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I'm a huge Spuffy fan, though I'm equally a fan of Spike and Tara friendship fics (Spara fics also, if the writer is good).

I'm afraid I'm not kind to many of the other characters in the series, so you shouldn't be surprised if I show that in my stories.  Angel, Xander, and Giles tend to receive the greatest pain from me. I'm also really anal about songfics and music used in Spike stories; I just can't see him relating to stuff outside of old-school punk/goth, so you won't see any teenybopper crap in my fics!

My fanfics are also available on Elysian Fields, The Spuffy Realm, and (where you can read my non-Spuffy work as well as any of my Beetlejuice or Sandman fanfics).


Buffy has some lingering impressions from Amy's Valentine's Day spell...only it's not Xander that's on her mind! What happens when fantasies DO come true? Wickedly Spuffy!
Genre: Porn w/Some Plot - Rating: NC-17 - Warning: Explicit Sexual Situations - Complete: Yes
Chapters: 1 - Words: 5,666 - Started: 08/06/2012 - Updated: 08/06/2012 05:08 pm