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your pets

Apr 28 2010 12:52 am   #1Legen
so, to lighten the mood, and cuase i just got the coolest pets ever, i was wondering. what other cool lil' buddies are out there? who gets to sit next to/on/ across the room from you as you write and mutter to your self as a story comes together. or gets the crap scared out of them as you are reading a story and it's so awesome it can't be contained by silence, even if you and your homie are the only ones in the room.
personally, i had a dog, freeway. he was the best and liked to lay on my stomich while i read stories. he's an austrailian shepard lab mix and is beautiful. he lives with my sister while i'm over seas. and i resently picked up some chinchillas while visiting my boyfriend. they are the coolest pet you didn't know about, if you don't know about them. grunty is a year old, almost a pound heavy and the coolest dude ever. squeeker is 8 weeks old and a little ball of energy.
i miss my dog and will miss my chins once i have to go back to germany. these are the times i hate the army.
so, let's hear it. everyone is proud of their lil' homiesb and this is your chance to pimp them.
Your heart will break, your tears will fall, but don't be suprised, if there is someone there, to catch you when you fall. Becuase you, yes you, are awesome.
Apr 28 2010 01:09 am   #2Niori
I have a Huskey named Cario. He's awesome, if not a little moronic. lol. We have to keep him tied when he's outside b/c we can't let him run around off our propriety (lease laws and all that, even out here in the boonies) and he won't stay in the yard. Every once and awhile he gets off, and just takes off. Last time, me and mom we trying to call him back, and he literally stopped, turned back and looked at us, gave us this look and then took off running again. It was hilarious. He came back of course, which he always does.
So yeah...that's my awesome dog.
~ Niori ~
Apr 28 2010 01:16 am   #3coalitiongirl
 Heh, who am I to fight this one? I've got a snake who likes staring at my computer screen (clearly, I've rubbed off on her), a Robo across the room, and a cat who seems fixated on (and possibly a little jealous of) my keyboard.
In the past, I've had various rodents, fish, reptiles, cats, and birds, too. The cat and snake are the only long-term pets I've had, though.
Apr 28 2010 07:05 am   #4lovesbitch91
Oh, here we go!!
My cat Marley is an ex-heroin addict. His late owner OD'd and Marley had gotten into some of the stuff the owner had left around. He was abandoned on the porch for a week until they found him. He went to a foster home for cats, and they had to give him this cat Prozac stuff. Now he's the chillinest cat ever and doesn't even freak out on our two big dogs anymore.
The iguana, Lizzie, has a broken back from his ex-owner's daughter, who swung him around by his tail. He's got a tourettes thing going on, where his arm will kind of spasm like he's having an "episode." lol.
Sascha is our Weimerheimer (sp?)/chocolate lab mix. She eats everything and jumps our fence constantly. She used to have an extra padded toe and nail until she ripped it out, probably jumping the fence. And I once caught her chewing her ear.
And lastly, Bishop,our black lab mutt. He's only got a stub of a tail where someone tried to hack it off and messed up. We think his mother abandoned him and he was weaned too early, because all he does is suck on pillows.Weird. And he's just about the ponciest, prissy little boy ever!!!

Apr 28 2010 08:46 am   #5nmcil
Heck my simple little tabby is totally mundane compared to all the above listed pets - still, we love her and she loves nothing better than laying on my monitor for all that nice warmth - or sleeping with all my action figures - right in front of my Buffyverse Bobble Heads and my New Star Trek glasses.  I have had cats for many years - all of which came with the places we moved into - one came from  a friend whose mom had a sudden heart attach and could no longer care for him.

Since it has been so quiet and Twangel is like at the center of the Buffyverse now  - and because Angel/Angelus is such an interesting hero model character - should we start looking at some of the AtS episode?  It would be good to revisit with the LA Team again.
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Apr 28 2010 10:54 am   #6CM 
I have a 10 year-old orange tabby named Chase and an almost-seven-year-old white cat with patches named Scrapper. Chase is 8lbs, Scrapper is more like 13. They're both pretty neurotic and needy.

We had a family of outdoor cats, but they've all disappeared. The grandchild of the original outdoor cat is around somewhere, but I haven't chanced a sighting in weeks. Made sure he lived from the night he was born, and he's almost 2, so I should make some signs. He still needs to be fixed.
Apr 28 2010 02:30 pm   #7LadyYashka
We have three cats, (two males, one female), and they act like hooligans. They all came from the same litter and they are eight years old. Gracie, the female, loves to get between me and the keyboard. They also all sleep in the bed with us. <---The black one is Ashes, the black and white one is Milo, and the gray and white one is Gracie.
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Apr 29 2010 02:57 am   #8nmcil
Here is my little Emme - getting way up there in years - 10 wonderful years with her - my husband found her underneath a bush the very week that our last cat died at about 13 or 14 years.

She is named after one of my favorite Austen characters - Emma.  Anyone have Buffyverse or other TV character named friends of the pet kind.

” Recent evolutionary models have demonstrated what politicians have long known: the best way to get people to collaborate and to think like a group is to identify an enemy and charge that “they” threaten “us.”

Michael Tomasello is co-director of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.
Apr 29 2010 03:08 am   #9Niori
My firend Melissa has a goat named Spike. It makes me happy.
~ Niori ~
Apr 29 2010 03:13 am   #10Jeleyne 
Oh, nmcil, she's gorgeous! As for character-named pets, my late and much-lamented dog was Romana, named for the second Romana on Dr. Who. It confused the hell out of non-fans. "Why do you have a German Shepherd with an Italian name?" Eventually, I learned it was best to smile and shrug in reply. Some things you just can't explain to people.
Apr 29 2010 04:54 am   #11maryperk
Hehe, we used to have a dog we called Dokwho.  His full name was Doctor Who.  My mom was a fan of Tom Baker (she's been gone since '97 so she never saw the new ones).  My mom named that whole litter oddly.  One was Fats Domino and another was Chubby Checkers.  There was a couple of others too, but those are the ones I remember.

Dok is long gone.  I think someone poisoned him.  He just got sick one day, had some convulsions, and died. 
Apr 29 2010 08:43 am   #12Abby
I have four cats.

A Siamese female, 13, named Tao.  She's grouchy and very fat.

A Siamese male, 5, named Hemi, because even when he was about the size of a rat, you could hear him purring across the room.  So, he's named for the Hemi engine.

A Siamese/Burmese male, 5, named Jag (short for Jagged).  He's named for a character from my old fandom.

Aaaaand, the latest addition to the brood, is a 6 year old male cat I adopted from the SPCA.  He's white, has yellow eyes, likes to bite, and his name is Spike.  He's also quite deaf but very lovable.
Apr 30 2010 12:16 am   #13Legen 
mary- that is so sad. when i got back from training a few years ago, my dog had lost like 20 lbs but my mom insisted he was fine. a month and a few days latter he died from complications from heart worms. he had a heart attack in my arms. it suuuucked. my other two dogs both started howling from the other room as soon as it happened. it was very sad.
my dogs growning up were like my brother and sisters from my moms marriage. blackie was the oldest and the baby for six years. and let me tell you how spoiled she still is at 17. she has a personality of her very own and always...ALWAYS gets her way.  then lil bit was the middle boy, and every bit the martyr about it. he was terrified of everything, which in turn made him scary cuase he had a vicious bark, but thats about all. and then there's padda (patty). who is blonde. and very much so. over all she was the best behaved growning up, but that's prolly due to her extreme airheadedness. her and lilbit were like two peas in a pod and it broke her little heart when lilbit dead. she stayed under the bed for weeks and gained so much weight from not wanting to do anything cuase he wasn't there that she had a hard time getting under the bed.
May 03 2010 09:28 am   #14Mabel Marsters
My constant writing companion is The Norm *points to icon*.  He is a slightly mental Jack Russell terrier but he has definately got more than a hint of beagle in there.  If I'm writing, he's usually curled up next to me.  I love him to bits even though he is the strangest dog I have ever had!  He is quite famous on my lj as I post his exploits on there!  He's just turned seven.

my tongue still misbehaves, keeps digging my own grave.

May 03 2010 05:36 pm   #15nmcil
Cutie Pie - indeed
” Recent evolutionary models have demonstrated what politicians have long known: the best way to get people to collaborate and to think like a group is to identify an enemy and charge that “they” threaten “us.”

Michael Tomasello is co-director of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.
May 04 2010 04:07 am   #16Sensei
I've been fostering a cat for the humane society.  Its fur sticks straight out so I was excited about naming it Spike until I discovered it was a girl!  It isn't a living pet, but I do have a cute stuffed pig I keep on my bed--I bet you can all guess what I named it!!!!

I am so glad someone asked if anyone has pets named after Jossverse characters.  I was going to ask that, too, until I read down further and saw someone had beaten me to it!