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baby fics?

Oct 16 2007 11:36 pm   #1Guest

Hey Guys!

I have a question i personally like to read fics involving spike and buffy having a child together i know that a lot of people don't really like those types of fics and that brings me to my question if you like spuffy baby fics why? and if you don't why not?

Oct 16 2007 11:44 pm   #2Guest

I sometimes like them, but not always.  I guess it would depend on the story.  I love when vampire Spike becomes a father, because it's something he never thought would happen.  I like when I read about his happy reaction about Buffy being pregnant.  I don't like when he's not happy about it, which I have seen before, accusing her of cheating on him or something like that.  I'm also not a huge fan of stories that have one of them walking away, leaving the other to raise the baby alone.  I'm usually all about the fluff, never was a huge fan of angst.  I have written a few baby stories, though, so I would say that I really don't mind them.

Oct 16 2007 11:45 pm   #3TammyDevil666

Oops, forgot to log in.

When I say, "I love you," it's not because I want you or because I can't have you. It has nothing to do with me. I love what you are, what you do, how you try. I've seen your kindness and your strength. I've seen the best and the worst of you, and I understand with perfect clarity exactly what you are. You're a hell of a woman. You're the one, Buffy.
Oct 17 2007 01:06 am   #4dawnofme

I'm not a real fan of baby fics.  I've read maybe two that I liked.  I can't remember the titles or authors though. 

I have five kids and I've done that baby thing to death in RL.   I love the little critters, but there are days that I wish it was just me and their dad alone (after 15 years together I still think he's a hottie).  So I guess I want to read about two people/vamps in love.  The romance has gone out  for me where babies are concerned.

I'm sure there are plenty of people who like baby fics though.

Oct 17 2007 02:12 am   #5Scarlet Ibis

"Heart Don't Lie," which can be found here, "Cast Away" by Ripe Wicked Plum, and I like mine- "Come with Me."  Um...I know there are other baby fics- I've read some others, but I'm having a serious brain cramp right now.

(added)  Oh yeah- why do I <3 baby fics?  Well, I don't have any kids (not to say that I don't plan on it, cause I do), but there's just something alluring about Spike knocking Buffy up.  The confusion, the "huh?" the joy, or the angst, if Buffy wants to kill his "evil spawn" at first.  It's just intriguing, and something that we most definitely never got to see on the show...and that adds to the interesting factor, I think.

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Oct 17 2007 02:49 am   #6Verity Watson
I don't like or dislike them more than any other category, but I do judge them a little more harshly. I have a kid - just one, not five - oh my goodness, DawnofMe! - and so if it's too much about picking out cute baby togs and not enough about the drama of your entire life being turned upside down, it's not for me. But I *do* have a softspot for DaddySpike, when done well.
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Oct 17 2007 04:15 am   #7Immortal Beloved

I think that the term "baby fic" can sometimes turn someone off of reading a really good fic.  Sometimes, the entire fic is about stuff leading up to a baby, and the baby itself is the happy ending.  Sometimes, it's all about the baby.  Personally, I happen to like baby fics.  Actually, I tend to like well-written fics in general, whether there's a baby or not.  Besides, who can resist the thought of Spike doting on a baby girl

Um, let's see: "Heart Don't Lie" by Nautibitz is freaking hillarious and is very porny and very plotty.  The Daylight stories by Addie Logan are really good.  They're a part of her post-NFA series.  "The Un-gettable Get" by Starshine, which is sort of a pre-quel to redwulf's "Time Tossed" and the pre-quels and sequels.  There are others, but I'm working on memory recall as I just got a new laptop and haven't loaded my bookmarks yet

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Oct 17 2007 04:33 am   #8Scarlet Ibis

Where's "The Un-Gettable Get" IB?  I'm sure I've read it before...but I just don't remember.  Oh, Kallysten's "To See the Sun Again" is a good one.

"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly."
Oct 17 2007 01:37 pm   #9slaymesoftly

I'm going to be my usual rude self here and say that I am one of those who says, loudly and often, that she is NOT a fan of baby fics. And yet, as I say that, I know that I have read lots of them, am reading one now, and may someday even write one.

Before I list my reasons for disliking them, let me say very quickly that I have read and enjoyed quite a few of them - but they were all well-written and believable.  And there we come to my main objections to so many of them: they are a) not believable - for any one of a number of reasons, beginning with the plot device and running through the pregnancy itself. b) so very many of them are not well-written. They tend to be sickly sweet or overly cute, and often wildly unrelated to the reality of pregnancy and childbirth and baby stuff.  I often feel like "baby fics" appeal mostly to very young writers who've never had one.   The pregnancy and birth are either glossed over as something that barely affects her life at all, or the unpleasant parts are dwelt on to the point that I want to scream at the author "She's pregnant, not dying, you idiot!"  I had to read one in which the (very young) author wanted to have Buffy jumping Spike's bones a few minutes after giving birth to twins.  Slayer healing is all well and good, but it doesn't work miracles, nor will it close an open and draining uterus as soon as the babies are born. Even Buffy's going to need some recovery time.

Oddly enough, I don't have nearly as much of a problem with stories in which they already have children - or have had them in the past.  It seems to be mostly the "oh, squee, we're pregnant" parts that turn me off.  There are a lot of very enjoyable stories in which Spike and Buffy have a child (or two or three) - "To See the Sun Again" is definitely one of them - it's wonderful.  And I do love Spike as a father. It's so easy to picture how happy he would be and what a good dad he would make. I believe part of the appeal of "Hearts Don't Lie" is the very real reactions on the part of Spike and Buffy - it's believable, and that makes it work.

It may be just the idea of a "baby fic" that turns me off.  Don't call it that, and I'm more than willing to give it a shot - tell me it's a "baby fic" and I'm all....uh, yeah, maybe someday... I also have to admit that my stated dislike is probably more than a little bit related to the quality of the first ones I came across years ago.  They were awful - full of all the things that I find objectionable about them - and I'm sure that is why the term "baby fic" makes me want to run screaming from the room. Of course, since then, I've read many good ones (see those above), so I really need to stop saying I hate them, don't I? LOL And, as always, how likely I am to give it a shot depends a lot on who writes it.  If I know and trust the author to give me a good read, then it's not a problem. If I don't, then the mention of it being a "baby fic" will probably make me run away.

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Oct 17 2007 04:00 pm   #10Diabola

Don't like them. Doesn't matter is it's about the pregnancy, involves a baby or an older kid, I don't like any of them. And since that sounds pretty harsh and short-sighted, I won't bother with lengthy explanations but give it to you short and to the point. I don't like kids. Or babys. The thought of becoming pregnant gives me nightmares.

I guess it's best to just ignore anything I say where fics like that are concerned. I've certainly nothing worthwile to offer to a serious discussion.

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Oct 17 2007 04:56 pm   #11GoldenBuffy

I LOVE baby fics, though not all of them. They have to be written well, a god plot and not so much focus on the baby or pregnancy its self. I started reading Heart Don't Lie again, but I just recently lost a pregnancy and so right now ready baby fics, so not my cup of tea.

Like dawnofme, I have five kids too, but there's just something about baby fics that just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. But if you asked me to tell you why. I couldn't, lol. If anyone is up for a read on another baby fic *shameless plug* I have one, It Happened One Night. I can't believe no one mentioned it already, ROFL Just kidding. I'm up to chapter 16 right now and working on 17, but kinda not in the mood at the moment to wroke on the chapter. Maybe within the coming week or so.

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Oct 17 2007 05:45 pm   #12Guest

Have do you have a link to the fic It happened one night? i would like to read it

Oct 17 2007 07:58 pm   #13GoldenBuffy

 Here ya go.

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Our only light in paradise
We'll show the world they were wrong
And teach them all to sing along
Oct 17 2007 11:10 pm   #14Guest

Gee Thanx a Bunch

Oct 17 2007 11:39 pm   #15daniel_nieves

I used to like baby fics, and then my ex-fiance had an abortion, so I pretty much shy away from them.

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Oct 17 2007 11:47 pm   #16Guest

I can't believe that nobody thus far has mentioned Niamh's Origin Series. While not a "baby fic" per se, it is by far the best of any I've read, with a very plausible explanation as to how it was possible. And, while it isn't posted here, be sure to read the companion piece, Destinies.

Oct 18 2007 12:03 am   #17dawnofme

Niamh's Origin series is one of the few I actually liked. 

Diabola said: "The thought of becoming pregnant gives me nightmares."

I laughed when I saw that.  After 5 pregnancies I can say the same thing. The pregnant part is kind of neat.  It's the caring for them afterward that is tiring.  I found out I was pg with number 5 when I went in thinking I had cancer (hubby had gotten snipped).  The blood test came back  and the nurse says "You don't have cancer but you do have a growth" and low and behold I'm pregnant!  I sat down and cried. My husband went back in and somehow things healed on him and his critters were getting through the piping.  So I got fixed this time. 

That baby is now 3 and it's wonderful to not have to buy diapers or change them anymore.  He's a joy of child and I'm glad he's here now.

Oct 18 2007 02:35 am   #18Spikez_tart

I love good baby fics (don't have any and never will) but like anything else they have to be well written.  I'm not so much interested in the gruesome physical details, as the how Spike and Buffy are turned on their heads.  The situation is ripe for fun Spuffy. 

One problem with writing Baby fics is that long, dragging nine months from conception to birth - how do you fill all that up with story.  Doing a Cordelia hatching devil spawn over night is possible, but that would alleviate too much suffering.  I'm sort of stuck on the sequel to Invite Me In because of this problem.


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Oct 18 2007 02:54 am   #19Guest

Barb C. has some delightful baby fic. Definitely a Must Read...

Oct 18 2007 03:42 am   #20Immortal Beloved

Gee, hearing mothers say how exhausting child rearing is kinda makes me wonder if I should even bother...

I hear people saying that they don't tend to enjoy baby fics, but have liked ones that are well-written.  I think that's true for any genre.  If a comedy is funny, you enjoy it.  If angsty twists you stomach in knots, you enjoy it.  If porn makes you--Well, you get the idea   If a fic has bad characterization, doesn't follow a natural progression of events, is full of plot holes, and has so many grammatical errors that one questions whether or not it's actually written in English, it's just bad no matter if there's a baby or not.  Personally, I prefer well-written fics period.  If there's a baby along for the ride, that's fine by me.

Oh, and Scarlet, here's the url for "Un-gettable Get:"

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Oct 18 2007 09:39 am   #21Blood Faerie

The idea of getting pregnant scares me, too... but I have an opposite reaction to babyfics because of it. I have a habit of making my girls preggers in my stories in rpgs, probably because I'm too scare to do it so she can do it for me, lol, or I sometimes think I'm at that age where my biological clock is beating me over the head since all the woman in my family have bitty babies by this age.

I also think there is something incredibly sexy about a man holding a child and I know a lot of women agree with me. When I lived in the dorms, we would watch Surprise by Design and sigh whenever Robert was carrying a child in his arms and talking to them (we didn't care he was gay, he was cute!). Once again, probably our maternal instincts that love the sight of a man being fatherly, hehe

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Oct 18 2007 06:31 pm   #22TammyDevil666

Especially if that man is Spike.  *sighs*  There is nothing cuter than seeing him with a baby girl.

When I say, "I love you," it's not because I want you or because I can't have you. It has nothing to do with me. I love what you are, what you do, how you try. I've seen your kindness and your strength. I've seen the best and the worst of you, and I understand with perfect clarity exactly what you are. You're a hell of a woman. You're the one, Buffy.
Oct 18 2007 08:21 pm   #23GoldenBuffy

Well the whole raising of kids isn't so bad if you had like TWO! lol But when you get up to five it gets really hard to spread the love around and time, and not to mention energy. Man, I remeber when it was just our first daughter. It was so easy, everything she had was new, clothes, toys, crib, etc. It was great. But then two came along, that was easy too, then three, talk about I have no time, lol. But in truth, I wouldn't change it for the world. I love my kids and they've added a twist onto me and hubby's lives. But I am offically done. 28 years old and I'm good. Now they'll all be gone by the time I'm what clos eto 40 or something. I hate math so I'm not adding, lol. Then I can spoil grankids and get back for all teh drama they caused growing up, lol.

spikez tart, just go with your gut and write what comes to you. That's what I'm doing, and I really hope those who have/are/do read my fic find it entertaining, with a good plot and not all about the pregnancy/baby. Since I'm not going for that.

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We'll show the world they were wrong
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Oct 19 2007 02:16 am   #24dawnofme

Making the babies is the most fun.  Being pregnant with them is a lovely experience and really amazing.  Raising them is scary because you are, for the most part, responsible for how they turn out.   And I worry for my kids all the time.  I want them to be safe from all the bad out there and be good people and be happy adults. 

Everyone's experience is different.  Some ladies put all their energy into their kids.  I try to give them room to be their own people and because I married their father and not them I focus on my husband too. 

Like I said before.  Babies and all that go with them is so much in my real life that don't want to read about them when I go to my fun escape of fan fiction.  Every one is different.


Oct 19 2007 04:28 am   #25GoldenBuffy

*nods head* I worry about them all the time. Hubby told me once I was going to kill myself with worry, lol. I remember when they started school laste year ( I homed schooled untilt hen), I was so sacred. I had no idea how they would adjust, if they would make firneds. I wanted to camp out in front of the school all day. I worried for nothing, and now I can't wait to kick them out since I hav ethe house and hubby all to myself for a few hours, well the baby is still at home but I deal.

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Our only light in paradise
We'll show the world they were wrong
And teach them all to sing along
Jun 27 2008 01:40 pm   #26Guest
Hi guys,
I'm looking for a specific baby story that I read and really liked.  It involved a prophesy (don't they all) where Buffy and Spike had to have sex three times.  Obviously she tries to resist, but who can resist Spike?   I remember that one tryst occurred in the aquarium.

Does anyone know what story I'm thinking off?

Jun 27 2008 02:25 pm   #27Guest
Damn it.  I've been trying to remember the name of this fic, myself.  I distinctly remember the aquarium sex as well, but didn't know it was a baby fic!  Have you tried the LJ comm seeking_spike yet?
Jun 27 2008 03:47 pm   #28randi
 I remember that one tryst occurred in the aquarium.

I remember that scene distinctly for some reason, and I knew that it was in one of Kantayra's stories.  Do you think it might be Twenty-One?