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Apr 07 2007 09:16 pm   #1Scarlet Ibis

Starting a proper petition?  On Dihcar's thread about is Spuffy dying and whatnot, the comments and everything got me thinking, and I'd love for their to be a legitimate petition for a Spike film- a real one, not made for tv, preferably directed by Quentin Tarantino.  Then I thought, petitions have gotten us fans, well... they don't usually work.  So then I thought, I could I somehow get a message to Tarantino?  Sure, he did that quicky film recently, but I know he's dying for another project (okay, so I hope he does).  Anyway, he's a director with caliber (obviously), and would have no problem finding backers etc., if he were genuinely interested in such a project.

I know he's not into computers, and that his directing company is (or was, I have to go check) A Band Apart.  Thinking further, since Steven S. DeKnight is mos def interested in writing the screenplay, perhaps it would be easier to contact him instead, and get him to find a way to contact Tarrantino (or maybe the guy who directed "Sin City" and "300" cause he's got talent too).

What do you guys think?  Do I need to go take some meds, or is this at all feasible in some shape or form?

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Apr 07 2007 10:02 pm   #2Guest

If your going to go for a petition to get the movie made you better work quick JM said in his last interview he was getting too old to play a vampire who only suspose to look around 30ish....If you go ahead though I'll sigh it .....:nod:

Apr 07 2007 10:05 pm   #3Scarlet Ibis

I know he feels that way, but seriously, his fans don't care, and I think, should the opprotunity arise, and he knows that his fans still want it, even if he does look forty or whatever and *we* still don't care, I think he'd do it. If he was pushing fifty, I'd still want that Spike movie...

"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly."
Apr 07 2007 10:42 pm   #4Dihcar

Well i don't know anything about organizing something like this, so i hope someone else does.  If i'm not mistaken, we still have a year and a half time for JM to play Spike.  He said that he was willing up until 5y post Angel, and Angel ended in 2004.  But i have no doubt that JM would replay Spike if there are enough Spike fans asking for it.

The biggest chance for a SPike movie had been in 2006, were Joss got all the pieces together and pitched the idea to the studio.  And it all fell trough because they didn't want to fund it.  What is intresting is that people were asking for a Spike movie, and Joss wanted to do three, which is also they way he pitched it.  One starring Spike, the other Faith and third Willow.  Now i'm pretty sure that neither of those characters are even in the range of being as popular as Spike.  Yet that was how Joss probaly pitched it, all three movies or none, they chose none.

I just get this strange feeling that Joss just doesn't like Spike that much, even though it's his creation.  We will have our answer on wether he likes SPike or not in the season8.  If he is degradeds/ridicules him then we'll have our answer.

Man, that's a sweet dream, Tarantino making a Spike movie, he would make it a dark,gritty movie with dark humor.  Ofcourse not all SPike fans would like that.  Another problem of the SPike fandom, you've got everything from little girl,boy-fanboys, mature individuals,slash-fans,ect  It's very hard for this fandom to find commen ground, and alot of them just like one thing about SPike(for example as a hotness,villian,hero,sidekick,ect), not the whole package.

If you want anything to be signed, just tell me where.

Well, i'm off, goodnight.

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Apr 08 2007 01:44 am   #5GoldenBuffy

Well if you get on started I'll sign. I would love to see the movie made. I know what JM said, but seriously if Arnold could make T3 and he was what? Almost 60 then JM can play Spike. We don't care how onld he is, lol. And Tarantino made it maybe he'd give us our Spuffy, who knows. But I wouls really enjoy seeing the movie.

Just a thought, I love Stephen King and he's done some awesome movies, The Green Mile, Sawshank Redemption, The Shining, Rose Red, just to name a few. And he's commented more than once that he enjoys making TV movies more than big screen because TV will reach more people. Someone who would never go see lets say It at the theature would end up watching it at home. And maybe just maybe he's be willing to pick up the Spike movie. I would love to see it twist on it.

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Apr 08 2007 01:50 am   #6Always_jbj

Yeah, probably gonna get shot down in flames here... but I think if there was a Spike movie to be made (which I don't know if I would actually want anymore because well... do we really want whatever would be done to our vampire next? And as I doubt very much you'd get SMG to do it, it wouldn't end up Spuffy) IMHO it should be made by Joss.

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Apr 08 2007 02:50 am   #7GoldenBuffy

Nah, I don't think you'd get shot down. As for SMG, she wanted to do movies right? Well it's a movie, LOL. I would love if Joss did it but I'm scared of him doing it. The things he might or could put Spike through. I mean the poor vamp has been through enough. I would like to see a fresh take on Spike and were he could be taken, life away from Angel and Buffy. Since we know 99.9% that they would never get back together. But then again, different director different concepts, lol.

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Our only light in paradise
We'll show the world they were wrong
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Apr 08 2007 03:10 am   #8Eowyn315

I know it came up in the other thread, but I don't know if I see a Spike movie as a Tarrantino film. Maybe it's because I'm not a huge Tarrantino fan, but his style doesn't seem to match what I'd expect of a Joss creation. I agree with Always, if there were a movie, I'd rather see Joss do it.

GB - SMG did want to do movies, but she also wanted to distance herself from the Buffy character so as not to get typecast (which I think is kinda stupid, since if you're gonna get typecast, Buffy is an awesome character to be, and I don't think she's done anything since that she should prefer to be known for). So which one of those would win out? Just my guess, but I don't think she'd do it.

Which of course begs the question - if the Spike movie isn't Spuffy, would you still want to see it? I would, because Spuffy's not the be all, end all of the BtVS experience for me. Might be weird to see him with another love interest (and you figure there'd be one, since male leads tend to get the girl), but it wouldn't ruin things for me.

I just get this strange feeling that Joss just doesn't like Spike that much, even though it's his creation.

I'm curious why you think that. Not that I disagree necessarily - I could see it happening in the sense that Joss never cared as much for Spike, because he didn't have the long-term vision for Spike like he probably did with Buffy, Willow, Xander, etc. Spike was a disposable villain that was in a sense forced on Joss by the fans - and he had to keep saying "what can we do with this guy?" in order to keep him around. So I can see him not being partial to Spike as much as the others. Just wondering if that's what you were thinking, too.

And as far as James being too old to play Spike - I know he's said the 5 year thing, but honestly, I don't think he's so famous that he'd turn down a lead movie role, just because he didn't look as hot as he did 10 years ago (which, newsflash, James, you do). If there were a real shot at the movie being made, I think he'd do it - the fans certainly won't care if he looks older.

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Apr 08 2007 03:53 am   #9Scarlet Ibis

Honestly- Spuffy (and SMG) is *so* not needed.  I have fan fic for that.  There wasn't a love interest for him in Angel s5, and I enjoyed the chemistry with him and Angel.  In fact, David said that he'd be willing to do a real movie, and I think Amy Acker as well.

Does Joss not like Spike all that much?  Yea, I think so a lil' bit.  There didn't need to be a Faith and Willow movie- the fans wanted a Spike film.  The production of *one* film could potentially be cheaper than *three,* so I feel like he shot himself in the foot on purpose with that one.  Did anyone really care about a Faith or Willow driven movie?  Not enough people that count, I don't think. 

As for alternate directors, I'd chose Frank Miller Robert Rodriguez or Zach Snyder.

Sorry GB- Stephen King didn't direct those...

So anyway, if I try to do the petition, how would I go about it, and where would I put it and who would I send it to?  What about an open letter/ad in (insert big time news papers here) asking these major directors that we like- all of them, if one of them would take on the challenge?  I mean, a challenge could be appealing to at least one of them, especially with something along the lines of "who has the creative ability to to create such a work of art?" And knowing that there is most definitely an audience waiting for such a film... And who knows?  Maybe we'll luck out, and one of the directors named is a secret fan or something.

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Apr 08 2007 05:02 am   #10GoldenBuffy

No, but Stephen King did direct Rose Red, did anyone see that? As well as doing the script. I still think if you can get this done, you might have a shot with him. I still think a tv movie is the way to go. A lot of us are broke and going to the theature and buying a ticket is out of the question, lol. Also television has the options of reaching more people than a movie. One would have to wait until it's released out on DVD unless someone did a straight to DVD movie.

Eowyn I answered in my first post I think, that no, if there was no Spuffy I'd still want to see the movie beacuse I love Spike and enjoy JM as an actor. And if DB came on in the movie that would be a bonus.

For me SMG is already typecast as Buffy, lol. Even in teh Grudge I was waiting for her to kiss that demon or ghost whatever she was ass. When she was in the Scooby Doo movies I still though of her as Buffy. She will always be remember as such so she needs to get over herself, lol.

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Our only light in paradise
We'll show the world they were wrong
And teach them all to sing along
Apr 08 2007 10:45 am   #11Dihcar

Eowyn315, yes agree, but not only that way because like you said they didn't always know what to do with Spike.  The same goes for some other characters too.  Xander in season4, they almost chose to make him gay instead of Willow, also almost killed him off(too bad that didn't happen).  But from then on he was sorta put on the back burner, alot of fans thought that was due to SPike and blamed him for it.  Altough how they came to that conclusion, i have no idea, since the Spike character wasn't anything like Xander.

Scarlet Ibis, Frank Miller is the creator of the comics "300", "Sin City", he surpivised the making of the movies to make sure that his vision was rightly portrayed.

Zach Snyder, the director of "300" is pretty huge right now, since his movie was a big box-office hit.

Robert Rodriguez, the man directed "Sin City" and "Once upon a time in Mexico"(which starred Johhny Depp and Antonio Bandares).  Intresting to note is that he made "Once upon a time in Mexico" real cheap(by using new ways, like digital filming) and fast(in a couple of weeks time), very impressive to say the least.

I have no idea how to start something like this, isn't best to first get immobalized?  To see how many people are intrested on seeing this happen.  If it's like only 60,100 people then we might as well forget about it.  But if the numbers go in to the thousends then there might be a shot.

Also i know many are not fans of it(becuse the love the hotness of JM), but a new medium might also work.  Like for example an adult animated movie.  We already know that JM's got a great voice, and SMG lended her voice for April in the new turtles movie.  Just a thought.

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Apr 09 2007 03:13 am   #12Scarlet Ibis

Okay, found a place where I can create an online petition.  However, before I begin, I'd like to hear some suggestions for the "heart of my petition." I want to be sure I get it right, so that I can as many signatures as possible...

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Apr 09 2007 06:12 am   #13Guest

I'd watch an animated version, though it'd have to be approached seriously. The characters would have to look like themselves. I don't want to see a stylized version of any of them. The director of the "Ghost In The Shell" series could handle it. And yeah, it'd HAVE to be the original actor's voices!


Apr 09 2007 03:10 pm   #14YourMyDream

I think Joss should do it if anyone.... he did create the wonder that is Spike after all... it's only fair that he do it justice... but that's the thing... would he do it justice?? For me personally, if there was another love interest for Spike, I wouldn't want to watch it. Being a single minded Spuffy fan, I couldn't stomach seeing Spike seriously with anyone else. I'd still probly see it anyway because I can't resist Spike, after all, but I would not be happy lol. If Buffy wasn't it in, I'd prefer no love interest at all... IMO....


Don't worry, be happy :)