I Know You II by slaymesoftly
Chapter: Fourteen

09/25/2007 04:32 pm
I am so glad that you decided to do a sequel, this is such a wonderful adventure in The Buffyverse Fiction realm. Really enjoy how you treat the characters in their perspective dimensions -

Hope to find out what happens to Angel in the Master Alive world.
Thanks for reading. I hope you continue to enjoy it. :)

08/03/2007 07:09 pm
Good chapter.Update soon.Sorry about the double review.I was on my laptop and probably clicked it twice.I'm glad Giles is on Spike's side.
:) I do stuff like that all the time. Thanks for reading.

08/03/2007 06:46 pm
fun read, thank you. don't suppose they gave opposite advise int those notes?
Probably not - not exactly, anyway. :) Thanks for reading.

08/02/2007 07:46 am
I'm really loving this story--I really needed the laughs tonight. And naked, singing Spike? Yes please! And please drag out the tension between Winterset Buffy and Spike for as long as possible--it's so much fun to read! Keep up the good work!
LOL - well, I'm dragging it out as much as I can, but now that she's seen him naked...you know how hard that is to resist! :) Thanks for reading and commenting.

08/02/2007 07:21 am
I am really enjoying this sequel. I like the developing relationship between spike/young Buffy and that the glimpses we see of spike/older buffy are tying into the plot.
Thank you. I'm so glad you are enjoying it. :)

08/02/2007 01:56 am
he he he I can't wait to see what they wrote!!!! Great chapter!!! can't wait for the next update!
Thanks. More soon.

08/02/2007 01:53 am
Now I'm insanely curious as tyo what's in those notes.
LOL - you'll have to wait.