Destroying Entropy by BuffyMeetsSpike
Chapter: Chapter 6

09/21/2016 06:27 am
Folks mentioned your story over at EF saying what an excellent work it was so I decided to do a re-read.  It's very good to be reading it again - this is a wonderful "reality check" chapter. 

08/04/2012 09:05 am
This is such a good story!  My eyes teared up with this chapter.  So happy that Spike was able to get through to her.
Thank you so much! <hands reader a tissue>

09/29/2011 05:22 am
TextVery good chapter. I always did think it weird that Buffy had a job & the other girls didn't. I love your portrayal of Spike.
It tickled me that he thout he should get chocolate because he knew women needed to be pampered.
Thank you so much. It always bugged me too.

My husband knows - upset wife + chocolate = happy wife

08/26/2011 02:54 am
What lovely bonding moments between the two of them.  She needs to really see, and he needs to be heard.  And it finally looks like that's what they're doing.  It's going to take a lot more to heal the wounds within, but I think she's making strides in the right direction.  Now she needs to face the girls.
I was struck throughout the series that she would rather face 10 vampires than have to tell those she loved something they didn't want to hear. 

07/13/2011 11:55 am
If Buffy can learn from that conversation and the much needed home truths, she'll be on the right road.  she needs to get strong and angry.
Angry is coming, but it's going to take just a while longer

07/12/2011 02:08 pm
Well done Buffy for facing up to a few uncomfortable home truths. The boxes thing was very insightful. The question remains as to what she will do about it. More please... and it really is time to contact Dawn. She hasn't done anything wrong and will be frantic with worry for Buffy since she knows what happened.
Yes, I concur. Time for Dawn and Buffy to reunite. (Working on it!)

07/11/2011 09:00 am

Their feelings and thoughts feels just right. Spike was spot on in the things he said and now Buffy is readdy to accept that, too bad that she had to be hurt before she could. They should try to contact Dawn, this situation is not good for her.

I promise you, Dawn will not be in suspense that much longer

07/11/2011 12:27 am
interesting start.  I very much look forward to the next chapter. 


Thank you so much! New chapter coming shortly!

07/09/2011 08:49 am
Great chapter. Buffy's is thinking one thing, but will her thoughts be the same when they all come at her like she is the wrong one and not them. Because none of the Scobies take they blame on anything they are repsonsible for.
I swear, you're hacking directly into my brain, because that's the way I'm contemplating it now. That intersection between Buffy and the river of Denial will be interesting. 

07/09/2011 05:42 am
This was lovely.  Spike's rant about how Buffy puts people in boxes was very well done.  It was emotional and truthful.  Buffy's realizations in this chapter were so nice to see. 
Thank you so much!  

07/09/2011 05:16 am
Another update, you're spoiling us! I loved Spike's speech, finally someone lays it all out, and the boxes analogy was spot-on.
Thank you so much! 

Not sure when the next chapter will get finished, but hopefully soon!