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Cold Day in Hell
This Christmas fiction occurs after Joyce’s death, but before Spike’s fumbling admission of love. We are well aware that it doesn’t fit into the canon timeline, but we don’t care and are going to do what we want, it’s our story!!

Disclaimer: All characters herein are the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. We are simply playing with them a bit. Well, we really just want to play with Spike, but you know…

Returning home from Xander's 'Night Before Christmas' party, Buffy dragged her feet. She had decided not to do her nightly patrolling; she was just too depressed.

The young blonde was so disappointed in herself. Dawn's Christmas was going to suck. Buffy drifted into the house, frowning at the scraggly tree next to the fireplace. It was listing to the right again. Buffy sighed loudly and began to hopelessly tweak the sparse branches, using tinsel to cover the balder patches. She and Dawn had spent the better part of the afternoon trying to decorate the poor thing into looking healthy.

They had failed.

The gifts that Dawn had placed so lovingly under the drooping branches barely covered the tree skirt and Buffy wondered if adding her few gifts to the slight pile would improve the scene. ‘I miss Mom. She was so good at making the holidays perfect.’ Sighing, she stomped up the stairs and into her room to get Dawn's gifts.

After changing into pajamas, Buffy dug through her closet looking for the presents that she had hidden from her sister and, consequently, from herself. Just as she found the gifts hidden in the false bottom of her old weapons chest, she heard a car approach.

Buffy glanced out the window to see Dawn waving to Janice's mom as she approached the front steps. She heard the front door slam open, then shut.

Footsteps thundered up the stairs as Dawn yelled, "Night Buffy!" The door to Dawn’s room slammed and Buffy flinched when Dawn’s radio began blaring.

Buffy banged on the wall and yelled, “Dawn! Headphones!” The music suddenly quieted.

Hoping that Dawn wouldn't be too disappointed the next morning, Buffy went down the stairs and placed the gifts under the tree.

Looking at the picture on the mantle, she whispered, "Wish you were here…" After placing a kiss on the portrait of her mother, Buffy stumbled up the stairs and into her bed.

Sparkling blue eyes immediately invaded her dreams.

Outside her window, those same blue eyes smiled as a cigarette was extinguished. “Time to get to work.”

Chapter One
Buffy sat up suddenly in bed.

She wasn't sure why she was awake, but after a moment decided that being awake was a good thing. 'Off to the bathroom, Buff,' she thought to herself. 'Guess I had too much of Xander's special eggnog. God, I'm gonna pop!’ Ignoring her new Snoopy slippers, a Hanukah gift from Willow, Buffy set her feet on the cold wooden floor and sleepily wandered towards her bedroom door.

As she came out of her room, Buffy noticed the candles running down the banister. Forgetting that she had to pee, Buffy followed their flickering light down the stairs. The transformation was amazing.

From the foot of the stairs she could see that the couch had been moved from in front of the living room windows and a fully decorated 9-foot tree stood in its place. The sweet, fresh smell of pine urged her to move closer to the tree. Walking to the door of the living room, the tired girl noticed that candles were everywhere; on the tree, on the mantle, on the bookshelf…

The warm glow of the candlelight emphasized the soft lines of the tree. Covered in ribbons, lace, glass and candy, the tree was breathtaking. Candles flickered through glass bulbs of every color that were hanging from heavily adorned branches. Pristine white lace and crème colored ribbons swathed the entirety of the tree. Splashes of red and white appeared wherever there was not enough space for an ornament, Candy canes wrapped in bright cellophane. A beautifully hand-carved and painted Joy rested in the place of honor at the center of the tree.

Buffy noticed something odd and stepped closer to investigate. Interspersed throughout the glass ornaments and old-fashioned candies were tiny snowmen… with fangs? 'Definitely fangs', she thought, laughing when she saw the red 'blood' that ran down the chin of one of the smiling snow-vamps.

Under the tree, she saw presents of every size and shape, wrapped with care in a variety of paper and ribbon. 'Including the Sunday funnies,' she noted to herself.

Buffy turned and found that the rest of the room had been changed as well.

Gone were the desk and coffee table. The couch had been placed against the far wall and in the center of the room she saw it, a massive claw foot bathtub. It had been placed at an angle to the roaring fire atop a large faux fur rug and was filled to the brim with scented water and bubbles. 'Vanilla,' she noted as she inhaled the warm fragrance. She trailed a hand into the water, luxuriating in the feel of the hot water and satiny bubbles against her skin.

Hearing movement in the kitchen, Buffy jerked her hand from the water and moved cautiously towards the doorway, her fingers itching for a weapon. Seeing a statue on the mantle she stepped back and grabbed it, hiding the heavy marble behind her back. Trying to ignore the image she presented in her pajamas, Buffy once more moved towards the open doorway.

Hearing a muffled curse, she stiffened, recognizing the heavy accent. ‘What is he doing here?’ Biting her lip, she looked around the living room. Someone had put a lot of effort into making it beautiful and she was not going to let an annoying bleached vampire destroy it. She was determined to keep the upcoming fight contained in the kitchen.

Before she started moving again, Spike strode into the room.


The vampire jumped, nearly dropping the tray he was carrying. He looked around guiltily, trying to determine if he could escape out the kitchen door before she could reach him.

"Slayer. What are you doing up?" he asked, apparently oblivious to the changes in the room.

Realization dawned as Buffy observed Spike’s nervous behavior. His sheepishness and embarrassment at being caught in the act was apparent in every line of his black clad form. The blond vampire was the one who had transformed her sitting room into a Christmas paradise.

"Spike, this is..." Buffy paused and looked around the room, her eyes lighting on the garlands that festooned every surface available. "...So beautiful! How did you…?" She trailed off as tears filled her eyes.

"Why are you crying, pet?" Spike asked, setting the tray on the floor. "Dammit, Slayer, this wasn't supposed to make you cry!"

Buffy, too emotionally charged to answer, threw herself at the vampire. Startled, Spike stepped back, causing the woman of his dreams to miss his arms and fall to the floor. She lay on the white fur rug, still grasping the statue to her chest, and began giggling though her tears.

"This is ridiculous!" she laughed. "What in the hell is going on here, Spike?"

Spike reached down and pulled the giggling girl to her feet, his eyes moving appreciatively over her pajama encased form. "Well, Slayer, I thought that you might need a little bit of relaxing. Wot with dealing with Nibblet and the hell bint and all." He paused. "I imagine you're feeling a bit tense, luv."

Walking over to the tree, he pulled out the present she had noticed earlier wrapped in the Sunday funnies. "Here, open this, it’ll help." Tugging the statue out of her hands, Spike replaced it with the package. "Not that weapons don't make me feel all manly, but you don't need this right now." He carefully replaced Joyce’s statue on the mantle.

Buffy stared at him with wide eyes. "What's going on, Spike?"

He laughed at her startled expression. "Quit being difficult and open it."

Tempted by the soft rug under her feet, Buffy slid to the ground and began opening the gift, all the while keeping a watchful eye on the now jittery vampire. Pausing, she asked, "Where'd you get the money for all of this, Spike?"

Spike curled his top lip and snarled impatiently, he reached for the gift, managing to pull it out of Buffy’s hands. He growled, "None of your business, Slayer. Come on, open it!" Drawing the gift out of the vampire’s grasp, she ripped off the wrapping like a child and found a small jar of oil. Peering closely, she saw a rendering of a geranium and a vanilla pod entwined on the label.

"What is this, Spike?" she questioned. Raising his scarred eyebrow, he replied, "Massage oil, luv. Vanilla is to help you relax and the geranium… well… Let’s just say it will help relieve some tension.” He curled his tongue suggestively against the back of his teeth. “Go on, open it." His impatience colored his entire being.

Buffy removed the cork and sniffed at the oil gingerly. A look of delight crossed her face. "Yummy!"

Pleased with her response, Spike decided to push his luck. He took the bottle from her and ordered, "Lay down on your stomach, Slayer."

Buffy hesitated. She glanced cautiously over at Spike, a small frown furrowing her brow. Buffy was completely confused by the gentleness the normally aggressive vampire was showing her. Before she could voice her surprise and concern, her Secret Santa gently ran his fingers over her bottom lip. Spike took her by the shoulders and eased her back onto the silky rug. His hands lingered momentarily on her slender shoulders. Spike cautiously smoothed her fair hair off her face and swallowed, desperate to lean over and kiss his Slayer’s pouting lips. He sat back, hands clenched into fists on his thighs.

"Roll over, pet. And pull up your shirt a bit." Buffy's hands trailed along the edge of her pajama top. She found herself wondering why she wasn't objecting to his orders.

'Was it a thrall?' her inner Slayer wondered. Her inner lonely and love-starved Buffy hit her inner Slayer over the head and tied the doubting Thomas up in the corner of her mind. Trying to let herself relax, Buffy raised her shirt to just below her breasts. She rolled to her stomach, biting her lip.

"That's it. Now, let me warm this up a bit." He poured oil onto his palms and walked to the fireplace. Rubbing his hands over the fire, he used the borrowed heat to warm the sweet smelling oil. He returned quickly to kneel at her side, placing his hands gently on her back. "Now, just relax."

Buffy's head was pillowed on her crossed arms. She took a deep breath and tired to obey the vampire’s gentle request. The tension of the last few weeks was just too much for her and, although she was surrounded by a warm, relaxing atmosphere, she couldn’t let herself go. Spike frowned down at Buffy; he could feel her muscles tighten even more.

”Slayer, I'm not gonna bite you.” Spike trailed off, realizing how stupid that sounded. He ignored Buffy's snort. "Wot? I mean I don't want to hurt you, just give you a nice treat."
He smoothed his hands down her back, lingering on the curve of her waist.

His long fingers traced the delicate wings of the two dragonflies tattooed on the base of her spine. "Pretty," he commented, intrigued that his Golden Girl had managed to conceal a secret from him. "Had no idea, luv."

"Idea about what? Ohh… Don't stop." Buffy groaned, as Spike slipped his fingers around her waist and gently rubbed her sides. The scent of the oil filled her senses; the sweetness of the geranium flowers mingling perfectly with the sensual, earthy scent of vanilla. Buffy’ mouth watered.

“The tattoo, pet, where did you get it?” he asked, running his slick fingers back up her spine. She twisted away from his ticking digits, trying not to laugh. “Ticklish, Slayer?” Spike grinned at yet another discovery about the object of his affections. Laughing, he continued with his light strokes, spurned on by her reaction.

He was hypnotized by her golden skin, which glowed in the firelight. The sensual scent of her skin combined with the aphrodisiac oil that coated Buffy’s back and his hands were almost too much for him. Spike’s superior sense of smell was wreaking havoc on his libido. As the blond vampire knelt there, overwhelmed, his fingers were still tickling the now squirming girl at his side.

“Spike! Stop tickling and start rubbing!” she demanded.

‘That’s my Slayer,’ Spike thought as he stilled his fingers, using his strong hands to dig into the muscles of her back. ‘Even when she’s relaxing, she’s ordering me around.’ Buffy arched her back, silently pleading for more. Spike tentatively ran his hand up under her pajama top. “Well, pet?” he prompted.

“What, Spike?” she muttered into the soft fur surrounding her face.

“Where did you get the tattoo?” he asked again.

“Tattoos,” she replied.

Spike, mesmerized by her glistening skin, was pretty sure he had misheard.

“Huh?” he eloquently replied.

“Tattoos, Spike.” Mentally smacking herself in the head, well aware of how much she was sharing with her mortal enemy, she rolled over and pulled down her pajama bottoms to expose a small Chinese character near her hip. Spike, stunned by the expanse of bare skin that was now exposed to him, stammered and ran a finger lightly over the symbol.

Misinterpreting his astounded lust as gloating, Buffy pulled up her bottoms, angrily stating, “Spike, these are for me and are not for Scooby shareage, understand?” The irritation in her voice pulled Spike back to reality.

“’Course, pet. So beautiful…” he trailed off as he let his hands resume massaging her warm skin. Rubbing his hands over the supple skin of her stomach, Spike let his fingers slide back over the now hidden tattoo. “Lovely Slayer…”

Buffy arched into his hands once again, feeling his fingers slide even lower with her movements. Her sudden intake of breath made Spike pause. Glancing at her face, he noted her closed eyes and flushed cheeks. He deliberately slid his hands down and under the waistband of her pajamas. As he did, her pulse increased and her breath became distinctively panting in nature.

Spike licked his lips, wondering how far she would let him go. He desperately wanted to run his mouth over the skin that symbol was occupying. Leaning forward to act on that thought, he noticed the sleeves of his red button down shirt.

“Bollocks!” he exclaimed.

“Wha…?” Buffy’s answer was slightly less than coherent, the effect of his cool hands on her body entrancing her. Unsure of her own actions, she opened her eyes to look into frightening familiar blue ones. Blue eyes that had been haunting her dreams forever, it seemed. “Spike, what’s wrong?” she asked quietly.

The vampire was now scowling at his arms. “Got oil on my shirt,” he grumbled, frowning. “’S my favorite, too.”

Buffy, amused at the behavior she was being shown, raised her arm to touch his. “You could…you know…” she trailed off, miming the actions of removing a shirt. Her movement caused her top to rise, exposing the lower curve of her pale breast to the vampire’s hungry eyes.

He quickly tore off his shirt, exposing his toned abdomen to her.

Buffy’s inner Slayer awoke at the sight and began yelling at her again. She kicked her inner Slayer in the head, when Spike began lightly tracing oily circles on her belly.

She reached up to touch his arm, pleased with the relaxed atmosphere between them. “I think the oil is working,” she said. “I’m feeling much more relaxed.” Buffy allowed her hands to trail up his arm until her fingers were brushing against his strong shoulders.

Buffy was amazed at the emotions that she was feeling towards the vampire. Spike had been helping her for a while, silently contributing his strength to her cause. She had been aware of his changing feelings towards her for some time, it was written all over his expressive face. However, until this moment, she hadn’t been aware that her own feeling had changed. She wanted him, all of him…

“Carpe Diem.”

She spoke so quietly that he hadn’t heard her, even with his vampiric hearing. “What’s that, luv?”

“Seize the day,” she declared, wrapping her arm around his neck and pulling his lips to hers. Spike hesitated before hungrily devouring her mouth. When he’d planned his little surprise so many days ago, he had expected to be long gone before she awoke. Never once in his wildest dreams had he considered that the slayer would throw herself into his arms. ‘More than once,’ he thought, remembering the action that had landed them on the rug in the first place.

He trembled at the intensity of his feelings. His hands began to move on their own volition, caressing the body he had touched only once, during a horrible spell gone wrong. They slid up her spine and one hand snuck around her body to lightly brush the curved skin that had been exposed to his eyes only moments before. She moaned into his mouth, pressing the soft skin of her breast into his hand.

Pulling away, Buffy smiled, licking her lips. “What’s on the tray?” Spike grinned back at her, his eyes following her pink tongue as is traversed her lips.

“Sparkling Cider for my girl, ’ve heard a bit about Cave Buffy.” He grinned wickedly at Buffy, yelping as she pinched his nipple. “Bloody hell…” He rubbed the offended area. “Think Cave Buffy just made an appearance, even without the booze.” Pouring a glass of the sparkling drink, he handed it to her before reaching back over to the tray. “Chocolate covered strawberries…”

She nodded as she sipped at the fizzy drink, wrinkling her nose at the bubbles. Spike watched her childish antics, mesmerized. “Chocolate, please,” she pouted. He shook off the daze that was taking over his mind and slapped her hand away as she reached for the fruit.

Her eyes widened as he lifted one of the succulent berries to her lips. She closed her eyes in anticipation. Opening her mouth, she was surprised when nothing entered. She opened her eyes to see Spike moving into the kitchen. “Hey!” she moaned loudly.

The irritating vamp had taken the strawberries with him. He returned, carrying the plate of strawberries and another bowl. Settling down at her feet, he placed one of the chocolate-coated fruits into her mouth before dipping his finger in the bowl. He ran his chocolate covered finger over the top of the foot that was digging into his thigh.

Swallowing the bite of fruit, Buffy grabbed his hand and pulled the coated digit into her mouth. She was shocked at her own audacity as she curled her tongue around his finger to clean it. Spike moaned as her soft tongue wrapped his knuckle. At the sound of his moan, Buffy lost all apprehension. This man was so affected by her that her slightest touch made him quiver.

Suddenly, she realized: he was hers. That knowledge filled her with a peace that she hadn’t felt in months. All doubts fled as she pulled the bowl from the vampire’s now lax hand and pushed him back onto the rug. Straddling his abdomen, she reached into the bowl to coat her own finger with the sweet treat. Watching the quivering muscles play beneath his pale skin, she trailed her finger across a dusky nipple, covering it with rich milk chocolate.

Spike whimpered at her touch. “Jesus! Buffy.” His cool skin contracted at the touch of the still hot chocolate. His nipple tightened under Buffy’s ministrations. She watched his body’s reactions, fascinated.

The young woman had never been allowed to just play with her lover’s bodies before. She snorted, ‘Actually, I never really got to see one before…with Angel we did it one time then he was evil, Parker the Prick hid under the covers the whole time and Riley was just a prude.’

Spike reacted to the significant pause in her perusal of his body. “Luv, you’re killing me here…” He shifted underneath her. Buffy tried not to gasp at the size of the hardened member now pressing against her bottom. Placing her hands on his shoulders, Buffy pressed her open mouth to the now cooling chocolate. Tentatively, she lapped at the chocolate, her hands trailing down his side.

Spike’s usually rough voice softened as he whispered nonsensical endearments into her hair. “Oh, Buffy… yes, luv… touch me…so beautiful… so lovely…”

Sitting up, he traced the skin under her jaw with his tongue. A thought flew through his head, ‘She tastes so sweet…I remember that taste…’ Memories from their short engagement flashed through his mind.

Buffy tilted her head to expose her neck to his searching mouth. The trust implied in this action only served to increase his desire.

“Oh, Spike,” she moaned breathily, wrapping her arms around his head. His hair was tangled into soft curls, which she had loosened with her searching fingers. Smears of brown coated the peroxide strands. Restlessly, she shifted in his lap, grinding her hips into his. Rocking slowly, Buffy twisted her head away from his searching lips. Pulling back slightly, she stared into his cerulean eyes. They had deepened to a navy blue and were clouded with passion.

Raising her hand, she ran her finger across his cheekbone. She leaned forward and licked the faint smear of chocolate off the sharp line.

“Are you trying to kill me, pet?” Spike repeated. His hands shifted to her hips, anchoring her securely to him. His hips surged upwards. Spike’s hands moved up, his nimble fingers making short work of the buttons on her pajama top. Before he could admire what he had so carefully exposed, Buffy pressed her chest to his. Her rock hard nipples rubbed against his muscled chest, causing Spike to take in a sharp and unneeded breath. He moved against her, wanting to prolong the contact of her soft form against his.

“Keep still, I’m concentrating!” Buffy ordered. Pushing him back, she leant forward and kissed the curve of his throat. Unknowingly, she pressed her lips against the exact spot where, over one hundred years before, Drusilla had bitten William for the first time.

Spike hissed as his eyes rolled back in his head. A deep growl of passion erupted from him. Buffy paused, realizing that she had inadvertently pushed the shaking vampire’s button. Without thought she bit down with her blunt teeth.

Spike lurched upwards and nearly dislodged the small blonde girl. The bowl of chocolate Buffy held slipped from her hands and its contents spilled into their laps.

“Oops!” Buffy looked down sheepishly. She scrambled out of Spike’s grasp, embarrassed. She stepped away, her eyes downcast. “I’m sorry, Spike. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I just thought…” The flustered girl chewed her bottom lip nervously. Trying to avoid his intense gaze, she took a deep breath and looked about the room.

Spike’s eyes were drawn to her rosy tipped breasts, moving enchantingly with each breath. Her pajama top moved to cover a single breast when she shifted her feet nervously. It was too much for him. He lurched to his feet, ignoring the dark smear of chocolate on his groin.

“Come ‘ere!” He pulled the nervous girl into his arms.

“Spike, stop! I’ll get you dirty!” she exclaimed.

“Bugger that, pet.” Spike pressed his lips to her temple, savoring the heat of her body against his cool one.

“But I hurt you and then dropped chocolate all over you,” she stuttered.

Pulling back, Spike caught her small face in his large calloused hands. “First…” He kissed the tip of her nose. “…You didn’t hurt me. ’s more like you excited the hell outta me.” He pressed another kiss to her parted lips. “Secondly, my jeans’ll wash.” Spike’s eyes darkened with desire as he caught her lips, quieting her protests. “Thirdly, gives me an excuse to put you in the bath…” Trailing off, he attempted to entirely cover her exposed skin with a variety of kisses, licks and nibbles.

He was aware that she was unused to vampiric lovemaking and that her love bite had evoked a reaction in him that the Slayer had not expected. He tried to calm her fears with soft kisses and murmured words.

“Are you sure I didn’t do something wrong?” Buffy asked hesitantly. She was conscious of the fact that, in comparison to Spike, she had little or no sexual experience. “It’s just that Angelus said…”

“Sod that bastard.” Spike gripped her shoulders firmly and shook her gently. “Whatever he said to you was bollocks. The git has no idea what a wonderful, sexy woman you are; he was just trying to push your buttons.”

At that, Spike pushed her pajama top off of her shoulders, allowing it to float to the floor. “Pretty jammies, pet. Where’d you get them?” he inquired as he slid his hands down her thighs to remove the bottoms.

“They were a gift from Ri…” She stopped suddenly; aware that this was not a conversation she wanted to have at this moment in time.

“A gift, huh? Nice. Next time you see him, tell soldier boy that I really appreciate them.” Dropping to his knees before her, Spike ran his tongue over the skin he had admired earlier.

“What’s this symbol stand for, luv?” Buffy inhaled sharply as his tongue left the tattoo and moved up to dip into her belly button.

“Ummm…” She suddenly couldn’t remember the meaning of the character that she had desired to be permanently applied to her skin. His tongue dropped lower, brushing against the top of her red lace thong. “Patience!” she shrieked as his tongue ventured under the lace.

Spike jerked back. “Luv?” he asked, afraid that she wanted him to stop.

“The symbol, it’s Chinese, xi, it means patience,” she explained.

Spike cocked his head to the side, hearing Dawn’s breathing change and become more erratic. He could vaguely hear the sound of the radio as well, emanating from the headphones that the teen had been wearing as she dozed off. Spike shook his head slightly ‘Nibblet would probably sleep through an apocalypse,’ the vampire thought wryly. He heard Dawn mumble, snort, then sigh as her breathing evened out, indicating deep sleep.

Spike looked at Buffy. “Well, love, I think that we should practice some xi, then.”

He quickly removed his pants and jerked her panties to the ground. She squeaked, “That’s patience?” She glanced at his member and blushed, unable to tear her eyes away from the sight.

“Yeah, pet, it is. Well, about as much as I’ll ever practice when I’m around you. Hop in the tub.” Wandering to the bookshelf, Spike turned on the CD player, filling the air with sounds of slow, Christmas jazz. Buffy looked at him questioningly. “Yes, Slayer, I do listen to more than one type of music.” He walked back to the naked girl, who had yet to move, and lifted her into his arms. He pressed a quick kiss to her neck and dropped her unceremoniously into the bath. Water sailed around the room and bubbles poured over the sides of the tub, displaced by her abrupt arrival.

She surfaced, sputtering. “You pig!”

“Oink,” he replied, before climbing in behind her.

Sorely temped, Buffy restrained her immediate impulse to play dunk the vamp. She pleasantly asked, “Any more cider?” Spike lifted himself up in the tub, stretching to reach the abandoned glass. Filling it with more of the bubbly drink, he passed the flute to Buffy. She smiled sweetly at him, lifted the glass and poured the contents over his head. Leaning forward, she lapped at the stream of liquid running off his nose. “Yum!”

The resulting water fight was too embarrassing to relate.

After several minutes of play, they lay relaxed in the tub. “How am I gonna get all the water out of the carpet?” Buffy moaned.

“There’s a tarp under the rug, pet.” Spike pulled her back against his chest and began to kiss her neck and shoulders. “You taste so sweet, luv. Makes me hard.” He felt her blush through the skin of his lips. “Want to taste all of you. Want to taste your essence. Let me taste you, luv. Please.”

As he spoke, Spike moved around her body so that he was positioned between her legs. “Let me taste you, pet.” Blue eyes slammed into green as he softy mouthed, “Buffy, let me please you.”

The sound of him begging to please her made Buffy painfully aware of her own level of arousal. “I thought that oil was supposed to relax me, Spike,” she said. “I don’t feel relaxed. In fact, I’m a little more tense than before.”

Spike lifted his head from his perch at her breast and smiled. “Geranium increases the libido, luv. Increases the tension…” He punctuated his statement by wrapping his lips around one rosy nipple. Sucking hard, he pulled at the very core of her being.

“Please, Spike!” Her prompt was all he needed. He moved down her body, skillfully working each bit of skin with his tongue and hands. She moaned as he left her breast, missing his touch almost immediately. A second moan followed immediately after the first, this time in reaction to the gentle bite he placed just above her navel.

Spike looked deep into her eyes.

“Thank you.”

Their voices joined together, driving their desire for each other to a new level. Gradually, Spike disappeared under the water. Buffy watch as his chin vanished, followed by his full lips. ‘Evil mouth,’ she thought. His nose and sharp cheekbones submerged, leaving only the blue eyes of her dreams above the water.

She watched as his eyes smiled, amazed at the amount of emotion he could convey with a single look. Suddenly, he was gone, the water completely camouflaging him from her sight.

She waited, wondering what the hell he was doing down there. She could feel his body pressed against her legs under the water, but he had made no move to touch her. She reached for him and his hand immediately intercepted hers. No further movement was made. As the water stilled, she made a command decision. She kicked him. Apparently violence was the way to go because he released her hand and began shifting in the water.

She felt his mouth brush against her inner thigh and move down towards her ankle. Kisses and bites were scattered along the way. ‘Oh! I am so glad vamps don’t need to breathe!’ Buffy thought as Spike’s lips danced along her skin. When he reached her ankle, he moved to the other leg, again pressing kisses and bites up to her inner thigh. The feel of his blunt teeth against her heated skin made her press her legs harder into his mouth. She was beginning to understand his earlier reaction to her bite.

“Oh, Spike,” she whimpered.

The bites continued up her thigh until his nose brushed against her most sensitive area. He pressed against her lips, pushing through to her clit. He blew lightly, causing bubbles to dance across her clit. At this touch, her hips jerked. He went for a full frontal attack and clamped his teeth around her sensitive flesh.

Rubbing his tongue quickly against her clit, Spike marveled at her responsiveness. He would never have thought that she would react so positively to having a vampire’s teeth on her skin. Her thighs clamped around his head as her fingers ran through his soft curls. The water had rinsed all the gel and chocolate out of his normally stiff locks.

As he nipped at the folds that he had never dreamt to touch, Buffy rolled her head against the rim of the tub and contemplated why no one had ever done this for her before. Riley hadn’t even wanted to put his hands down there. ‘Why the hell am I thinking about Riley… again… when I have this gorgeous, attentive man between my thighs?’ Buffy decided to avoid any further thoughts about her long absent ex.

Her hands scrabbled against the porcelain sides, searching frantically for something to hold onto. Spike’s hand appeared from under the water and caught one of hers in a firm grip. Lacing their fingers together, he sank his tongue deep into her core. Buffy screamed at the sensations that were rushing through her. She gripped his hand tightly, trying to anchor herself. She was lost in the maelstrom of sensations that Spike’s tongue was invoking in her body. Spike curled his long tongue upward, searching for that elusive spot…

Buffy’s eyes opened and she looked down, wondering what he was doing.

‘Ah! There it is,’ Spike thought as slid a single finger into her tight opening to caress the bundle of nerves that his skilled tongue had found. Buffy’s eyes widened as Spike applied more pressure, his tongue dancing across her clit. When he added a second finger, she gulped and shivered.

Spike couldn’t resist seeing her and raised his head from the cradle of her thighs.

Seeing his beautiful eyes above the water, Buffy whimpered.

“Spike, what are you doing to me?” As he continued to stimulate her g-spot, he pressed the palm of his hand against her clit. Her hand tightened on his as her clit jumped at the firm pressure. Buffy came with a shout. Blissful sensations ran throughout her shaking body.

Spike leant up to capture her mouth. His tongue twined with hers as she came down from her orgasm, her thighs continuing to clench around his questing fingers. As she pulled away from his kiss, her thighs fell open bonelessly. She offered herself to the vampire who had just pushed her body to limits it had never reached. The closest she had ever come to this feeling was when she brought herself off after fighting her most difficult adversary, William the Bloody. Her breasts bobbed in and out of the cooling water as she tried to catch her breath.

Opening her eyes, Buffy looked sleepily at Spike. “Hmmm… What did you do? I can’t feel my toes!” Wetting her lips, she smiled at him. He grinned back and pressed a quick kiss to her still panting mouth.

“So, Slayer, liked that?” She nodded. He hopped out the tub and reached in to lift her out as well. “Got more for you, pet.” Moving around the bath, he placed his slightly chilled lover in front of the roaring flames. Ignoring the towel warming by the fire, Spike began licking the moisture from her body. His smooth tongue caressed her breasts and stomach as his hands traveled up and down her limbs, pushing water off and onto the fire-warmed rug. Buffy sprawled out on the floor, her fingers brushing against wet patches on the rug; evidence of their self-indulgent water fight.

Although pleased with the attention she was getting, she was beginning to feel that this was all one sided. Bludgeoning her nervousness into the same corner as her inner Slayer, she flipped Spike onto his back. She resumed her earlier actions, licking and sucking at his flat nipples. Hearing his groan, she became emboldened and began tracing down his chest and abdomen with her mouth and hands. Spike, lost in the sensation, jumped suddenly.

“’ere, Slayer, what are you doin’…” he trailed off as he felt her hands cradling his balls.

Buffy blinked innocently at the quivering mass of vampire lying beneath her. “What?”

Grinning at his reaction, she said, “Just checking the goods, Spike!” She ran her fingers experimentally over his rough sac.

When her fingers dropped below his balls to touch the skin between his legs, he gasped. As her slender fingers brushed against his perineum, he mimicked her earlier movements; his legs fell open to offer further access. “Spike, you ok?” she asked. He opened his eyes and attempted to focus on his goddess.

“Don’t stop, luv. Push harder,” he begged.

“Push harder where?” Buffy asked, her questing fingers stopping their travels.

“Ahh… just… there!” Spike groaned as his hands fisted in the fur rug. Buffy watched his movements and frowned. She pressed down gently right behind his ball sac. Her eyes widened at the sensation of his cock jumping against her backside. Buffy thought, ‘I have to see this.’

Spike yelped as he felt her lift off of his body. “Oi! Luv, where are you going?” She didn’t answer, instead she settled herself between his thighs. Glancing at her, he noted that the area where she had been straddling him was covered in her juices. He couldn’t resist. He scooped some of the moisture onto his fingers and sucked them into his mouth.

It was pure ambrosia, better than blood. Spike eagerly licked at his damp digits. He’d lost track of Buffy during this time and bit down hard on his own fingers when he felt her warm tongue probing the area her hands had just left.

“Holy Fuck!” he roared, trying not to vamp out. The veins in his neck stood out as he clenched his teeth, his senses overloaded with the scent of her arousal. When her tongue hit the spot again, his restraint failed and his game face rippled.

She lifted her head, Slayer senses informing her that he had vamped out. In that glance, she noted that his erection had changed. Her earlier observation had shown that he had at least several inches on Riley, but now… It was enormous.

She squealed and pulled back, her eyes never leaving the throbbing flesh that rose proudly from his lean thighs. Buffy squeaked and hesitantly reached out to touch Spike’s cock. Her squeak penetrated Spike’s lust filled senses, and he looked down to see her trembling fingers reaching out for him. Her face was a study in concentration. He realized that he had vamped out and shook it off.

As suddenly as the change appeared, it was gone. The shape of his cock changed slightly as his game face faded. The hard bend changed to a soft curve and the length decreased fractionally. The head smoothed slightly under the foreskin and the veins reduced. Confused, she looked up into laughing blue eyes.

“Bet you didn’t know that changed too, huh?” His scarred eyebrow quirked slightly, he grinned wickedly at her, panting as though he had run a marathon while chain smoking.

Worried, Buffy bit her lower lip and whispered, “I think we need to stop.” She scrambled to her knees.

Spike looked at her scared expression, “Why, pet?” He thought she looked too adorable with her entire body pink with embarrassment. His cock throbbed; all of the borrowed blood rushing to his groin was making it difficult to concentrate. “Talk to me, luv.” He sat up and turned to lay his head into her lap. Buffy absently petted his ruffled hair.

“Promise not to laugh?” He almost did laugh at her earnest expression.

“Go ahead, luv. Tell me what’s wrong.” Sighing, she looked into the fire.

“What happens if you vamp out while you’re inside me?” Shocked, he raised from where he had been probing her navel his tongue. His eyes widened with amazement.

“You gonna let me inside you?” His voice shook as he spoke. Buffy smacked him on the side of his head as she rolled her eyes. She melted inside at the look of awe and surprise on her vampire’s face. The look that quickly disappeared as he fussed, “Oi, Slayer! What’s with the love tap?” He rubbed the side of his face gingerly, the mock frown on his face wavering as he tried not to grin.

“Of course I was gonna let you in, Spike. What do you think we’re doing here?” She flung her arm out indicating the tub and the rug. He grinned goofily and rolled to his back, nestling his head in her lap. He pressed the back of his head firmly against her mound, sending sparks of arousal through Buffy’s body as he looked up at her. “Stop playing, Spike. I’m really worried about this.”

“What about, pet?” Spike questioned. He sat up to look into her eyes.

“I want to make love with you… but the size…” she stammered. Gesturing at his still throbbing erection she continued, “… when you vamped out… it was so… I’m afraid you’re gonna break me!”

Tears of embarrassment appeared in her eyes when she finished her explanation. Spike reached out and wrapped his arms around her, lacing his fingers at the small of her back just above the secret dragonflies she had allowed him to share in.

“I won’t vamp out if you don’t want it, luv. It was an accident this time, your tongue…” He tried to return to the topic at hand. “You might find that it makes the shaggin’ that much better. I can make it hurt so good.” He stopped abruptly at the look in her eyes. “Wot? Thought you might like a bit o’ pain, what with your response to the nibbling earlier. Wouldn’t do it if I didn’t think you’d like it, pet.”

Buffy saw the honesty in his eyes; even through the defensive Big Bad act he was putting on. During his little speech, he’d allowed his accent to thicken and take on a bit more of the East End drawl that he’d adopted so many years before. She could almost see the swagger in his words. He looked so sexy that she forgot her concerns momentarily and smashed her lips into his.

Drawing his tongue into her mouth, she sucked on it gently. Shoving it aside, she ran her tongue into his mouth; pressing it against his teeth in a tender mockery of the tongue curling behavior she loved so much.

Pulling back to breath, she murmured, “Vamp out.” She leaned forward to recapture his lips, drawing the bottom one into her mouth and nibbling on it. She pushed her tongue back into his mouth eager to feel his fangs. When she encountered still blunt teeth, she took it upon herself to find what she wanted.

Running her tongue along his gum line, she felt a small fold of skin that wasn’t familiar. Spike growled when she hit it lightly with her tongue. Delving further, she moved the flap of skin, probing into the crevice lightly. She felt him tremble and pulled back, looking into golden eyes. “Change for me,” she demanded.

Spike was too bewildered by her actions to respond. No one had ever sought out his fangs before. He was stunned to discover that having the sensitive area explored was highly erotic. Buffy, in her innocent play, had inadvertently discovered something the highly experienced vampire had never known.

He saw Buffy’s lips begin to move again and heard, “Spike, if you value your unlife you will vamp out now!” At that, he allowed his game face to come to the fore. Buffy’s quick glance down showed that the changes she had noted before had returned. She pulled him back into a kiss, deliberately running her tongue across his fangs. Pleased with the growl of pleasure that she provoked, she allowed one fang to slice her tongue. She felt the warm blood fill both of their mouths.

Spike swooned. The power of her Slayer blood intoxicated him. This girl, this Goddess, had willingly given him her blood. The gift was enough to force him to admit to himself that he was once again Love’s Bitch. His Slayer had ensnared him.

Moving away from him again, Buffy began to explore the ridges of Spike’s face. She’d never before examined the face of her adversary and her curiosity overwhelmed her. She ran her fingers lightly over the bumps and craters that formed his vampire visage. She looked deep into his golden eyes. Buffy could still see the spark of life that was uniquely Spike.

She ran her fingers down his face to gently touch one of his elongated incisors. Spike pulled back his lips and growled at her. She felt the vibrations rush through her body and center on her aching clit. Noting her reaction, Spike growled again, this time a bit deeper.

He pulled her closer to his body and began to kiss and lick her neck and shoulders. Buffy noted that his tongue was rougher when he was in game face and made a mental note to ask him to go down on her like this. The sensations he was evoking with his mouth and tongue were stimulating, to say the least. She decided to continue her exploration.

Reaching for his throbbing erection, she explored the differences she had noted before. Grabbing the bend in his cock firmly, she asked, “Doesn’t this hurt?” Spike grinned and shook his head. He covered her hand with his and squeezed harder. Moaning at her touch, he smiled, a wicked expression on his vamped out face. He was close to cumming and wasn’t quite ready.

“Talk about hurting… I got something for you, pet.” She released his cock as he stood. Wanting to prolong the anticipation, he pulled her to her feet and into a searing kiss.

Upon standing, Buffy was reminded of her original destination when she got out of bed. She pulled away from Spike, shifting slightly. She didn’t want to spoil the mood, but standing still was becoming difficult. As he crossed the room to the tree, she admired his backside. Her lusty thoughts were interrupted by pain shooting through her bladder. She moaned.

Turning, Spike noted both her discomfort and her twisted stance. “Something wrong, luv?” Her shifting feet and posture made her problem quite obvious to the perceptive vampire. “Why don’t you run to the loo while I find your pressie, ‘K?”

Buffy nodded and ran for the stairs, once again amazed at how well Spike understood her needs. Spike took the opportunity to admire her heart shaped bottom as she ran up the stairs. He curled his tongue behind his teeth and flicked the end of it against one sharp fang.
Chapter Two
Buffy rushed to the bathroom and sighed in relief as the pain decreased. She gasped suddenly as her body shuddered in a mini-orgasm.

Half under the tree and immersed in gaily wrapped presents, Spike heard the gasp of surprise and guessed its cause. He smirked at the sound of her pleasure.

Buffy braced her hands on her knees and thought, ‘Yeesh! He even gives me a happy when he’s not touching me!’

Shakily, she finished her task and rose to her feet. Crossing to the sink, she splashed some cool water on her flushed face. As she turned off the faucet, Buffy heard movement in Dawn’s bedroom.

She quickly wrapped a towel around her naked form and padded down the hall to peek in on her sister. ‘Wouldn’t do for her to come downstairs now. Seeing a naked Spike might scar her for life.’ Before her inner Slayer could stop it, her inner Buffy chimed in, ‘Hope he scars me for life.’

She peered into Dawn’s room to see her sister lying in her normal position, flat on her back with her feet hanging off both sides of the bed, headphones securely attached to her head with the faint sounds of a boy-band singing about love echoing out of them. Dawn was muttering something to herself, indicating to Buffy that she was deep in a dream. Buffy pulled her sister’s door shut, insuring that it latched then turned to head down to the sculpted body that waited below.

She paused at the head of the stairs; her eyes shot to her bedroom door. ‘Should I?’ she asked herself. ‘Guess now is as good a time as any.’ She quickly ran to her room to pick up the gifts she’d laid aside earlier. Touching the bright paper, the young blonde thought back to the first time she saw the shirt.

She’d immediately known that he would look gorgeous in it. Buffy had never questioned why she bought it; she just didn’t know what to do with it. It had been lying in her closet for over a month and she had been debating whether or not to give it to him.

Buffy grabbed the wrapped shirt and another package and ran down the stairs before she could lose her nerve. As she entered the room, she saw an obviously agitated, non-vampy Spike pacing the floor. He turned at her approach, stilling his movements.

“Who said you could cover yourself, pet?” he snarked. Reaching out, he pulled the offending towel to the floor, tugged her body to his and drew her into a soul-searing kiss. With his cool breath tickling her throat, he muttered, “What took so long? Nibblet sleeping?”

Buffy wilted against his body and nodded.

“Yeah, she’s sleeping. I just wanted to get these…” His eyes widened as she thrust the bright packages into his hands, causing him to drop the sleek leather he had been holding.

“These for Dawn?” he asked, the hope visible in his eyes. Buffy shook her head; a long strand of blonde hair ran over her shoulders, framing her pink nipples with the spun gold.

“They’re for you,” she whispered.

“Me?” he asked in wonder. “Can I open them?”

Buffy giggled at the little boy look on his face and chirped, “Sure!” She was worried about his reaction to the present she had made. Money had been tight and the shirt was an impulse buy that she wouldn’t have made under normal circumstances. They both sank to the floor.

“So, Slayer. Which one do I open first?” He ran one long finger over them as he waited for her response. He looked into her eyes, a suddenly serious expression on his face. “You know, you didn’t have to get me anything… Just holding you is enough. Tonight… It… It’s more than I ever wished for.”

Trying to lighten the mood, she teased, “You don’t want them. I’m sure that Xander wouldn’t mind…”

His loud growl cut her off mid-tease. “The Whelp had better not lay a paw on these!” Seeing that the teasing was not going well, she clapped to get his attention.

“Spike, these are for you! Now open the big one.” She couldn’t wait to see how he looked in something blue. Receiving his first present in well over 100 years made Spike too excited to be careful. He tore into the gift like a child on Christmas morning. He made an attempt to control himself, but he was desperate to see what his girl had gotten for him. ‘My girl… Yeah.’ As that thought went through his mind, his hands came in contact with the midnight blue silk in the box. He let the satiny fabric slither through his hands as he blinked and looked up at her.

“Don’t you like it?” she asked, worried that the shock on his face was based in dismay.

“I love it. Never thought anyone’d ever care enough to want to dress me. Buffy…”

“What do you mean?” she asked, confused at his reaction. “Didn’t Dru…” She trailed off, not wanting to bring yet another ex into the conversation.

“Christ, Buffy! Dru was lucky if she remembered to dress herself, don’t think she even noticed what I wore. Hell, half the time I had to dress her myself. Always wanderin’ around starkers…”

He laughed aloud in sheer joy. Buffy had tried to suppress the surge of jealously that she felt at his casual comments about his sire, but when he laughed, her jealousy evaporated and his eagerness drew her in.

She reached forward to touch the shirt. “You really like it? When I saw it, I knew it would bring out your gorgeous eyes. I didn’t know if you would really like the color, but…” Her babbling was cut off by a bruising kiss.

As he pulled back, his teeth nipped playfully at her nose. “I love it.”

“Really? ‘Cause if you want to exchange it I won’t mind…” Buffy smiled hesitantly.

“Never!” Spike exclaimed as he reverently cradled the shirt in his hands. “I love it.” His knee brushed against the forgotten leather as he carefully replaced the shirt in its wrappings. Unable to resist, he pulled her into a searing kiss.

Pulling back, Buffy gasped for breath. Her hands fluttered to her swollen lips. She took a deep breath, trying to steady herself.

“So what’s this then, pet?” Spike had picked up the smaller gift and was turning the brightly wrapped package in his hands. He eyed the phallic shaped item skeptically.

“It’s for you…

“Yeah, I got that. I just don’t understand. You’re giving me a dildo? Something of yours?” Spike teased.

“What? How did you know I had…” her voice trailed off as Buffy realized that she had once again revealed too much. What was it about this man that inspired such unrestrained honesty in her?

“Well, I guess you needed something extra to finish of what Captain Not-So-Fantastic… Oi! Less with the hitting of the noggin!” Spike rubbed the offended area. “Alright, no more teasing about soldier boy,” he promised.

Buffy tried not to blush again; she didn’t want the vampire to know how insightful he had been about her frustrating relationship with the ex-Initiative soldier. ‘I wonder if it was all the steroids they gave him that affected…’ She shook her head, not wanting Riley to intrude on their evening, again. She knew instinctively that this evening was the start of something special and Buffy wanted to treasure it.

“Open it, Spike. I wanna see if you likes!” She bounced up and down making her breasts jiggle in a way that distracted Spike from closer examination of the oblong package.

“I’m not gonna get anything done if you keep doin’ that.” He nodded to her pert bosom.

Buffy wrapped her arms over the distracting parts.

“Hey now, none of that! I like looking.” Spike tugged her hands away and ran his fingers over the top of her breasts. He laid a palm across her breastbone and savored the heat emanating from her body. ‘All cos of me!’ he thought.

Pulling away reluctantly, he unwrapped her gift. A beautifully hand-carved oak stake fell into his hand. As smooth as the silk he had just set aside, the weapon was a work of art, obviously the result of long hours of labor. He noticed his name carved deeply into the side; Spike, in large, looping letters. Feeling roughness at the base, he looked closer, only to find his initials: WtB.

“You like it?” Buffy asked shyly.

He nodded, speechless.

“I made it and carved your name on it. I chose oak because… well… British. Oh! I got Tara to bless it.”

“Glinda saw this?” Spike asked in complete shock.

“She did,” Buffy replied.

“But then she…”

“I told her that I wanted something personal for you. ‘Cause, well, I…” Before she could finish her fumbling explanation, Spike kissed her. He placed the stake well out of harm’s way and yanked her into his arms.

Spike pressed Buffy’s small form back as he plundered her mouth and settled between her legs. He shifted slightly, nestling his cock against her thigh. He moved his attention to her neck, sucking and nibbling his way down to the pulse point at the curve of her neck. He lingered there briefly, savoring the taste of her skin. He could feel his demon begging for release, pleading to claim this woman as his own. Stupid demon didn’t even care that it was the Slayer he was holding.

He licked along the line of her collarbone as Buffy’s skimmed her hands across his broad shoulders, trying to anchor herself. She tilted her head to one side, endeavoring not to scream her pleasure. Spike pressed his lips into the hollow of her throat, where he gently sucked the soft skin and nipped at her with his blunt teeth.

“Spike… oh just there!” Buffy exclaimed. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him close. Spike was stunned at the level of trust the small woman in his arms showed him. He sucked hard, bruising her, marking her, before he slid down towards her breast.

“God, luv, you taste so good…” he trailed off as he caught one of her rosy peaks in his lips and suckled hard. Buffy tried not to whimper as a jolt of electricity shot from her nipple to her womb. Wrapping her legs around his slim hips, she ground her wet cleft against his throbbing erection. Spike struggled not to whimper. ‘Not very manly mate…’

He thrust against her soft folds, teasing but not penetrating her. His cock was rapidly coated the shaking girl’s excitement. Sliding up and down, he angled the head of his erection against her clit and rubbed in small circular motions. Buffy arched her hips towards him; she locked her ankles in the small of his back. Every stroke of his velvet head pulsed though her system. Buffy’s brain shut down as she concentrated on the sensations Spike’s attentions were causing. She tugged his head from his breast.

“Too much, Spike. I can’t…” She released his head and fisted her hands in her hair. Her movements made her back arch, thrusting her breasts towards her lover. Spike dipped his head and licked a line under one breast, while his hips continued their sensual torture.

Just as Buffy’s peak neared, Spike suddenly moved away from her quivering folds and slipped down her body. “Spike, noooo…”

“Hush, luv, let Spike take care of his girl.” His voice was muffled as he kissed his way down her torso. Reaching her navel he dipped his tongue in and out, mimicking the act they both so desperately wanted. Glancing up, he asked, “Ever considered piercing this?” Not waiting for the answer that she was presently unable to give, he moved slightly to the right. He kissed his way to the tattoo he wanted to explore with his tongue. Reaching his current area of obsession, his lips met something other than soft skin.

Peeling the slightly damp paper away with his teeth, he sat back on his heels. His attention was drawn away from the paper in his mouth to the sensual sight of his Slayer; naked, with her legs lying curved around his, her feet pressed against his backside. Her hands were still in her hair and Buffy’s eyes were closed as she continued to moan.

“Effulgent,” he whispered, the paper fluttering to the ground.

Her hips were undulating, trying to find his hardness again.

Unable to resist, he ran a finger between her wet folds and tapped her clit. She shrieked quietly and opened her eyes. She was elated when she saw him begin to lick his finger clean of her juices. It was the most erotic sight she had ever seen. She licked her lips, burning under his gaze.

“What’s this, sweetheart?” Spike picked up the piece of paper he had peeled off her sweating body.

Buffy levered herself onto her elbows. “That’s one of your presents, there should be three more. Read it!”

Spike squinted and read aloud, “Someone wants to spice up your life! Come have some wings on us.” A grin split his face. “A gift certificate to the Bronze? Really?”

“Yeah, but you have to take me with you. It’s a present for us both,” Buffy replied.

His eyes softened. “’Wot, you wanna be seen in public with me?” Surprise and excitement colored his voice. His bright eyes caught hers and for a brief moment he appeared vulnerable, the complete opposite of his usual confident self. “What about your little friends?”

“Our friends. Well… maybe not Xander,” Buffy corrected herself, running her hands over her nipples.

Spike snorted, “Yeah, can’t see the Whelp opening his arms in friendship to me!” He swallowed hard at the erotic sight before him. He watched as his girl ran her fingers over her stomach idly as she stared at his throbbing cock. It jerked in response to her rapt attention. “So, luv, care to explain?”

“Later,” she snarled as she reached for him. Spike reciprocated, pulling Buffy into his lap, her legs wrapping around his waist

“Ohh, you are gonna get it, little girl,” Spike snarled in her ear as he licked his way around the shell. He ground his hips against hers.

Buffy reached between their undulating bodies and grasped his cock in her hand. “Promises, promises…”

“Ahh, squeeze hard…” Spike ground out, the touch of her fingers nearly undoing him.

Buffy tightened her fingers carefully; she rubbed her thumb over the weeping head. Catching the precum, she spread around his cock in small circular motions. She then carefully inserted her nail in the slit. Spike bit her neck hard in an attempt to prevent the howl that tried to erupt from him. His teeth almost broke the skin before he realized the chip hadn’t fired. He froze and then grinned against her neck. ‘So she likes a bit of pain… I can work with that!’

“Bloody hell…” he gasped. “What do you want from me?”

“Just getting your attention.” Buffy swirled her thumb over his cock and pumped hard.

Spike saw stars.

His hands tightened convulsively on her shoulders. He panted into her neck, his lips worrying the reddened skin. He snarled when his lips made contact with the scar left by his Grandsire. Spike was aching to erase the evidence of her first lover. His incisors extended slightly, and then retracted. Spike hesitated, remembering his earlier promise of not vamping out their first time. ‘She’s not making this easy for me!’ Instead he placed a somewhat chaste kiss over the scar. ‘Get back to that later,’ he promised himself.

Buffy slid her hand down further and cupped his swollen balls in her palm.

“They feel ready…” she teased. “…Are you?”

Spike threw her onto her back and pulled her butt down so that she was cuddled up under his body. Buffy grabbed hold of his forearms.

“Come on Big Bad…” she wheedled.

Spike held his cock and placed it at her sodden opening. The scent of her arousal filled his senses as he tapped the head of his erection against her clit.

“Open you eyes, I want you to look at me.” Spike was determined that Buffy would know it was him here and no one else.

She reached up and stroked his hair back, twisting a curl in her fingers. Her hazel eyes glanced down to where they were nearly joined then looked back to Spike.

“Ready?” he asked, his voice gruff with strain.

Instead of answering she tilted her hips slightly. Reaching down she put her hand over his and squeezed gently. She pressed down and placed him at her entrance.

Spike pushed forward, inching in slowly, allowing her to adjust to his size.

“Bloody hell…” He looked down and watched his cock being enveloped by her pulsing lips.

“Sooo tight,” he crooned as he moved his hips from side to side, trying to loosen her up. “You okay?”

“More than… ah!” Buffy groaned as he slipped further in. She could feel her inner walls straining and stretching at his gentle intrusion. Trying to help, she wriggled her hips causing her muscles to clench tightly.

“If you want this to last more than a couple of seconds, you’d better stop doing that,” Spike grunted. He slid his hands between her thighs to gently massage her clit; her muscles shook under his hands.

“Spike? More… please…” She wanted to feel his coolness inside her forever. When Riley had touched her and been inside her, it had never felt right. He had always been too hot. The sweat that dripped from him during lovemaking had always surprised Buffy.

With Spike gradually easing inside her, Buffy realized that this was what she wanted. Her vampire, with his cool, smooth skin and hard muscles pressed against her and into her.

“I’ve got you, my golden girl.” Spike leaned over and kissed her gently as he pushed deeper.

He couldn’t believe that he was only halfway in. “You feel like heaven!”

Buffy’s hands slid down over his shoulders and her sharp nails dug into his back. “Spike, wait a second…” she begged, trying to adjust to his size.

Spike froze, “I’m hurting you…” He began to pull out.

“No don’t, I just need a minute.” Buffy wrapped her legs around him. “Kiss me?”

“Happily.” Spike caught her bottom lip and sucked it into his cool mouth before moving up. He kissed her sweetly, trying to convey his love, ‘Love?’, with a brush of his lips.

Buffy’s tongue tentatively searched for the sensitive area around his hidden fangs.

‘Definitely love,’ he thought as his spine straightened and his hips surged forward. He found himself deeply embedded in her tight channel, their coarse curls mingling. Buffy gasped into his mouth and pulled away, determined to keep her promise. She caught his face in her hands and looked him in the eyes.

“’m sorry but when you do that…. When you rub your tongue there… The skin is so sensitive… I didn’t know… I had no idea… I just can’t help myself, pet. How did you know about that?”

“Giles,” she answered.

“Do what? You talk to your watcher about this?”

“Ewww, no! I read it in one of his books.” She made a face at the thought of the lecture that would have followed any discussion concerning vampire erogenous zones.

“Had dirty engravings in it, right?”

Buffy grinned wickedly, “Yeah! Now quit with the chatting and get on with the…” She rocked her hips against his, her eyes widening. A jolt pulsed from her channel into her stomach and her mind blanked.

“Told you it was bent in a good way.” Spike smiled gently at her surprise.

“Do it again!” Buffy rolled her hips. Spike shifted slightly and began to pump in and out, each time brushing over the bundle of nerves that sent shivers floating throughout her body.

The candles illuminated their writhing bodies. Spike’s muscles flexed as he rocked in and out of Buffy’s warmth. The scent of pine combined with the perfume of her arousal overwhelmed him. He began to move faster.

His hips hammered into Buffy’s welcoming body.

Grunts filled the room. Spike’s smoky voice slid in and out of her awareness, encouraging, teasing.

Her legs wrapped around his thighs, her ankles around his calves, encouraging each thrust as she lost herself in their pleasure.

Spike slid his hand between their pistoning bodies, searching for her clit. His fingers found the small protrusion, which was swollen and begging to be rubbed. Pressing down, he rubbed in fast circular motions, wanting her to cum with him.

“Pet, let it go, cum for me…” he begged. His hand moved faster and faster as her channel spasmed around him. “I’m not gonna last any longer…”

Buffy cried out as her body tightened in release. Her inner muscles milked his cock as she came over and over. Her eyes never left his.

Both blue and hazel were clouded with passion.

Spike’s normally cerulean eyes swirled with flecks of gold as he struggled to control his demon.

Buffy wailed again as her body continued to shake against him.

Spike’s mouth crashed down on hers, muffling the noise. ‘Won’t do to have Nibblet come down and see this!’

Buffy pulled away from his mouth and bit down on his shoulder as her body shuddered in ecstasy.

He froze at the feel of her small teeth breaking his skin. It was too much for the vampire. He tipped over the precipice.

And then in a silent roar, he flooded her with his cool release.

His hips continued to jerk.

His mind blanked.

Some time later, Buffy opened her eyes to gaze at the vampire sleeping on her chest, his soft cock still cradled within her depths. Breathing became an issue and she rolled to her side, moving him gently off of her.

Grunting, he reached out and pinned her to his side, wrapping his sleepy limbs around her waist. His bleached locks were in disarray, giving him a boyish look that she’d not seen before. She touched his rugged curls, smiling when he nuzzled against her hand like a cat.

She nestled closer, luxuriating in his firm grasp. As she pressed against him, a rumbling noise emitted from his chest. ‘He’s purring!’ Delighted, Buffy stroked her lover’s chest as she fell into a light sleep.

Chapter Four
On waking, Buffy peered down curiously at Spike’s limp cock lying on his thigh, soft and flaccid.

‘I can’t believe that’s what made me scream earlier.’ She tried not to giggle.

She was surprised at how pretty it was. In the past, Buffy had often thought that penises were not the most attractive of things; unlike most men who thought their little guys were quite striking. Spike’s was beautiful… Rosy and framed with brown curls. ‘Guess that answers the question of whether or not he’s a bottle blonde!’ Buffy did giggle at that thought.

Checking that Spike was asleep, she slid her hand down and stroked the soft curls that framed the object of her interest. Buffy froze when Spike shifted slightly. She waited for a few long seconds before resuming her exploration.

She instinctively knew that Spike wouldn’t mind or judge her fumbling attentions. Emboldened, she shifted and moved down to peer at not-so-little Spike. Buffy ran a finger around the base of his cock and then began to tenderly trace the veins that ran along its length. Gradually it began to harden. ‘Geez! Even in his sleep I can excite him!’

Unable to resist, Buffy rose to her knees, leaned over and buried her face in his coarse curls. She nuzzled him with her check before sticking out her tongue and tracing the veins her finger had followed moments before.

Taking a breath, she gently sucked the hardened tip of his cock into her mouth. She swiped her soft pink tongue over the slit and collected the clear fluid that had bubbled out before taking him further into her mouth.

In an effort to present herself with a better angle with which to work, Buffy swung one leg over his chest, straddling him as she drew him deeply into her mouth.

Purring loudly, Spike woke to the sensation of moist heat around his swelling cock. He glanced down and came face to face with an incredibly erotic sight.

Buffy’s damp core was just inches from his lips, her mouth the cause of the moist heat he had noticed upon awakening. Buffy released his cock, winking cheekily over her shoulder to acknowledge his wakefulness before returning to her task.

Spike suddenly became aware of the embarrassing noise erupting from his body, something he had never heard before. ‘Is that purring?’ He quickly tried to cover the discomforting racket with his voice.

He cleared his throat. “See something you like, Slayer?”

Buffy grinned internally at the overused line. “Nah!” She replied, licking his cock from base to tip in one swift stroke.

“Guh… Buffy…” Spike tensed under her ministrations. He tried to move her dripping pussy closer to his mouth to reciprocate, but was stopped by her firm rebuke.

“Ah, ah, Spike. Hands off. My turn to play. You don’t move!” With that, Buffy resumed her exploration. She ran her tongue under his foreskin, causing it to draw back and expose the throbbing head of his dick. ‘He tastes so good…’ Spike’s unneeded breath quickened, he was panting and writhing as Buffy’s talented tongue drove him to the edge.

Buffy pulled the swollen member into her mouth, testing his reactions. Reaching back, she slapped a hand that was artfully intruding into her personal space. Relaxing her throat muscles, Buffy sucked hard, allowing his shaft to sink even further into her mouth. She swallowed gently against his cock, massaging his balls with her small hands. She mentally prayed that Spike wouldn’t realize that she was a bit of a novice.

“Buffy!” was torn from Spike’s throat before he could stop it. She smiled around the girth in her mouth at the sound of her name on his lips. Encouraged, Buffy repeated the action, and then began moving her mouth up and down on his swollen shaft, sucking in her cheeks to apply more pressure.

Bobbing her head, she eagerly led him towards ecstasy. Lost in the feeling, Spike allowed his head to drift back to the floor. He wanted to devour the sweet treat before him, but understood that it was not going to be allowed. Instead, he inhaled deeply, filling his lungs with the sweet aroma of her excitement. His hand flexed on her outer thighs as she continued devestating his senses.

“Cor, Slayer…” Buffy allowed his dick to slide out of her mouth and then lowered her head so that she had access to his heavy ball sac. She sucked one of the swollen testicles into her mouth, savoring his taste. She slid her tongue over the sensitive area where he had responded so eagerly to her touch before.

His distinct smell was stronger here. It seemed that the scent of leather was a part of his being. She smelled something familiar mixed with his scent. Flushing, she realized what it was. She could smell herself all over him. Releasing the soft jewel, she returned her attention to his cock. Wrapping both hands around him, she squeezed hard.

“More… more… harder, luv… Oh, Buffy, my girl…mine…”

Feeling his balls draw closer to his body, she watched as his scrotum tightened and roughened in appearance. Knowing that he was close, she once again wrapped her lips around him, encouraging him to let go. Spike came with a growl, his thick cock pulsing in her mouth, filling her with his salty release.

Buffy sat up and spun on his now wet chest. Licking her lips, she smirked at his stunned expression. “Enjoy that, luv?” she teased, her fabricated accent mocking his.

“Oh, yeah.” He rolled quickly, pinning her to the floor.

“Ow! Off, off, Spike!” Spike scrambled up and Buffy arched her back to remove the item jabbing into her. “What’s this?” She held up the leather scabbard that Spike had dropped earlier.

“Oh! That’s your present, pet. Got a bit distracted, sorry.” Spike pulled the ancient leather from her hands, stroking it like a lover. Holding the scabbard firmly, he offered the handle to Buffy. Reaching out, she pulled on the proffered grip, slowly exposing an exquisite knife.

Breathless, she looked at the man before her.

“Oh, Spike!” Caressing the sharp blade, she examined the weapon with her fingers as well as her eyes. She bounced it lightly in her hands, thrilling at its heft. She thumbed the edge of the carefully honed blade, admiring the sharpness. The leather wrapped handle fit perfectly into her hand, her fingers sliding into crevices worn by use. “Spike, this is beautiful! Where did you find it?”

“Had it for years, luv. Quite a nice knife; thought you might like to have it.” Spike looked at the floor, worried that the revelation that the knife was something personal of his would cause his gift to be rejected.

Buffy reached out to cup his chin with her free hand. “Look at me,” she gently demanded. His eyes pierced her soul. “I love it. Thank you so much.”

Their lips met with a gentleness that made her sigh. She moved away from him, walking towards the fire, needing to bask in its heat. He followed, his eyes never leaving his love.

‘Where she goes, my heart follows…’ Spike cringed when William popped up, but continued the thought, sinking to his knees beside her, ‘She is my heart.’ He watched her as she played with the knife he had so lovingly cared for over 50 years.

As Buffy’s finger drew down the blade, a line of blood appeared. She stuck her finger into her mouth, sucking on the injured digit. She grinned wickedly before removing her finger.

“Want some?” she offered.

His mouth watered at the thought of more of her precious blood. ‘After a famine, a feast.’ He opened his mouth to accept his prize.

Buffy extended her finger to his mouth as she began drawing nonsensical patterns on her chest with the point of the knife. He tentatively took her finger into his mouth, his eyes never leaving the trail she was blazing. Her eyes were locked on his.

She lowered her gaze to his chest. ‘How can someone so passionate, so giving, be a soulless demon? He has offered me so much and hasn’t asked for anything in return. Can he love me?’ She was torn by the idea. Everything she knew said that he shouldn’t be able to love. She glanced into his eyes once more and remembered her earlier epiphany. ‘He is mine. He loves me…’

She felt walls inside begin to crumble. She and Spike seemed to fit so well together. Ying and Yang. ‘Overused much, Buffy?’

She couldn’t help it.

They fit.

He could be her partner in all things; fighting, dancing, loving…

Her inner walls were swiftly falling and she realized that the demon before her was her future. She wanted him to be hers. More than that, she wanted to be his. Gripping the knife tightly, she pulled her wet finger from his mouth.

“Oi! Using that, Slayer!” Spike playfully nipped after her finger, following its motion with his head. His blue eyes were sparking when they met hers.

Her eyes were intent. She pushed him not so gently to the floor and straddled him. “Now, Sla…” She pressed her finger to his lips, silencing the stream of consciousness that was escaping.

“Do you trust me, Spike?” she asked in a wavering voice.

His eyes flooded with emotion as he smoothed her tangled hair from her face. “With everything that I am,” he whispered, the truth shining in his eyes. “Do what you want with me, to me. I’m yours, Buffy.” His entire being was thrilled at her touch. She was perfect.

Her eyes filled with tears. “Really?” One fat drop rolled from her eye.

Spike quickly sat up and pulled her into his arms. “Oh, pet, I’m yours, can’t you tell?” He kissed her deeply. Releasing her mouth, he ran his lips over her jaw and neck, worrying at the mark he desperately wanted to eradicate. Buffy moaned.

She pulled his head up, receiving a pout for her efforts. She teased, “Oh! Pouty! Gonna…”

Before she could finish, his mouth crushed hers. She pressed her hands against his chest, flattening her palms against him. The knife slipped from her grasp. Releasing his mouth, she quickly grabbed at the knife, just as it nicked his chest.

Helplessly, she watched the thin cut just under his collarbone swell with his blood. “Oh, Spike! I hurt you again! I’m so sorry!” Dropping the knife to the floor, she leaned forward and pressed her lips against the cut. When he moaned, she opened her mouth slightly, drawing his blood onto her tongue.

She sat back and looked into his eyes.

She swallowed.

Images flooded her mind as memories and emotions shot through her body. She saw herself in a hundred different places. The Bronze. Dancing with Xander and Willow. The school. Filling the punch bowl. A pumpkin patch. Fighting a minion, creatively using a sign…

Buffy shook at the intensity of his feelings, the passion and love that was assailing her mind.

Other visions invaded. Her mother standing over her, holding the axe she had just used to crack her skull. The sudden realization that this Slayer was different combined with a rush of delight and interest in this lioness protecting her cub. The slight relief that this Slayer would live to dance with her again…

Buffy’s body reveled in the excitement that he had felt, knowing that he would fight her again.

Still more images. Drunkenness, trying to block images of herself from her mind as Dru whined. The dark vampiresses’ cloying touch, long nails scratching her face in punishment for a vision only she saw. Something Dru finally revealed in Brazil, “She’s all around you!” Uncomfortable relief at being able to admit that Dru was too cold for true passion, for true love.

Buffy cringed for him at the memory of Dru. At the memory of the chaos demon standing in the background, dripping slime, witnessing the final humiliation of the Master Vampire.

More memories. Returning to Sunnydale to kill the creature filling her mind, trying to rid her thoughts of the Slayer and failing at both. Dreaming of love. Running to a familiar house and a familiar tree. Looking up as smoke fills her lungs, longing to touch the form silhouetted in the window.

The thrill of the hunt, the dance…

As the images wore off, she grinned. “So you still think we’re dancing?”

He snarked back his expected line, “That’s all we’ve ever done.”

Her eyes filled with lust, longing and something more. “Spike, I wanna change the tune.”

His scarred eyebrow quirked. “Yeah, luv? What tune you want now?” Buffy leaned forward and placed a kiss above his dead heart before moving up slightly to cover the wound his gift had caused. She looked up into his eyes, her mouth lingering above his chest.

“Mine!” she growled and sank her teeth into his flesh. She tore at the quickly healing wound, delighting in the warmth of his emotions flooding though her body. As she swallowed mouthful after mouthful of his borrowed blood, he began to shake.

“Buffy!” he roared as his demon emerged. His cock hardened to granite as he pulled her roughly away from his chest. She groaned as her connection to him was broken.

“Last chance to change your mind, little girl.” Buffy tilted her head to give him access to the bruised scar on her neck. She gave herself to her demon. Spike thrust her onto his erection, reveling in her heat.

Buffy was so slick that she barely winced at Spike’s sudden invasion of her body. Her inner walls eagerly stretched to accommodate his increased size. All fear of his bulk had disappeared as soon as Spike moved between her legs. Buffy was so overcome with sensations that she could barely move. Instead she wrapped her legs around Spike’s waist and hung on.

Spike’s thrusts increased in tempo, the jarring movements causing Buffy bounce in his lap. She clung to his shoulders trying to anchor herself. She moaned and groaned as sweat poured from her, coating Spike’s chest as it rubbed against her. Small grunts panted out of her mouth as the air was forced from her body with each thrust.

Spike’s demon chanted in his head, ‘Mine… mine… mine’, over and over. He ran his gnarled teeth up and down Buffy’s sweat-soaked neck. The demon in Spike was reveling in their almost animalistic joining. Spike’s clawed hands flexed on her hips, one of his nails accidentally drawing blood. It trickled over her tattoo as Spike rammed over and over into her heated center.

Spike could feel her inner muscles fluttering around him. Buffy was close to cumming.

Opening his golden eyes, he growled, “Mine!” He deliberately angled his aching fangs over the mark he had been worrying at all night.

With a snarl of possession, he bit down hard, obliterating it with one smooth motion. His demon reveled in the sensation of finally laying claim to what he had known was his from first sight.

His jaws tightened as he jerked Buffy closer, his teeth tearing her neck even more. Her Slayer’s blood encouraging the demon. His inner William pulled him back. ‘Mustn’t hurt the girl.’

Suddenly Buffy yelled, “Oh Spike! I’m yours! Love you so much!” With his fangs and cock buried deep inside of her, Buffy finally felt complete. Awkwardly, she lowered her head to his chest, locking her lips back over her own mark. She dug in her teeth, tearing his flesh all the more.

With a hard shudder, they both leapt over the edge, visions swimming through their minds, emotions raging through their bodies. As the blood from Spike’s claim ran onto her breasts, she came with a shudder, dragging Spike along with her.

The two figures were lit by the flickering fire, locked in an embrace older than time. As Spike softened inside her liquid heat, his game face slid away. Buffy moaned as his cock shrank slightly. She rocked her hips against his, trying to prolong the sensations.

Eventually Spike pulled back, afraid to look into her eyes. He lowered his mouth to her breasts, softly lapping at the spilled blood.

Buffy drew back, wanting to look into the eyes of her mate. “Spike.” Her soft voice prompted blue eyes to glance up at her through soft lashes, Spike’s tongue continuing its path across her breasts. Her sultry voice drifted into his mind, ‘You’re mine, right?’

As Spike heard his mate’s voice in his head, his mind automatically responded as his tongue continued to lave at her breasts. ‘Oh, pet, all that I am is yours.’

With that, they both pulled back in surprise. Buffy closed her eyes, ‘Spike, can you hear me?’

He pulled her close, his mouth covering his mark. ‘Oh, pet, you are amazing,’ he whispered into her mind. The joy of their unexpected union filled them both. “I love you, Buffy. My love… my mate…” Each word was punctuated by a kiss.

As the possessive words rolled out of his mouth, Buffy rolled her eyes. “I’m never gonna get rid of you now, am I?”

Spike bit the nipple closest to him. “Nope. You’re stuck now, Slayer. Bound for life.” He paused. “Hey… bound… Can I tie you up?” He licked his rapidly healing mark.

“Absolutely not, Spike!” Her smile belying her statement. She shivered in excitement at the thought of being tied up by her lover.

He laughed and rested his head on her shoulder, placing sweet kisses on his mark. “This is the best gift you could have given me…”

The romantic moment was brought to a rather abrupt end by a loud growl. Spike jerked his head back, looking at his ladylove. “That your stomach, pet?” Buffy blushed down to her toes.

Chapter Five
“Let’s get you fed. ‘Cos you know that you’ll need your strength!” Spike slapped her gently on her butt, still amazed that his chip didn’t fire. Suddenly, he realized that he had claimed her. He had dug his fangs into her skin and his chip hadn’t even buzzed. ‘She really trusts me!’ he thought, amazed, stunned and humbled by his mate.

‘Of course I do,’ came her gentle reply.

“Feed me!” Buffy pouted at Spike. Her belly rumbled again and this time her entire body blushed. “Sorry…”

Spike stood easily, keeping Buffy impaled on his still hard cock. She groaned and shifted restlessly on him, desperately wanting him, but also desperately wanting food to quiet her growlies.

Her eyebrows rose as Spike began walking toward the kitchen. She glanced down at his flexing abdomen, mesmerized. She was being poked in so many interesting places! As she felt him laugh, her inner muscles fluttered in a mini explosion of pleasure.

“So, my darlin’. Guess you never really got experimental with anyone else?” Spike whispered in her ear, not mentioning any names. He was unwilling to let either of their exs to intrude into their perfect world. He instinctively knew that if he mentioned Dru, Buffy would probably revert to Slayer and kick his shiny white bum up and down the room. Which in itself could be fun, but in this case might end in an interesting, but highly embarrassing staking. Death by Christmas tree. Not the way he was intending on going.

Nope, the only way he was getting dusted was in protecting his mate.

For once his demon and William were in total agreement.

Spike licked the red and torn area. “Mine.”

“Yours,” Buffy replied at she lulled against him. The erotic feelings his lips evoked from an idle brush nearly undid her!

He gently placed her on the breakfast bar, pulling out of her warm embrace. He glanced down as his cock gradually slid from her grasping body. Her pink nether lips clutched to the tip before allowing him to leave her body. A trail of semen trickled down and onto the counter. Buffy reached between her legs and caught the sticky mess on her fingers, licking them with interest.

She pouted, “That’s not gonna stop my belly rumblin’!”

Spike twitched. He was trying to stop himself from ramming into her. A mental image of the Slayer splayed on the bar where her friends innocently ate their meals while he rammed into her over and over, flittered through his mind.

He was disappointed in her lack of reaction to that particular thought and suddenly realized that he couldn’t hear her thoughts either.

“Pet? Can you hear what I’m thinkin’?”

Buffy stopped pouting long enough to contemplate and answer, “No, I can’t.” Spike walked back to her, brushing her thighs with his. As they touched, the image of her sprawled on the counter flashed through her mind. “Spike!”

“Huh. We must need physical contact to hear each other.” Pleased with discovering the answer to the mystery, Spike spun back to the refrigerator. “I heard that if it’s a strong claim, sometimes the partners can project their thoughts. Supposedly, it’ll become easier over time. But I’m not sure about a Slayer-Master Vampire mating ‘cos I never heard of one. Prob’ly won’t work with us. I think…” he trailed off, realizing that, not only was he babbling, but that this was new territory for him as well as for his Slayer. Dru had always refused to mate with him, something that had hurt at the time. He was so grateful for it now. ‘There’s no one but Buffy that I’d want to share this with!’

“Let’s get something into that delectable mouth of yours,” he leered. Turning, the vampire stalked over to the fridge, his hand stroking his erection as he sought out sustenance for his girl.

Buffy watched, entranced at his muscled back. Her eyes widened when he bent over and began rummaging around for food. Spike’s firmly muscled ass was too much of a temptation. She decided to test his theory and concentrated, projecting as loudly as she could, ‘Buffy wants…’

“None of that, Slayer. I can hear you, you know. You can wait until I get you fed.” Spike began pulling out various foodstuffs from the recently restocked fridge. He looked up suddenly. “I could hear you. Huh. You know, pet, we might want to talk to your watcher about this.” Buffy shuddered, not really wanting to talk about Giles; instead she projected the image of chocolate cake at her vamp. Spike returned to his rummaging.

The vampire had realized that his two girls probably existed on Joyce’s savings. He had peeked into the fridge at his last visit with the Bit and had been appalled.

Spike had spent the afternoon at the store; buying every delicacy he could get his hands on. He had completely filled their empty fridge and cupboards.

“Try this,” Spike held out a spoon heaped with pasta salad, wanting something healthier for his girl than cake. Buffy pouted at the lack of chocolate cake on the spoon, but eagerly opened her mouth as he gently placed the food on her tongue.

“Yum! Gimme…” Buffy took the bowl and spoon from the bemused vamp and began to eat rapidly. A sliver of asparagus dropped onto her breast and Spike happily leaned over and licked it away, causing a shiver to run down her spine. “Spike, aren’t you hungry?”

The vampire nodded, “Yeah, but I didn’t bring any blood with…”

Buffy pointed at the freezer with her spoon. “Freezer. Dawn stuck some in there for you, for emergencies.”

“Nibblet did that for me?” he asked in surprise. Turning, he grabbed a packet and popped the frozen bag into a mug and set it into the microwave to defrost. “Luv, are there any…”

“Top shelf, cabinet next to your head,” Buffy interrupted.

Spike quickly found the Whetabix that he had wanted, but changed his mind when he saw another clear bag. Grabbing the marshmallows, he tossed some in his mouth as he waited for the microwave to ping.

After squeezing the thick liquid into the mug, he filled it to the brim with the small sweets. He turned and began to guzzle the contents. Chewing contentedly on a sticky marshmallow, he walked over and stood between Buffy’s legs, watching his girl devour the pasta.


“Yeah, but …” she tipped the empty bowl at Spike.

“You want somethin’ else?”

“Yes, please.” Buffy nodded enthusiastically.

Spike gulped down the rest of his meal. “Here have a few.” He poured some marshmallows into her waiting hands. Buffy snacked on them as Spike pulled out a bowl of strawberries and a can of whipped cream.

Shaking the can, he eyed her naked form and grinned wickedly. Placing the bowl on the counter by her thigh, he picked out a large red fruit and carefully sprayed some cream on it. “Open up, sweets.”

Buffy bite the fruit in half, the red juice staining her lips. Spike’s tongue darted out and he leaned into her, kissing away the juice. Before pulling back, he ran his tongue around her full lips. Buffy hummed in contentment.

She reached for the can and sprayed a small amount on her finger, feeding it to her captivated vampire.

“Lean back on your elbows, luv.” Spike gently pushed her back and reached for another strawberry, feeding it to the silent girl. With his other hand, he smeared the half-eaten berry over her rapidly hardening nipples, tinting them a bright red. “Very pretty… needs something more.” He grinned and reached for the can Buffy still held. He sprayed a small circle around each nipple. “Perfect!”

“Spike!” Buffy giggled, secretly thrilled at the playful nature that the normally cynical vampire was showing her.

“Yeah, wot?” Spike grinned at her before leaning forward and devouring one of her nipples. His mouth covered the area as he tried to take in as much of her breast as possible. Buffy moaned, the strength in her arms vanishing. She collapsed flat on the cool surface, taking Spike with her. Buffy wrapped her legs around him and cradled his blond head to her chest.

Soon her nipples were clean, but the redness remained as Spike chewed them gently. He caught the tip of her left breast in his lips and sucked hard, causing Buffy to groan happily.

“Ahh, ow! Spike…” Buffy whimpered as his teeth continued their gentle torture. She pulled on his hair, trying to get his attention.

Spike released her aching nipple with an audible pop. “Luv?” He regarded her quizzically.

“Sore…sorry…” Buffy ran her fingers around the tender flesh of her breasts.

Guilt flooded Spike’s eyes. “Oh, my darling girl, I’m a bad rude man.” He cupped her breasts in his hands and blew cool air over the softening nubs. “Lemme fix these beauties right up.” He placed a tender kiss on each abraded area, his other hand reaching for a bear shaped honey jar. He carefully squeezed the sticky golden syrup over each nipple and rubbed it in with gentle fingers.

“Spike, now I’m all sticky…” Buffy grinned at him.

He reached between her thighs, his fingers probing her cleft. “Yeah, you are, but not enough.” With that, he squeezed a liberal amount over Buffy’s pink folds. He pressed his hands into the sticky mass, caressing the entire area with his fingertips. She relaxed her legs and allowed him access, groaning as his talented fingers explored her thoroughly. In the process, he managed to smear honey down her shaking thighs.

‘Two can play at this game…’ Buffy snagged the bottle from beside her and coated her hands. “Stand up, Spike,” she ordered.

Immediately, Spike straightened, his eyes lingering on her straining breasts, glistening in the light thrown from the open fridge door.

“Lie down,” she commanded.

Intrigued, Spike complied. He stretched out on the kitchen floor and tucked his hands under his head.

“Good vampy.” She grinned and hopped off the counter. Kneeling down next to Spike, she ran her sticky hands over his six-pack and grasped his throbbing cock. She pumped both hands up and down, the honey making the sensations of her hands on his aching member even more intense.

The sounds of Buffy’s sticky hands sliding up and down filled the room. Kneeling back on her heels, she eyed the puddle of purring Spike in front of her. He opened one blue eye and scowled. “You know, pet, I don’t believe I’ve ever purred before.”

She giggled and reached into the fridge for the bottle of Hershey syrup and proceeded to cover Spike in abstract patterns. “I like it. All sweet and cuddly…”

Buffy stood and Spike heard a rustling of plastic.

“Close your eyes,” she cooed.

Spike’s eyes snapped shut.

“Keep still!” she exclaimed as he writhed in anticipation.

“Can’t… what’s that?” Spike groaned.

Buffy giggled. “A happy face!”

Spike cracked his eyes open and gazed down his body. His mate was obviously in a silly mood, as indicated by the smiley face made from tiny marshmallows now gracing his hard stomach. “Very funny pet!” He reached down and scooped a few off, eating them. “Come ’ere…”

He grabbed the chortling slayer and pulled her across his body, pushing his hand between her legs.

Buffy squealed. “Ewww! Spike, that’s gross!”

He pulled her resisting body up over his face and proceeded to suck out the marshmallows he had shoved between her thighs.

“Ahhhh…” Her head rolled back as his talented mouth and tongue gave her a thorough cleaning.

Spike gently thrust her off his face. “Buffy, need inside you now…”

The blonde girl slid down his chest, leaving a trail of chocolate and honey mixed with her juices. With little effort, she slid Spike’s coated cock inside her, the honey easing his way into her still tight channel. She came to a halt and rocked on his pubic bone, the pressure sending sparks of pleasure through her body. Spike’s hands flexed on her hips as he held her steady.

“Feels so gooood,” she crooned as she slowly began to rock back and forth, never letting him leave her body. Her inner walls gripped him tightly as moisture poured out of her body. She opened her eyes and looked down at her entranced lover. “Never thought I’d see the day that you were at a loss for words, Spike.” Buffy teased her mate as she clenched her inner muscles.

Spike gasped. “Ahh! Hold on, pet. Give me your hands.”

Buffy immediately placed her gummy hands in his.

“Lean back as far as you can… I’ve got you”

Buffy slowly arched her back, her long hair trailing over his knees. She squeaked as the pressure inside her increased. Spike’s long, hard erection jabbed against her soft bundle of nerves. With a low wail, she shuddered and came.

Spike lifted his legs and caught her shaking form on his thighs. Their fingers laced together as he finally joined her in a slow, rolling orgasm.

Finally, Buffy slumped forward, cradling his softening member in her warmth. She pressed a sloppy kiss to his throat and began to giggle.

“Umm… I’m a little worried here, pet…Usually don’t get laughed at after sex…Well, there was that one time when… Ahh! Okay! No war stories! Now get your claws outta my chest!” Spike sighed in relief when Buffy soothed his now equally tender nipples with the palms of her hands.

“We soo need a shower, Spike. I think you missed a marshmallow,” Buffy whispered.

“Yeah, I think I can feel it on the tip of my…Ow! Bloody hell, woman! If you want me to pierce my nipples, I’ll get ‘em done in a shop!” Spike grumbled as he winced again. He sighed when Buffy pressed a kiss to each throbbing nub.

“Shower now! ‘Cause I want snuggles by the fire and I don’t want my new rug all sticky.”

With that, Spike swooped Buffy into his arms, kicked the refrigerator door shut and carried the giggling girl out of the kitchen, through the hallway and up the stairs.

When they reached the landing, he paused. As sticky as they were, he didn’t want to rinse off their combined scents. He inhaled deeply, loving the fact that he could smell his bite on her perfect skin.

He carried his mate to her bathroom, stopping at the sound of her voice. “No, not in that one, Dawn will hear us,” she hissed. She pointed over his shoulder to her mother’s bedroom.

As he turned, Buffy took advantage of her position in his arms and began sucking and biting at his neck, aching to give him a scar to match hers. Spike tried not to growl too loudly at her thoughts, attempting to ignore the tightness in his loins.

Spike pushed open the bedroom door with his shoulder and Buffy pointed again, guiding him to the master bath. Spike sat Buffy on the counter, pressing a quick kiss to her lips before turning to fiddle with the shower.

"Spike..." Buffy squirmed on the counter where he had deposited her.

"What pet?" Spike quirked his scarred brow as he watched her writhing around.

"I can feel that marshmallow inside me!" Buffy complained. "Feels weird..." She wriggled around.

"Makes you taste just that much sweeter," Spike suggested. He tried not to laugh at the face Buffy made.

"Eww..." she complained.

Spike stalked to her. He leaned over and caught her pouting lips with his, kissing her deeply. Buffy responded eagerly. The vampire gently eased her back on the counter. Buffy's back arched when it made contact with the cold tiles behind her.

Spike eyed the two rosy tipped breasts that she had unavoidably offered to him with her moments. He leaned down and circled one hardening peak with his tongue, trying to distract his mate from the hands that were trailing gently down the outside of her legs.

Buffy opened her legs wider and moaned as his mouth gently covered one of her nipples. Spike sucked gently as his hands caught her ankles and raised her feet to the countertop. He switched his attentions to the other nipple and sucked hard. Buffy threaded her fingers through his curls and held his head to her breast.

"Ahh... harder...please!" she groaned, her body temperature rising as she grew more aroused.

Spike continued to suckle her breast. He moved his hands to the inside of her calves, his fingers soothing the tense muscles under her skin. Gradually, in small rotating movements, he followed the elegant lines of her legs.

Buffy dropped her knees to the counter, completely opening herself to her mate.

"That's it, pet, let Spike take care of you...” he crooned against her breast. He slid his fingers upwards and inwards. Unable to resist looking at her, he lifted his head, his mouth leaving her aching nipple with an audible pop.

Glancing down, he groaned at the sight of his mate completely exposed to his gaze, moisture glistening at her opening. He inhaled deeply, delighting in their combined scents. Her inner folds were stretched open due to the position of her legs. Her center was gaping slightly and moisture had trickled out. As she shifted restlessly, the opening closed again. His eyes were drawn to her clit, which was swollen and peeking out of its folds at him. 'Beautiful.'

She blushed at his unspoken words. His hands had stalled at the curve of her inner thigh, and he was unable to resist the siren’s song of her inner softness. He allowed his fingers to lightly brush against her opening, wanting to tease her, make her beg for his touch.

"More..." Buffy begged as she rocked her hips upwards. "Please..." she moaned, lost in the feeling of her mate’s soft touch.

"That's my girl, push your hips up a bit more...Let Spike see what you have for him."

Buffy rocked her hips up and ran her fingers over her breasts. Her eyes closed as she whimpered. "Spike, I need you to touch me..."

"Patience, little girl," Spike teased.

"Now!" Buffy demanded. She reached between her legs, put her hands over his and pushed inwards. Spike held firm against her demands and leant forward. He sucked her nipple into his mouth, creating a vacuum.

Finally relenting, he let her demanding hands push his fingers into her wetness. He teased the outer edges of her swollen lips and then slipped inwards, their joined fingers coated with a variety of fluids.

Spike licked his way down her quaking torso. He lingered over her bellybutton, circling it with his agile tongue.

"Uhh... More now!" Buffy demanded. She looked down and sighed with relief as their joined fingers finally circled her aching clit.

Spike was unable to continue his gentle ministrations; the scent of her arousal had inflamed his own. Ducking his head, Spike licked her slit from top to bottom. He groaned happily.

"More. My clit please..." Buffy begged, her eyes shutting, as her neck arched back.

Spike licked his way to their joined fingers, rapidly collecting the fluids that coated them.

Panting, Buffy finally released her grip on his hands and threaded her fingers into his hair, pushing down firmly.

With his right hand, Spike eased her folds even further apart. His left trailed up to Buffy's mouth where she sucked them in eagerly, tasting herself on his cool digits. Spike caught her throbbing nubbin in his teeth and worried it gently before taking her clit into his mouth and sucking hard.

"Spike..." Buffy released his fingers from her mouth and panted. She glanced down her body and caught Spike's eyes. He winked at her and then swooped down.

Covering her opening with his mouth, he mimicked his earlier actions on her breast. He created a vacuum, pulling hard and allowing her juices to fill his mouth. Buffy panted at the exquisite torture his talented mouth was inflicting on her body. She rolled her hips towards Spike's lips.

Spike groaned and eased his tongue into her, searching again for that elusive bundle of nerves. Finding them, he pushed as hard as he could. Buffy's body began to shake as she came. She opened her mouth to scream, but before she could inhale, Spike's fingers pressed gently against her lips, silencing her.

The vampire sucked harder, feeling her inner muscles squeezing hard. He caught the expelled marshmallow in his waiting mouth.

'Gotta love those Slayer muscles...' Spike groaned as the combined taste of Buffy and the sweet marshmallow overwhelmed him and he came. Hard. His cock jerked as he coated the cabinet doors and the floor beneath them.

He rested his cheek against Buffy's sticky thigh, panting needlessly. He glanced up the limp form of his girl then stood shakily and pulled Buffy into his arms. He walked over to the tub, Buffy's small feet brushing against his shins.

Stepping into the shower, he asked, "Hot or cold?"

"Huh?" Buffy asked weakly.

"The water, pet, cold or hot?" Spike grinned at the jelly-like slayer in his arms.

Buffy opened her eyes and shook her head, trying to focus. "Warm?" she asked meekly.

Setting Buffy on her feet, Spike turned to the taps and started the shower. He shielded her body with his until the temperature was right.

"Oi!" Spike rumbled. He eyed the girl behind him, innocently smiling. He rubbed his recently accosted backside. "What yah do that for?"

"It was so pretty, I just had to pinch it!" Buffy chirped.

"Pretty? Take it back!"

"Nope!" Buffy teased.

"Handsome yes...pretty no!" Spike growled again.

"Your butt is not handsome! It’s pretty!"

"It is not!" Spike growled, secretly thrilled Buffy was playing with him.

"Yup. All of you is pretty..." Buffy sing-songed as she slipped past him into the spray of warm water.

"Hmm..." she tilted her head back and let the water cover her.

Spike sank to his knees in the shower, watching the trail of water run down her slender back and onto her perfect bottom. He leant forward and placed a gentle kiss on one cheek.

"Eek!" Buffy jumped at the touch of his lips. She turned and presented an even better view for the entranced vampire at her feet.

Spike leant forward and pressed a kiss to her brown curls. 'Wonder if she'd let me shave that off...' Spike thought as he peppered the area with tiny kisses.

“Pet,” Spike murmured as he tugged the curls at the apex of her thighs. Buffy wriggled at the tickling sensation that he provoked. “How attached to this are you?” Spike pressed kisses against her thighs as he waited for her answer. He grinned wickedly at her blush, knowing that she knew what he wanted to do.

“Why?” she asked, stalling.

“Wanna trim it, clean it up a bit.” She blushed harder at the images he was projecting, but was intrigued.

“How can you still blush so sweetly after everything we’ve done tonight?”

His question darkened her skin to a brighter shade of pink. “Never mind, pet. Got a razor?” She nodded and replied, “In the closet.”

Her vampire lover hopped out of the shower, returning quickly equipped with a razor, shaving cream and evil grin. Spike knelt before his love, running his tongue through the curls he was eager to remove. He grasped her right foot in one hand and placed it on the edge of the tub, then guided her hands to his shoulders. “Hold tight, sweets.”

Buffy nodded. Her breasts brushed against the top of Spike’s head. Unable to resist, he tilted back and kissed them before returning his attention to the task at hand. He lathered her cunny up with shaving cream and leaned back, looking her in the eye.

“What?” she gasped.

“Nothin’ pet, just letting the lather soak in a bit. Wouldn’t want to burn your sweet skin.” The blond vampire grasped her thigh with his right hand, carefully drawing the razor across her mound. Releasing Buffy’s thigh, he reached between her legs, running his finger along her slit before following it with the razor. He repeatedly ran the razor the length of her quim, shaving both sides clean. He followed the trail of the razor with his tongue, lapping at the now smooth skin. “Perfect, just like the rest of you, luv.”

She moaned at his ministrations, aching to feel him inside her once again. Opening her mouth to call him to her, she heard his husky voice punctuating each lick to her newly exposed cunt.

“Man doesn’t like to floss when he’s eating…” Buffy groaned and rolled her eyes.

“God, Spike! Ruin the mood!” She laughed at his tasteless joke and dragged him to his feet. Pressing against his length, she kissed him deeply.

“Maybe we should take a break, pet.” Spike ran his fingers gently over her sensitive, swollen mound. “You have to be a bit sore.”

Buffy acknowledged his once again astute observation with a grunt. “I am, but I think you have some type of aphrodisiac in your skin. I can’t get enough of you.” She ended her sentence by biting his neck, hard. “Want to mark you here, Spike.”

At his mate’s bite and comment, Spike gave up on chivalry and lifted her quickly, impaling her on his cock. As he thrust into her, he breathed words of love and devotion into her ear.

She happily reciprocated.

Spike pressed her against the cold wall as his hips hammered into her. Buffy’s arms flailed out, struggling to find purchase on the hard tile. She wrapped her arms around her mate, matching his thrusts with her own.

“Spike…. of… yes… Spike! Right there, Oh Spike! I love you… I’m yours…” Her voice trailed off as his raised.

“Buffy, pet… my love, my girl… mine, Slayer…”

Their voices joined together in the symphony that their bodies were creating. The two lovers reached a crescendo, climaxing together, shuddering in release and panting words of love into the other’s neck.

Spike raised his head to look at Buffy. “You want to mark my neck, pet?” he asked, gently thrilled at her admission.

“Yes,” was her succinct reply. She brushed her fingertips across the mark that he had left on her neck. “I want everyone to know that you are mine just like they will know that I am yours.” She pouted. “Don’t have any fangs, though…”

Spike laughed. “Fangs, Slayer?” Buffy nodded as Spike laughed again. “Buffy, you want fangs?”

She shook her head, explaining. “No, I just want to be able to mark you properly.”

At her sad words, Spike slid into game face. She felt his cock thicken and harden inside her. Spike lifted one clawed hand, offering it to her. “Use this and make me yours.” Buffy grasped his hand, using the claw of his index finger to puncture his neck in two places.

Dropping his hand, she placed her mouth over the dual wounds.

“Mine!” she growled as she dug her teeth into his flesh, basking once again in his emotions. Spike dipped his head to her neck, sliding his fangs into his mark.

“Mine,” he responded. They both released their holds as their orgasms hit again.

When Spike was able to speak, he asked, “Time for a wash, pet?” Buffy nodded as her body shook with mini orgasms. Spike lowered her from his body, reaching behind her to turn the water temperature up a bit. “Don’t want my girl to get cold.”

He grabbed a net sponge bathing thing and asked Buffy, “What the hell do you call these things?” Buffy giggled at the expression on his face.

“A poof?” she suggested.

“One Poof touching you in this lifetime is enough,” he grated as he tossed the sponge over his shoulder.

Spike poured body wash into his hands, rubbing his palms together to produce suds.

“My hands are better anyways.” He ran his hands over her body, gently caressing every inch of skin.

“Mmmm… Much better, “ she agreed. He rinsed the last vestiges of honey from her body and reached for the soap again. Buffy pulled the bottle out of his hands.

“My turn,” she reprimanded.

Buffy repeated Spike’s gentle actions, using her strong, slender hands to clean his body. She paid special attention to his once again erect member, stroking his length firmly before directing him under the water to rinse.

Just as he finished rinsing, the water became icy. Buffy shrieked and leapt from the stall, grabbing a towel from the rack.

“What happened to the water?” she asked a dripping Spike. He smirked at her antics.

“Dunno, pet. Could be the heater or the pipes. I can look at it tomorrow if you want.”

Buffy had to laugh at the domesticity of that statement; pleased at the consideration he was showing her. “You would do that?”

“’Course.” Spike pulled the towel out of her hands and began rubbing her body vigorously, warming her with his touch. Buffy sighed, feeling safe and protected for the first time in forever.

“You’re my mate. Gotta keep you warm and healthy for all the shaggin’ I’m gonna be doing.”

Buffy swatted his arm at that and tried to wrestle him to the ground. He resisted, and the scuffle ended with her thrown over his shoulder. She wriggled out of his arms and turned so that her legs were wrapped around his waist from behind. He grabbed her thighs in a reflexive movement.

“Giddy up, Spikey!” she drawled and dug her heels into his sides, snickering at her own actions.

“Giddy up, Spikey?” the offended vampire asked.

“Yup!” Buffy replied digging her heels deeper into his sides, tickling the sensitive area. “Gonna ride you until you drop!”

That idea was enough to motivate her sexy steed into high gear. He ran out of the bedroom and down to the living room, barely touching the steps on his way down. He let go of her legs, effectively dropping her to the ground. He then fell onto his back and said, “Ride ‘em, Cowgirl.”

Laughing, Buffy jumped on Spike and they spent several minutes wresting on the fire-warmed rug. Spike finally gained the upper hand and pressed her into the ground, kissing her deeply. His tongue danced with hers, as he tasted her teeth and palate.

Spike had never been so happy. This beautiful creature was his. She had consented to his possession of her and had taken possession of him. She has his mate. Nothing else mattered.

Chapter Six
Spike lay with his face mashed against Buffy’s breasts. His arms curved loosely around her shoulders, his fingers tangled in her still damp hair. The smell of their most recent coupling next to the fire permeated his senses. He dick ached and the soft faux fur abraded the sensitive area, rather than soothing it.

At one point, Spike was sure that Buffy’s inner muscles had managed to tie a knot in him. Shifting onto one hip, Spike was presented with an intriguing sight, the soft underside of Buffy’s perky breasts. Unable to resist, his tongue flicked out and caught the few drops of sweat that had collected there.

Buffy twitched; his soft, cool tongue had pulled her from her catnap. ‘Oh God no! I can’t, not again. Where does he get the energy?’ She relaxed her muscles and slowed her breathing, hoping that if her lover thought she was asleep, he’d give her a moment’s respite.

Spike grinned evilly; he had heard her thoughts and noticed the quickened heartbeat. His girl was awake. When her breathing slowed but her heart rate didn’t, he frowned. ‘What’s she playing at?’ Spike levered himself up onto his knees, sighing in relief as his aching dick swung unhindered in the air. Eyeing his ‘sleeping’ lover, he tried to ignore the temptation to jump her.

Buffy giggled.

“Faker!” Spike whispered

“I can’t, Spike, not again!” Buffy sighed, but as she watched Spike crawl up her body, she felt a flood of wetness at the juncture of her thighs.

Spike tilted his head and sniffed delicately. He oozed sensuality. “Smells like you can…” His tongue curled against his teeth as he smirked, his eyes swirling with gold flecks as his demon struggled for dominance.

Buffy blinked. Spike’s knees were on either side of her hips and pressing hard against hers. His talented hands rested on either side of her neck.

She was caged in by his pale form and was incredibly turned on. Reaching up, she ran her fingers over his muscled abdomen and tugged hard on the brown curls at his groin. She watched, fascinated, at his soft cock hardened. ‘So pretty…’ she sighed.

Spike twitched at the pleasure/pain that shot through him. A deep growl rumbled in his chest. “Not pretty, told you, luv…’m handsome.” Buffy giggled and tried to pull away from her demon lover.

Before Buffy could move, Spike dropped himself onto her.

“Oof… Spike… can’t breath.” Buffy complained half-heartedly.

The vampire ignored her and reached for the discarded towel. Sitting up on her abdomen, he pinned her to the floor, his knees jammed in her armpits.

Buffy looked up at him and licked her lips. “Spike?”

“Slayer, you trust me?” he purred.

She nodded.

“Say it,” Spike demanded.

“I trust you, Spike,” Buffy breathed. She was secretly thrilled by his suddenly dominant behavior.

“Wanna play a game?” the vampire drawled.

Buffy nodded. “Good!” Spike grinned at her. He tore the towel into long strips and eyed the clawed feet of the bathtub appreciatively. Reaching down he grabbed Buffy’s wrists, loving the fact that he had her trust.


“Love you!” she grinned impishly as she grasped the cold metal and let him lash her wrists tightly to the bathtub.

Spike eyed her slim form. He ran a curious finger over her breasts, stretched taught from the strain put on her arms. He flicked at one nipple and watched it harden. Pinching it firmly between his thumb and forefinger, he pulled hard.

“Ah!” Buffy whimpered. The pain made her eyes water slightly as Spike twisted her abused nipple.

He stopped immediately.

“What? No! Don’t stop…” Buffy complained. Before she could say anymore, Spike lunged forward, wrapped his mouth over the reddened nipple and sucked hard. “Gah…” Buffy shouted at the pleasure that flooded her senses. Her thighs rubbed together, trying to get some friction on her clit.

“If you can’t be quiet, I’ll gag you. Now hush…” Spike ordered, winking at her as he pressed his hand gently over her gasping mouth. She bit down hard on the palm of his hand, her eyes twinkling with mischief. The pain caught Spike unawares and he vamped out.

Visions of his rough tongue on her clit filled her mind and she moaned, recognizing them as his thoughts by the taste of her own arousal in her mouth. Spike’s clawed hands reached between her thighs and forced them open. He pushed them as far apart as they would go and lunged forward.

Placing his open mouth on her ankle, Spike began to kiss and nip his way up her leg. His left hand lay possessively over her streaming opening, his fingers still, but pressing against her. Spike reached her knee and lingered there for a moment, kissing and licking the back of it, causing goose bumps to rise all over Buffy’s body. Raising his head, he looked up and saw Buffy watching him intently, her arms straining against the towel securing her.

“You like?” he asked gruffly.

Buffy opened her mouth to answer, then remembered his request for silence. Her jaw snapped shut and she nodded.

Spike grinned at how quickly she had submitted to him and decided to reward her. His blond head dropped to the soft skin of her inner thighs. Using his rough tongue, he licked a straight line up her thigh until he reached the tender skin at the juncture of her legs.

Buffy shuddered, the raspy sensation was amazing and she twisted her wrists, trying not to tear the shredded towel that secured her.

Spike worried the soft skin in the crease where her legs met her body. He lingered there, licking and nibbling gently with his fangs. He tried to ignore the moisture that was pouring out of Buffy and coating his hand, which he had not moved since he started.

Buffy’s panting and tiny moans filled his ears. Her thoughts full of lust and love.

Unable to resist the siren call of the pulse that throbbed so tantalizingly under his mouth, he sank his fangs into her skin and drank a mouthful of blood. His cock hardened even more at the infusion of the most powerful vampiric aphrodisiac.

“Spike…” Buffy wailed, unable to keep quiet. She thrilled at the feel of his fangs in her once again. How could she have known that she would ever crave that feeling? A Slayer, craving the bite of a Master Vampire. She smiled as she thought of what the Counsel would think of her now.

Spike ran his tongue over the wounds he had opened, sealing them with his saliva. His demon screamed for more. Sitting up, he pressed down hard on Buffy’s opening.

She gulped at the sensations his hand evoked.

“More?” Spike asked

Buffy nodded. She stretched her already widespread legs further apart, trying to entice the demon crouched above her. Spike shook his head and rose to his feet, disappearing into the kitchen. Buffy could hear him rummaging around in the fridge and then heard a rattle.

“Close your eyes,” he ordered.

Buffy immediately did.

Her body jerked as she felt something scalding hit her navel. She suddenly remembered his question about the piercing. Her lashes fluttered against her cheeks, but before she could open her eyes, Spike was at her head, wrapping a strip of torn towel around her eyes, blinding her.

“Told you to shut your eyes,” he snarled. “I need to gag you, too?”

Buffy shook her head.

“Good.” Spike moved away from her head and picked up the candle he had put down. Raising it high over Buffy’s body, he dripped more wax onto her abdomen. He watched appreciatively as her muscles twitched.

Reaching for an ice cube, he ran it over the hot wax, cooling it immediately and causing it to tighten on her skin.

Spike ran the ice cube over Buffy’s reddened nipples. “You look luscious all tied up and waiting for me to play…” he rumbled. Spike continued to rub the melting ice over her hardened tips, replacing it with a new cube when it vanished, continuing to numb the area.

Flicking a finger over her frozen nipples, he nodded, pleased with the lack of reaction from his mate. Reaching for the candle, he raised it over Buffy and let the wax that had collected drop on her quiesant form.

Buffy’s back arched and her mouth opened in a silent scream as her nipples were coated in hot wax. The pain/pleasure that overwhelmed her body caused her to orgasm. She wrapped her hands around the cool claw feet of the tub as she rode out the waves of pleasure that flooded her.

Buffy was dimly aware that Spike had moved, she could hear him shifting slightly. The blindfold was tight and the pressure on her eyes was causing a small amount of pain, adding to the pleasure that suffused her body.

Buffy was intrigued by her own response to the pain that her mate was inflicting. ‘Who would’ve thought candles could be so much fun?’ She heard her vampire lover laugh gently at her realization and pause to press a kiss to her lips.

Spike sat back up and carefully dropped more wax over the soft underside of Buffy’s breasts, covering the area his tongue had been minutes earlier. The skin reddened at the pleasurable abuse.

Buffy squealed in shock. Her heels drummed on the floor as she continued to arch upwards, the wax tightening on her scarlet nipples causing more pleasure than pain.

Spike’s hand caught her ankles and jerked her legs apart and upwards. Buffy’s arms strained as her voracious vampire devoured her streaming arousal. He delicately licked around her opening, his tongue delving into her secret places. Dropping her legs to the floor, he lay between her thighs and latched onto her throbbing nub, worrying it gently with his sharp teeth.

Buffy panted and wrapped her legs around his head, pulling him closer, wanting more pressure.

Spike pulled back. Reaching up, he untangled her legs and pressed them firmly to the floor. He put his hands on her hipbones, anchoring her to the ground. The pressure and sudden movement caused the pinprick bites on her inner thigh to bleed slightly.

The scent and sight of her aroused body numbed his mind to everything else. His entire world lay before him, squirming and moaning. He gazed appreciatively at the wax that littered her torso and coated her breasts.

Her sweet mouth opened, as she tried to pull air into her shuddering body. The sight of her blindfolded eyes and her wrists lashed to the tub inflamed his demon. He leant forward and kissed her gaping mouth before turning her onto her stomach.

Spike winced at her groan of pain as her wrists twisted, he quickly reached up to free her hands before retying them in a more comfortable position. This was for fun, not humiliation or pain. Buffy moaned and sent, ‘Thank you…’ to her courteous lover.

He pulled at her hips, pulling her up and onto her knees.

“Spike…” Buffy whispered. Her body ached to feel his touch. His teasing torture making her desire him all the more.

Spike ran a comforting hand down her spine. His game face slid away, blue chasing the gold from his eyes as he regarded his love. He reached under her and rubbed her stomach soothingly.

“Yeah luv?”

“What are you doing now?” she asked curiously.

“Anything and everything,” he answered cryptically. “Want the blindfold off?”

“Yes, please…” Buffy nodded. The angle at which she was tied had resulted in her grasping the claw feet, her elbows resting on the floor and her head lowered between her shoulders. Her submissive pose warred with Spike’s patience.

Gently, he removed the blindfold and tossed it away. Buffy tried to shift slightly, searching for a more comfortable position. Her aching breasts rubbed against the fur, small pieces of wax dropped off her body.

Spike rose to his knees and watched the bound girl desperately trying to find a comfortable position. He smirked, knowing from past experience that Buffy would have no luck.

Coming up behind her, Spike caught hold of her hips and pulled back slightly, adding to the strain on her shoulders. Running his hands down the outside of her thighs, Spike relished her soft skin. He reached around, grasping her knees and pulling them slightly further apart.

“Very nice, Slayer,” he growled. His demon was rejoicing in the submission of his mate, whereas Spike was thrilled at how responsive Buffy had become. ‘Wonder if she’d ever want to tie me up?’ Spike thought hopefully. Buffy grunted and the image of himself handcuffed to her bed flitted through his mind. He grinned. “Can’t wait, luv.”

Kneeling behind Buffy, Spike traced around her opening with an idle finger before placing an open-mouthed kiss to her soaked folds. ‘No need to get her ready,’ Spike thought smugly, he knew that Buffy would like a bit of kink.

He vamped out again.

Surging up, he rammed home in one swift move.

Buffy bit down hard on her arm, desperately trying to keep quiet. She was terrified that any more noise would bring Dawn downstairs, despite the headphones and deep sleep. If Dawn came in and she and Spike were interrupted at this moment, Buffy wasn’t sure how she would respond. ‘Nope, better keep quiet.’

‘Such a perfect fit…’ She thought wryly as her inner passage stretched and strained once again against the demonic intrusion. Its broad head pulsed against her cervix. Buffy could feel every vein rubbing against her silky insides.

“Oh yeah, baby…” Spike panted. “Perfect…”

“More than…” Buffy moaned, her back arched slightly, allowing Spike to slip in a bit further. His hands flexed against her hips, his sharpened nails scratching and drawing blood. Lustfully, he began to pump into her willing body. Spike dropped over her sweating back and reached forward, clasping his hands over hers as he hammered into her warmth.

Tiny grunts escaped Buffy’s lips as Spike pounded into her. ‘Adds a new twist to ribbed for her pleasure.’ Her inner walls quivered around Spike as he hit her g-spot over and over. Forgetting that she was supposed to be submissive and quiet, she ordered her vamp, “Harder, Spike. I want everything you have…”

“You have everything, Buffy. It’s all for you!” He exclaimed has he shifted his hips slightly, resuming his frantic pace. Spike trailed his fangs over her shoulder until he was on the curve of her neck. Scraping his teeth over her pulse point, he delicately reopened his mark, pulling back his fangs and allowing small drops of blood to rise to the surface. He eagerly licked them up as they welled. Releasing her hands, he reached under her and cupped her wax-coated breasts and, in a deliberate move, squeezed hard.

Buffy’s back arched as she came. Her forehead thumped on the rug as all her muscles gave up on her. It was only Spike’s hands and pistoning cock that kept her on her knees as Buffy was overwhelmed by orgasm after orgasm.

Her multiple orgasms milking his cock were too much for Spike and he lost control. Thrusting his hips, he forced his cock deeper, brushing the opening to her womb.

His back jerked once, twice.

“Oh Spike…” Buffy sighed as she was filled with his cool spendings. She came again.

Spike collapsed as his knees gave out, pressing her to the floor.

Buffy sighed, feeling safe covered by his panting body.

They lay silently, still intimately connected, trying to regain their senses.

As Spike’s ridges receded, his cock shrank slightly and he slipped out of her warm body. A rush of their combined fluids pooled underneath her.

Spike rolled onto his back and with one hand, reached out to release Buffy from her cloth bindings. She promptly climbed on top of him and curled her aching and satisfied body over his.

“You know, when it’s my turn… you are going to be in so much trouble!” Buffy pressed a soft kiss to his chest.

“Spike, how do we get all this wax off?” They both giggled and made a game of picking the cool, crisp wax off of her skin.

Chapter Seven
The fire crackled and gradually burnt out, the few remaining candles flickered. The light from the kitchen provided the majority of the illumination in the room.

Buffy and Spike lay entwined on the faux fur rug, surrounded by the detritus of their night of passion. Shredded towels and pieces of brightly colored wrapping paper littered the floor. Buffy’s knife was carefully nestled in its sheath, cushioned by the blue silk of Spike’s shirt.

Gold and white limbs were entwined as the lovers slept, finally succumbing to the pull of Morpheus. After the wax had been removed, Spike had rolled Buffy to her back, embedding himself once more in her warm center before dropping off to sleep, unwilling to leave his mate’s body for a moment. Buffy’s legs were wrapped around his and she cradled his limp form on her body.

Outside, the night began to fade into day.

The sound of birds woke Buffy. She let out an unladylike snort and stirred, waking Spike.

“Waa…” he glanced around warily checking for the Fyarl demon that just snorted at him.

Buffy wapped him on the shoulder, their intimate contact intensifying the claim bond. “There is no Fyarl in here, Blondie!”

Spike levered himself up and groaned as his soft cock left its comfortable resting place in a rush of fluids. “Sorry, pet, but your snoring is positively Wagnerian!

Buffy pouted up at him. “They’re cute little snores!”

Spike ducked his head and kissed her lips, hiding a grin. “Yes dear, very cute, though I think the neighbors may have something to say about ‘em…”

“Pig!” Buffy exclaimed playfully and pressed a kiss to Spike’s nose. “Argh! My muscles… Lemme up, Spike. I need to stretch.”

Spike rolled off of her and lay on his back with his arms tucked behind his head, watching his Slayer stretching.

Buffy arched her back and raised her arms, stretching happily. Every muscle she had throbbed, and she was pretty sure that Spike had found a few muscles she hadn’t known existed.

Buffy tingled all over. Reaching down, she touched her toes, presenting Spike with a very interesting view.

Her glistening center peeked out from between her legs. It was slightly swollen and raw from their earlier activities. ‘But it was effulgent…’ Spike hardened as his eyes devoured her most intimate secret. She peeked at him from between her legs, grinning at his use of the word effulgent. He growled in disappointment when his mate straightened and began to run her hands through her hair.

Buffy eyed the living room with dismay. “Oh my God, Spike! It looks like a hurricane hit in here. We so need to clean this up!” She looked over at her visibly aroused mate and rolled her eyes. Buffy kept her distance, knowing if she got within arm’s reach, nothing would get done. “Hey Erecto-Boy! Focus!”

Spike leered at her as he stretched sinuously. “Boy, pet? You sure about that?” He stretched again, thrusting his hips up, drawing her attention to his roaring erection.

At his noticeable lack of action, she decided to try another tact and resorted to the oldest trick in the book. “Spike, you will never touch me again unless this mess is cleaned up.” Before she could continue, Spike was on his feet.

“Right, then. No need to threaten!” The blond vampire shook his finger at Buffy and, with a burst of vampiric speed, began to clear all the debris.

Buffy blinked, ‘Man, even if I didn’t love him, I’d have to keep him round for cleaning day!’ This thought earned a childish tongue sticking out from her mate.

Spike neatly placed their opened presents under the tree alongside the many untouched packages and turned to the piles of wrapping paper. He carefully extracted his four Bronze vouchers and put them on the mantle before stoking the fire. After building it back up, he gathered the paper and pieces of shredded towel and threw them on the small flames.

“Back in a sec, gorgeous.” Spike disappeared into the kitchen, returning with a bucket.

“What’s that for, Spike?” Buffy cocked her head in confusion.

“Gotta get rid of the water,” he explained as he filled the bucket from the tub. Peeking to see that the sun was still under the horizon, Spike opened the front door and tossed the cold water onto the porch. Water ran between the boards and into the dirt under the house.

“Why don’t we just take the tub outside to dump it?” Buffy grasped the side and nodded for Spike to grab hold of the other side. Together they carried the massive tub to the door.

Spike paused and glanced at his mate. “Better cover up first, luv.” They walked back into the living room, stopping only briefly for a kiss before returning to the door; Buffy in her pajamas, Spike in his jeans. They lifted the tub and maneuvered it out the door, spilling massive amounts of water onto the floor.

“Might not have been the best idea,” Buffy admitted. They tilted the tub through the door, pouring the rest of the water onto the porch. “There, much quicker. Spike, what are we gonna do with this?” She patted the brass tub with one hand.

“No idea, luv. Might take it back to the crypt and get it plumbed in there so you can have a soak after patrol,” Spike suggested, his mind filling with images of Buffy soaking in their tub by candlelight. “For now, we’ll stick it back in front of the fire. I’ll do that, you go get towels for this mess.” He indicated the pool of water covering the foyer.

“Love both of those ideas.” Buffy reached over and pecked him on the lips, again surprised at his sweetness and consideration. She ran upstairs to get towels, returning quickly and mopping up all evidence of her disastrous idea. She looked at Spike who was sitting on the edge of tub, watching her. “Kitchen now?”

Spike nodded.

They both padded into the kitchen. Buffy reddened at the sticky mess covering the counter and floor.

Spike noticed her change in color. “Now then, none of that, pet…” He kissed her gently; amazed at her innocence despite all that they had shared during the night.

He sat her down on one of the stools, handing her a sponge from the sink to clean the counter. He stole another quick kiss before sinking to his knees and cleaning the floor, using one of the many damp towels Buffy had carried into the kitchen.

“You hungry?” Spike asked.

“Nope. Just tired, wanna go to bed.” Buffy replied with a yawn. She was tickled that Spike was cleaning up after them and taking care of her.

“Right. Well, you go on up. I’ll sort this out and get back to the crypt.” Spike was crushed that she hadn’t asked him to join her. He knew she loved him, he could feel it, but his insecurities were renewed when she had spoken about going to bed. His shoulders slumped slightly as he finished mopping the Hershey and honey combo off the floor.

“Nope, not going!” Buffy chirped, catching his stray thought. “Not without you,” she added gently. She rolled her eyes at the delighted smile that crossed his face. “Yeesh, Spike, what were you thinking, ‘a righteous shag or two and then she kicks me to the curb’?” Her fake cockney accent was terrible but it made Spike grin even more.

“So you want me to stay?” he asked almost shyly.

“Yes, Spike I want you to stay. You are my mate and I love you. I will never want you to go.” Buffy spoke gently, aware that it was William, not Spike, who was asking. She reached over and took the towel from his hands. Tossing it towards the basement door, she turned and took his hand in hers. “Come on, gorgeous, let’s go to bed.”

With that, Buffy lead Spike out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

He paused at her bedroom door, pulling her gently into his arms. “I love you, Buffy. You know that, don’t you?” She nodded. “It means everything to me that you have given yourself to me, that you have invited me into your bed, into your body. You let me mark you, claim you as my own. You left your mark on me… twice. I’ve never had that with anyone else. Thank you. I pledge everything that I am to you, Buffy, everything…”

Tears filled her eyes as she listened to his heartfelt words. How could she not know how much love he was capable of giving? She’d been so blind.

“Oh, Spike,” she said, sniffing. “Come to bed. Let me show you how much I love you.”

She pulled him into her room, dropping her pajamas to the floor before pulling back the covers and sliding under them. She tossed back the covers on the opposite side, inviting her lover into her bed for the first time. “Maybe we should redo Mom’s room.”

Spike, who had been silently enjoying the show his mate was putting on for him, shook his head slightly before answering. “What? Why, pet?” He moved across the floor, unbuttoning his pants and allowing them to drop at the foot of the bed.

He was once again hard, aching to feel her warm caress. He looked around the girlish room, which seemed totally at odds with the warrior he knew so well. It was soft and feminine. Aside from the multitude of crosses that hung from jewelry tree, there were no outward signs of the Slayer.

As he climbed into the bed, he wrapped his arms around Buffy, pulling her tightly against him. “Well, we could fix it up, you know? Black-out curtains, a chaise lounge, a huge bed, a private bathroom…” She trailed off as she remembered everything that had happened in that private bathroom just a few hours before.

She groaned, also remembering that they had forgotten to clean that particular mess but deciding to worry about it later as she visualized his touch on her body.

Spike could smell her arousal and his body responded in kind. “You want to make over your mum’s room for me, pet?” He stroked the beautiful bruising on her neck with his tongue, soothing the tender area.

“Not for you, Spike. For us.” Buffy could feel her body respond to his light touch and she ached to feel him inside her again. Her body was so sore; she couldn’t understand how she could still crave him. Her turned her gently, drawing her back against his chest. He pulled her thigh over his.

“Relax, Buffy.” Lifting her slightly, Spike entered her tender heat, pushing deeply into her core. He once again pressed his mouth against his scarring mark, nuzzling against her neck. He rocked his hips slowly, never leaving her tight embrace.

She constricted her inner walls, squeezing him tightly. Spike gasped into her neck, his breath cool on her heated skin. She did it again, smiling at his reaction. She could feel him tense behind her, drawing in his breath. “Problem, Spikey?” Buffy asked innocently as she rippled her internal muscles again, delighted that she had found another way to tease her mate.

He pulled out of heat completely before thrusting back in, causing her to groan loudly. “Not nice, pet. ‘m trying to be gentle, take care of my girl.” Buffy reached behind him and dug her nails into his firm backside, feeling his muscles flex under her hands as he jumped. He pushed her away from his body, leaving an aching void between her legs. Spike rolled her to her stomach.

“You asked for it now, little girl.” Spike pulled her to her knees and, without any preamble, thrust into her in a single, hard, smooth stroke, burying himself completely in her warmth. He shimmed his hips, settling in. Spike’s movements caused Buffy to grasp her sheets tightly in her fists. Spike began pounding into Buffy’s aching and swollen cunt, making her moan his name.

“Oh, Spike… so hard… just for me…” She grunted at a particularly vigorous thrust from behind. Spike licked the sweat from her neck and pistoned harder into her grunting body. Buffy arched her back and thrust back as hard as she could. Her mouth opened in a silent scream as sweat began to run down her face.

“Buffy… so tight… my girl…” Spike could feel Buffy’s climax fast approaching. Her moisture was coating his thighs and balls as it streamed from where they were joined.

He reached under her, caressing her thigh with his fingertips, urging her legs further apart as he kept up his punishing rhythm. Spike’s left hand continued to trail upwards as the speed of his thrusts increased. He reached her swollen and reddened clit and stroked it lightly, feeling her soreness through the bond, desperately wanting to please, not hurt her.

Spike thrust into Buffy’s warmth twice more before his name escaped her lips, her inner walls quivering around him. Her sweet pleasure and intense excitement flowed through the bond, drawing out his almost gentle climax.

Spike fell to his side, pulling her limp body with him so that they lay intimately connected, spooned together as they drifted off into slumber.

Spike awoke to the sound of running water. He felt the warm body pressed against his and sighed, reveling in the memories of the night before. He could feel Buffy’s dreams pulling him back into slumber. The water shut off and his eyes opened once more.

Pulling his sore member from the sticky heat of the woman before him, Spike rolled onto his back, stretching his aching muscles. How many times had he come in the last 12 hours? ‘Wonder how Whitebread kept up with her?’ Spike thought as he gingerly ran his fingers over his cock, which lay wrung out on his thigh.

Buffy groaned at the lack of contact with her mate and began drifting into consciousness. ‘He didn’t…’ The thought slipped out before she could stop it.

Spike gasped as her thought was followed by an arousing image of his mate splayed across her bed with one hand frantically rubbing her clit, the other pumping a dildo in and out of her center, its sides coated with her juices. Spike groaned as his dick tried to stand to attention.

Buffy heard a noise coming from the hallway. “Dawn up?” she croaked.

“Lovely morning voice you’ve got there, pet.” Spike reached for his sweet smelling girl.

“Sweet smelling? Spike, I stink! I have morning breath, I have all types of sticky stuff on my legs, I…” His kiss barred any more words from escaping.

“Taste lovely.” More kisses. “Smell delightful.” Tongues clashing. “Perfect.” Spike released her mouth, allowing her to draw her breath. “Could never stink to me.” He reached in to capture her entrancing mouth once more.

“Gross!” Two bleached heads whipped around to see Dawn standing in the doorway. “You think her morning breath smells good?” Dawn laughed at the pair in the bed, struggling to cover themselves and each other with the same corner of sheet.

“Dawn, get out!” Buffy yelled, overcorrecting her balance and falling off the bed, dragging the entire sheet with her. Spike sat in the middle of the bed trying to hide his bits and pieces from his Nibblet and failing miserably. At the sight of a naked Spike thigh, Dawn squealed and spun around, shutting her eyes.

“I didn’t see anything!” she screamed, desperate to avoid seeing any more of the delicious man in her sister’s bed. “Not delicious!” she hollered, blushing to her toes with the secret she’d just exposed. “I’m getting out right now.”

She thundered down the stairs, leaving the door to Buffy’s room wide open. They heard the back door slam as she rushed completely out of the house. Buffy, unable to disentangle herself from the sheet, laughed until tears began to run down her face.

“What the bleeding hell are you laughing at, Slayer? Bit just saw me naked!” Spike scrambled for his pants, still attempting to hide his erection.

Buffy calmed down enough to speak. “Spike, she’s gone, why are you still hiding?” Her laughter returned when the disconcerted vamp was unable to get the buttons on his fly to close. He stomped his foot in frustration and vamped out.

“Slayer!” he roared.

She became hysterical at his expression and began actually rolling around on the floor. Her mirth began to leak into him and he began to laugh with her, his fangs looking strangely out of place on his smiling face.

“Oh, pet…” His blue eyes shone as he shook off his game face. “Not exactly the way I wanted her to find out.” He slid to the floor beside his mate and began to pull the sheet from her nude body.

“Me neither, Spike, but it happened.” She leaned forward and kissed him, thanking him silently for releasing her from her tangled prison.

“Get dressed, luv. I’ll cook breakfast.” Spike stood and walked to the door, his talented fingers effortlessly buttoning his jeans. Buffy giggled again when he thundered down the stairs, sounding like an instant replay of Dawn.

She stretched and tossed the sheets back on the bed before rising to her feet. She slid a silk robe over her naked form and went to the bathroom to try to make herself a little more presentable. ‘Scary’ she thought as she saw her reflection. ‘Beautiful’ resonated from her mate in response and she smiled, then set to work.

When she reached the kitchen some time later, Spike and her sister were sitting at the bar, two empty plates on the counter before them.

“Save anything for me?” she pouted at her mate. He was wearing the shirt she had given him the night before and his eyes had darkened to match the silk.

“Right here, pet.” He pulled a plate of pancakes from the oven and put them in front of her, handing her a fork before stealing a quick kiss.

“Nice vamp bite, Buff,” Dawn commented to her sister. “You too, Spike.”

“Either of you want to tell me what happened last night? I swear that I dreamt about some type of Water Park. There was all kinds of rushing water, I almost had to get up and pee.” Dawn reached onto Buffy’s plate to steal a bite of pancake. Her blue eyes twinkled mischievously.

She was inwardly thrilled that Spike and Buffy had gotten together. Dawn silently thanked her lucky stars that she had fallen asleep with her headphones on. ‘Was bad enough waking to the sound of thumping and moaning from the shower in Mom’s room.’ When she realized what had woken her up, Dawn had promptly realigned the earphones, hit repeat on her CD and fallen asleep.

Buffy smiled at Dawn’s not so subtle hint that she had heard them in the shower the night before.

“We’re mated, Bit.” Spike’s concise summary was not what Buffy had anticipated. She looked at her vampire in surprise, somehow expecting that he would try to hedge the truth with Dawn.

“Does that mean that you’re moving in now?” Dawn stole a second bite off Buffy’s plate as her sister nodded in response to her question.

“If you want more, Nibblet, I’ll cook some,” Spike gently chided.

“I don’t want any more to eat. I’m stuffed!” Spike rolled his eyes as Dawn shoved another bite into her mouth before wandering into the living room.

“Wow!” came her excited voice. “There’s a new tree!” Clanking noises carried through to them as she examined the branches. “Snow Vamps! Cool!” Spike and Buffy heard rustling as Dawn dug through the packages at the base of the tree. “And new presents!” she yelled.

Spike walked around the bar to slide in between Buffy’s knees. “You look gorgeous, pet. You do that for me?” He ran his lips across hers. “Want to rip that robe right off of your luscious body.” His tongue reached out to trace the path his lips had just left.

Buffy relaxed into him, lifting her head to give him access to her neck.

“Could just eat you up,” he joked. Buffy moaned and spread her legs wider, pulling him closer by his belt loops.

“Please do…” she sighed against his neck. She felt his bones shift as he slid into game face, gently sliding his fangs into his mark. He took several long draughts from her neck before licking the small wounds to close them.

Spike cupped her face in his hands as his game face slid away. “Never thought I’d ever be able to hold you, touch you… or have you love and touch me. Not in my wildest dreams, and I’ve had a few…” Spike’s cockney drawl had gradually disappeared as he spoke. “Thought hell’d freeze over before you’d even grace me with a kind word, my darling girl.” Spike gently nuzzled her nose with his.

“Well it must be a cold day in hell today, Spike, ‘cause I do love you,” Buffy whispered before capturing his mouth in a long, wet and tender kiss.

Spike groaned at her words and actions.

He ground his jean-clad hips between her open legs, his hardness pressing into her heat. The gentle touch of her mouth on his neck, nibbling at her mark, turned his cock into steel.

Spike began pulling her robe off of her shoulders, pressing kisses into the small of her throat and lingering over her fluttering pulse. He nipped gently at her collarbone, drawing growls from deep within her chest.

A squeal and the sound of tearing paper from the next room broke into their combined consciousness.

“Dawn,” they both muttered, attempting to straighten their clothes. Just then, Dawn’s head popped into the kitchen.

“Um, guys… Why is there a bathtub on the middle of the living room?”