesoftly

 I liked Forever Knight a lot - but only got to see a few episodes (I think it was on at some weird time).  And, crap!  I was just in Walmart Tuesday night! Will have to run back to pick them up.

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Mar 22 2007 01:49 pm   #6Guest

My mother and I watched some of it back when, but I'm pretty sure I didn't see the end of the show. Probably the typical thing of being on at the same time as something we liked more, or switching times.....


Mar 23 2007 02:51 am   #7ClawofCat

I loved Forever Knight. I must have been in elementary school when it originally aired, but my mom and I used to watch it all the time. I kinda had a crush on Nick Knight. My mom's hair-colorist at the time looked a lot like him and I would always refer to him as Nick. Who were the other two vamps that he went around with? LaCroix was his sire, but the woman? Actually, now that I think about it, Joss lifted a lot from that show. And just like Buffy, the flashbacks were always the best part!

Anyone see the mini-series 90s version of Dark Shadows? I remember watching it when it aired and just recently got the first disc from Netflix. Not as good as I remember it. At 8, I thought Barnabas was so cool with his brandy snifter  =D

Mar 23 2007 04:29 am   #8LisFayte

I loved Forever Knight, but I hated the last season of it, and those of you who watched to show probably know why. As for Dark Shadows, Yes I remember the re-make, but what is worse, I remember watching the original version as well. My sisters and I would run home from school as fast as we could so that we could watch it. I remember being so scared of it, then a few years ago they ran re-runs of it on the Sci-Fi channel, and I wondered why I was so scared of it as a child. DS definately started my love of all things vampire.

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