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Jul 12 2007 04:43 am   #1Immortal Beloved

I was just going through archives trying to find stuff that I hadn't read.  I found this fic, and I just about peed my pants laughing.  The link is below.  Let me just say that, contrary to popular opinion, I happen to like Season Six.  I love the imperfections, the exquisite frailty of the characters.  But I also love a good laugh, and I find humor in everything.  Apparently, so did this author:

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Jul 12 2007 06:41 am   #2Verity Watson
HA! That's just beyond funny. I laughed so hard I had to drag my laptop out to the balcony, or risk waking up my kid.

Thanks for the link.
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Jul 12 2007 06:48 am   #3GoldenBuffy

LMAO!!!!!! ROTFL!!!!! I'm in tears.

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Jul 12 2007 08:12 am   #4Blood Faerie

Oh My GAAAAHHHHH!! *dies of laughter*

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Jul 12 2007 08:23 am   #5ZoeGrace

That was hilarious! I didn't leave a review though because sites that say: "any review that bashes the STORY or the author will be deleted"  I can't deal with sites that only allow reviews if they are good.  WTF?

Click on the link for her other stories.  Attack ofthe Gay Mimes" is hilarious and it mentions the SR OOC hahaha.

Jul 12 2007 08:48 am   #6Always_jbj

Zoe, I think the key word there is probably 'bashes'.  

Negative feedback, or constructive criticism aren't really the same thing as bashing or flaming.  Although I guess some some people do seem to think they are *shrugs* so who knows exactly what she meant by that... I would take it to mean no flames, myself. 

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Jul 12 2007 05:30 pm   #7slaymesoftly

*gasp, wheeze, chortle, howl, pound on own leg and make a bruise*

That was one of the funniest things I've seen in years.  I think that link needs to be posted to the lengthy discussion about season VI going on in another thread - kinda puts it all into perspective, doesn't it?  At least as far as the writers and their inconsistencies are concerned.

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Jul 12 2007 06:35 pm   #8ZoeGrace

True, Always_jbj but I would consider a flame when it "bashes the author." No matter how harsh the criticism of a story, when its sticking to just the story, I don't really consider it a flame personally.

Jul 13 2007 01:37 am   #9Always_jbj

Zoe, I think that really comes down to HOW it is phrased. You can point out a story's shortcomings without it degenerating into abusive and antagonistic language and phrasing--then it would definitely qualify as a 'flame' even if it was only about the fic.

Aim from the heart
Some will love and some will curse you, baby
You can go to war
But only if you have to 

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Jul 13 2007 02:52 am   #10ZoeGrace

hmm.  I still don't agree with that.  I think flames are personal.  They are about people, not ideas or fiction.  Flames are "you're stupid," (with lots of cussing) or "your momma's stupid." (with lots of cussing.)

If someone says "your story's stupid" (with lots of cussing.) I really don't see that as a flame.  It might be really rude, but it's not attacking a person, it's attacking something inanimate.  Now if they said "You are so stupid for writing this." (with lots of cussing) I would agree that that's a flame. (To me flames include lots of cussing lol)

I guess it doesn't matter one way or the other, I don't leave people reviews like that anyway.   If I criticize, I'm constructive about it.  I don't just say "that story is stupid."  Though I think people should have the right to say that about a story that is posted publicly. JMO.

Jul 13 2007 02:58 am   #11slaymesoftly

ROFL at Zoe.  So, flaming requires lots of cussing, huh?  I'll remember that.

Though I think people should have the right to say that about a story that is posted publicly. JMO. 

Hooboy, Are you in the minority there!  *throws body in front of Zoe to shield her from the stones thrown by the "you're so mean" club*

I am not a minion of Evil...
I am upper management.
Jul 13 2007 03:11 am   #12ZoeGrace

LMAO I don't know why I should be in the "you're so mean" club lol, I'm not exempting myself from bad reviews.  I don't labor under the delusion that no one has ever read one of my stories and thought it sucked or was squicky beyond words, I'm sure they have.  

And if they'd said it, maybe I wouldn't have loved it, but it would make my skin thicker, and that's a good thing. (oh gawd I think I just channeled martha stewart for a second.)

Jul 13 2007 03:17 am   #13Immortal Beloved

Hey!  Back to the topic, please   I think that we've had enough of criticizing how people criticize and criticizing what other people think is criticism on the other threads   I think the story tries to remind us not to take things too seriously.  So...

I'm glad you guys got a kick out of it, though.  It went straight to my list of favorite stories of all time

Note: I hope that my use of smilies denotes the lighthearted tone that I was hoping to convey

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Jul 13 2007 03:23 am   #14ZoeGrace

omfg, that was the lamest post response EVAR! 

Yes, the smilies were very anvil like in the way they hit me on the head.

(I used smilies but I'm still paranoid it comes off as using smilies so I can get away with being evil.  This is why I almost never use smilies btw.  On another forum I once knew this chick who used to say really horrible things that she seemed to mean, but they would always  have smilies attached.  So you could never really call her on it. But it always felt like she was doing it on purpose.  I don't tend to just assume people are doing that, but I'm always paranoid if i use smilies with my sarcasm people are going to think I'm going "haha, only serious."  Why, yes, I AM neurotic.

And yeah I bookmarked that story.  The one about the gay mimes was hilarious too.