La fin du monde
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My name is Samantha, though nobody calls me that.

Spike/Buffy is my main pairing. But I can go for other non-Angel or Xander, Buffy pairings.

I read a lot of Crossovers but only if they are Buffy-centric.

Below is copy&pasted from my profile.

Name: Samantha

Gender: Female.

Date of birth: 7th of July 1991

Country: Australia

Profile name: La fin du monde - Translation, The end of the world. French

Favorite fandoms: Harry Potter, Doctor Who, B;tVS & AtS.

Favorite characters: Donna Noble from Doctor Who, Illyria & Darla from AtS.

Favorite pairings: 10Rose from Doctor Who, & Buffy/Spike from B;tVS.

Favorite fan fiction authors: Ariel Dawn, Jessa L'Rynn, Marcus Rowland & Morag MacPherson.

Favorite fan fictions: 'Living Vengeance' by Ariel Dawn & 'A Long History' by Jessa L'Rynn.

Favorite author: Bryce Courteney.

My Upcoming stories: Counterpart series. AU; What would have happened if Darla gave birth to twins.
It will be made up of about four stories, the first three covering seasons four, five and the end of season three.

It will be based around my OC (original character) Francis, or 'Stephanie Holtz''. She is Angel and Darla's daughter and Connor's twin sister. Lots of flashbacks about her childhood with Daniel Holtz' and 'Steven' in Quor'Toth.

The first story is called 'Welcome to the Sunshine State' which I am still writing, it's set in the last couple of episode's of season three.

The second story in the series is probably going to be called 'Crossroads', not sure about that though. It will cover the whole of Angel season four.

I wont post it until I've finished it, so it will have frequent updates.

I am also writing an AU to my AU series 'Counterpoint', with Touch The Dark, it will be called 'Esprit de corps' and it's about Spike, after Chosen, and Francis after the happenings that went on in my AU Angel season four story, 'Crossroads'. Its a Spike/OC-friendship story, with an ending of Spike/Buffy.

So far we have finished the Prelude and are working on chapter one. We wont post it until it's finished, so it will have frequent updates

Thanks to our BETA Firebreathing Fishies. Go check her Doctor Who series out.