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May 24 2007 04:23 am   #1ZoeGrace

Can anyone tell me how to get in touch of the person who runs BSDiaries?  I really need to get in touch with her.  I sent a message to her from her site, but I don't know if she'll check it.  It looks like the site hasn't been updated in almost a year.

May 25 2007 06:51 pm   #2Kimmyadams

Apparently someone has been hacking into one of the author's stories because I noticed the lack of any updates at all myself.  Does the person who runs the site have a live journal? 


May 25 2007 09:54 pm   #3eve

I checked the page too when I saw Zoe's message and there was a link to a lj community, but that community has been deleted. I couldn't find any hints to a personal LJ either.

May 25 2007 10:07 pm   #4spikeskat

You might try leaving a comment at her LJ: aleababe. Good luck!

Website // Livejournal
May 26 2007 11:10 am   #5ZoeGrace

Thanks.  I'll give it a try.