Destroying Entropy by BuffyMeetsSpike
Chapter: Chapter 2

08/26/2011 01:59 am
I love how you flipped the switch, so to speak, by having Spike be the one to break the news to Dawn.  And Xander's half-assed explanations. . . ugh.  Too bad Spike's got a chip.  I would probably pay to see him beat the hell out of Xander.
I trust you won't be disappointed in the end, chip or no chip...

07/03/2011 04:37 pm
Poor Buffy, and as for Xander... words fail me!
Denial - it's what's for dinner at the Harris house.

07/01/2011 04:32 am

lots of nice complications.  I like Xander's reactions and how he's repainting the story to make himself out not to be the bad guy.

The neverending cruise down DeNile...

06/25/2011 01:22 am
The lying manipulating bastard painting events as he saw them and trying to talk to make it true to others!!  Ooh, these scenes got my dander up.  That says something about your writing ability.
Thank you! But take a deep breath - no high blood pressure on my account!

06/20/2011 10:45 pm
Perfect all-the-bad-bits of Xander portrayal - the denial, the evasion, trying to dismiss the worst kinds of behaviour, blaming your mistakes on everyone else - it's all there ;o)  You're handling this topic so well AND keeping the characters honest at the same time - great stuff.  One request: could you 'disappear' Spike's chip so that he could 'disappear' Xander?  Pretty please ;o)
See, I'm debating. What would be worse, having Xander dead (and believe me, I have pondered long and hard about how that guy should die. My least favorite regular character. At least Angel was halfway decent to look at.) or having Xander having to live with actual consequences. 

I may have to have Spike beat the living tar out of him though.

06/20/2011 08:30 am

Well it seems like they got to know what happend, or starting to. That's good, this shouldn't be a sicret.

But you know Xander. His weaseling powers are legendary...

06/20/2011 03:52 am
Wow, you know how to catch attention! I love your writings, and I'm really curious to see how this story continues. Thanks!
You're welcome! Chapter 3 just went up, so enjoy.

06/19/2011 07:02 pm

OMG. I couldn't believe it when I read the first chapter. This is the first time I read such an original, never-seen before (by me at least), plot! And it's so very well written too, kudoz! I'm pretty sure I know where Buffy is going. Great job

Well, I gotta thank whoever wrote the challenge. I saw that and immediately thought: Ooh. There's a tough one.

I'll try to keep the updates coming as quickly as possible! Thanks for the encouragement!

06/19/2011 03:01 pm
And yet again Xander tries to conceal his 'mistake' that has hurt someone as he tried to conceal the fact he remembered all about his actions when he had the hyena spirit and when he summoned the dancing demon and caused human deaths. His instant trip to DeNile is totally in character, as is Buffy's wish to conceal her pain from the others. More please...
Thanks so much!

I sometimes feel I bash on Xander too much. But the fact that he dodges the consequences of his actions (as you mentioned) so many times just irritates me to no end. Glad it came off as in character.