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Aug 03 2007 10:59 pm   #1slayerfan

who was better for buffy was it angel?, riley or spike? please answer by saying which one and why



Aug 03 2007 11:37 pm   #2Always_jbj

Um...this is a Spuffy site, I think the responses will be pretty obvious. lol

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Aug 04 2007 01:05 am   #3Scarlet Ibis

Obviously, Spike.  Here's the long and short on why: he sacrificed the most for her, he asked her what she wanted, as opposed to telling her (like Angel with his "I want the best for you. Bye!"), and was not insecure about the fact that she was stronger than her (like Riley).  He accepted the woman (and didn't view her as a girl) as well as the Slayer (without being threatened) wholeheartedly.

Huh, well, it was kinda short...

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