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Challenge: 585
Season:Season 5
So essentially I want a rewrite of season five where everything is the same except Spike sticks up for himself and Buffy listens. I want Spike and Buffy to be friends and watch as their relationship develops into something more. Buffy/Other is okay for a bit because of RIley, I don't really care about if they break-up on good or bad terms. I'd like it if Dawn and Spike were still friends as well because honestly I'm 100% sure that if they tried, they could rule the world. I wanna see Buffy stick up for Spike later on as well but I want the Scoobies to be together by the end. Joyce dying is up to the writer but if she lives it'd be nice to see hers and Spike's hot cocoa conversations. 

These are just suggestions, do what you will. 

Challenge: 584
Season:Season 4

Human!Spike but with his demon still inside him

How about in season4, when Spike goes to LA to take back the Gem of Amara from Angel, he's attacked by a Mohra Demon? (The whole episode with Angel turning human doesn't happen). Spike fights him off, their blood get mixed together and Spike turns human...expect that the demon inside him is so attached to him that he decides NOT to leave his body. So now Spike is human (beating heart, pumping blood, no more allergy to sunlight etc) but with his demon still inside him (that means that he's still as strong as ever). This transformation must happen BEFORE the chip (your choice if he gets chipped anyway but I would prefer if he doesn't).

Your choice if the soul is returned to him or not (if not, he will have to go to Africa at one point to get it).

- Suggestion:
If you decide to have Spike without a soul, the Initiative tries to capture him but he's able to escape. He thinks Buffy is behind it at first but when he realizes she's not, he offers her a truce, to take down the Initiative together (maybe the Initiative tries to capture Buffy as well, thinking she's some kind of demon?). Anyway, that's up to you.

If you decide to have Spike with a soul, Spike could decide to ask Buffy help because he's going crazy with guilt and doesn't know what to do and where to go.

Obviously this must be Buffy/Spike and I would really prefer if there was no Riley/Buffy in it (though once again, this is up to you).

Only one thing I want - Buffy needs to understand that Spike can love without a soul and that he can decide to do good without one. Basically that he's nothing like Angel/Angelus and that people should stop comparing everything he does with Angel's actions or blaming him for what Angelus did.

Challenge: 583
Season:Season 7
A season 7 what if fic:
- What if buffy had stayed with spike when she first saw him in the basement?
- What if she realized that she felt something upon seeing him gaunt and malnourished, hearing voices and hurt?
- What if she wanted to help him?
Id love to read a fanfic about healing, about the journey these two go through to find each other again 
I'd love to see some insight into Spike's "crazy"- dark and angsty, with a lot of guilt
How would season 7 unfold if Buffy had decided to help him?
Must Have:
- NC-17 (the hotter the better tbh)
- Bitey (I would love to see Buffy trusting Spike enough to let him bite her, be it to heal or as some sort of bonding experience)
- Happy ending
Everything else is up to whatever kind soul decides to take up on this challenge (I hope someone does!!)
Much love, 

Challenge: 582
Season:Season 2

This one just popped into my head, what Spike makes a deal with the Scoobies some time after School Hard that made the Bronze off limits to their usual shenanigans. No vamps biting, no demons killing and no Slayers staking. In other words the Sunnydale equivalent of Lorne's Caritas.

Over the span of the series, the various cast and characters come by the Bronze, have a drink and chat with each other in times when maybe they wouldn't. For example, say some time during the Frat Party episode of Season 2, Buffy and Spike end up in a booth together with her regaling him of her latest Slayer related woes - an unlikely one but hey it's a challenge for a reason. 

The story, for the most part, is up to the writer. There can be more to the story than just late night club gossip, we can see the rest of Sunnydale and how events are being shaped due to this unexpected set up. 

If anyone goes for it I have one ground rule for when the story is set in the Bronze: No violence of any kind. Anyone tries it, if they're human they're barred, if they're a demon or the Slayer... eh, make up your own consequences. (It'll make things interesting once the Initiative rolls into town at least.)

The end game is of course something Spuffy related, I'm not picky how you want it to go. Fluffy, smutty, or full of heart wrenching angst, it's all good for this one. 

Challenge: 581
Season:Post Chosen
Post "Chosen" / Crossover w/ Angel Season 5

What if Buffy didn't let go of Spike as he burned with the amulet? She decided to hold on to him instead. 

So when Angel recieves the amulet in the mail he gets both Buffy and Spike  

Challenge: 580
Season:Season 5
Post "The Gift"

When Buffy jumped it wasn't to her death. Instead, she is transported to different realities where she finds
that helping out different versions of herself gets her closer and closer to home.

One pattern she sees is that Spike is the one constant in all the realities and his love for her. 

Challenge: 579
Season:Post Chosen

Even though "Spike - Asylum" isn't particularly well written, I still loved the idea behind it and I would love to read a longer story where Buffy and Spike are both undercover in the Mosaic Wellness Center. 

Must have:

1. Buffy and Spike don't check into Mosaic together! Asylum is set somewhere between "Shells" and "Power Play" in Angel Season 5. Buffy knows that Spike is alive. She has found out about what's really going on at Mosaic and wants to put a stop to it. She doesn't use her real name (I don't know when the bank robbery thingy took place but let's assume that she's a wanted criminal at the time or just doesn't want to use her real name because she's well known amongst the demon community).

2. Spike's undercover mission is to find the missing Ruby Monahan who's supposed to be in Mosaic but really isn't (you can use the original plot for this part). 

3. Buffy's been at Mosaic for some time before Spike arrives. Neither of them knows of the other one being there. They meet at Spike's first group therapy session where Buffy pretends to not know him and Spike plays along. Have some fun with that one if you like (Maybe some bickering? Hint: Buffy's angry because Spike didn't tell her, he's alive ;) ).

4. Wiseau tries to hit on Buffy in the omnisex shower which results into a fight between him and Spike. Optional use of this (or a similar) line:

Wiseau (to Spike): "As if a woman like her would ever take up with a wuss like you!"

Buffy: "Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt."

5. Spuffy smut in said omnisex shower ;)

6. Buffy and Spike don't end up back together. Spike goes back to Angel in LA, Buffy goes back to Scotland and they meet again in Buffy season 8. I'd love to read an airport scene where Spike tells Buffy that he wants to stay in LA to keep an eye on Angel and Buffy answers that she's proud of him. 

If you want to re-read the Asylum comics, send me a message (here or on EF) and I hook you up ;).

Challenge: 578
Season:Season 5
I've always wanted to see a story wherein Spike saves Buffy at the beginning of "Fool for Love" instead of Riley. 


Challenge #578 What If I Loved You? Part 1 by slaymesoftly (complete!)

Challenge: 577
Season:Season 4
When Spike escapes the Initiative, it's still daytime. He comes out somewhere very close to the campus and heads straight in to hide from the sun. After smelling Buffy in the halls he decides he needs her help. He tracks her to her Psych class, (which is still in progress)  and bursts through the door yelling out "Slayer!!" and going on about something being wrong, some wierd scince/military people caught him and... well, whatever he says once he gets through the door is up to the author. Prof Walsh's and Riley's reactions are also your choice. One-shot, or if you feel up to it, a longer story.

Challenge: 576
Season:Season 1
I read a story ages ago that was a Twilight fanfic on another site. I can't remember the story or author's name, but the concept really stuck with me (and if you find the story, please link me, I'd love to read it again). So here is the challenge...

From the moment of Buffy's birth (and maybe some fuzzyness for a few months before it) Spike has been aware of another presance in his mind. He can see and hear everything 'She' can, and as 'She' gets older, they learn they can communicate telepathically. So Spike  curbs his Baddness so he doesn't upset 'Her' as 'She's' so young and innocent.

Buffy has grown up with William as a part of her, she doesn't know there is anything odd about another person in your mind, but knows that 'He' doesn't want her telling people, and others react funny whenever she does. He has helped her through school and distracted her from her parent's divorce (when she was 6-8yrs).

No Hemery High attack or gym-burning, just a simple move to Sunnydale. Buffy is Called a few months before they move. Merrik never made it to her/found her. Giles will be in Sunnydale.

Challenge: 575
Name:Valerie Strong
I would love to read a Steampunk version of Buffy and Spike and Buffyverse.

It can be any based on any season or any rating you want as long as it has Spuffy goodness in it.

Angel, Riley, Giles, Willow and Xander bashing allowed.

If Buffy and Spike are in a relationship in your story.   Anya and Tara are Buffy's defenders of her relationship with Spike, who are truly non-judgemental of her and of Spike.  Who you love and as long as your consenting adults, it's no one else's business, who you love.

Dawn is optional but if in it, she's pro-Spuffy.

No Joyce death, please.  I wouldn't mind, if she's ill as long as she survives it.

If Tara is shot, instead of being fatal, it hits another part of her body like her thigh bone or shoulder and needs care and physical therphy.

Other than that your story can pretty much be whatever you want it to be as long as it's Steampunk.

Challenge: 574
Season:Season 4
It's simple really.
In 'The Yoko Factor', Riley and Angel face off but the fight is interrupted by more Initiative guys on their way and Angel runs off. What if they hadn't been interrupted and one of them had killed the other? Either way would be interesting, but I rather fancy the idea of Riley dusting Angel and then going on to boast to Buffy that he had come to her srescue by killing Angel after she had made him lose his soul again. Can you imagine her reaction? It would certainly put paid to any further Biley!
To end up Spuffily in S5, of course.

Challenge: 573
Season:Season 2
Angel was supposed to die permanently in the season two finale until The WB wanted a BtVSspin-off, which led to Joss bringing back the character for season three in order to prepare the character for his own series.
What if… Joss had had his way?

Please change the ending of Becoming part two so that Willow doesn’t manage to finish the ensouling spell in time (or doesn’t feel well enough to try it at all) which means that Buffy sends Angelus to Hell through Acathla. He doesn’t come back.

Now what?

Does Buffy still shut down and run off to L.A? Don’t forget that she had got to the stage when she had resolved to stop Angelus by any means and doesn’t know about any possible further attempt to do the ensouling spell. She now doesn’t have to go through the trauma of seeing Angel get his soul back and then go on to send him to Hell.

Imagine season three and onwards with no Angel.

Of course this also means no A.I. in Los Angeles for Cordelia and Wesley after Graduation.

My only stipulations are:

The story should more or less follow canon events—major baddies being the Mayor, The Initiative, The Gentlemen etc.

No Biley because Angel hasn’t had a chance to abandon Buffy, convincing her that it’s for her own good because she should have a ‘normal’ life with a ‘normal’ guy.

It ends up Spuffy, preferably by late S4.

Challenge: 572
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 3
A scenario that regularly pops in my head is somehow, up to the author, Buffy and Spike from season six episode Life Serial pop back into season three episode lovers walk, just the image of sober Spike trying to keep track of drunk Buffy, with drunken Spike being a pest, and sober Buffy and Angel being confused, and possibly horrified. Especially if drunk Buffy starts telling Angel what she thinks of him.
Points for Buffy barfing on both Angel and Sober Spike.

Challenge: 571
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 5
What if instead of dying, Joyce simply had brain damage. Would Buffy, knowing about her Mom's condition still be able to jump?

Challenge: 570
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 3
When Spike returns to Sunnydale it's not because Dru dumped him, but that Dru's frasgile hold on reality couldn't take losing Angelus a second time and she dusts herself accidentaly on purpose.

How would Spike react to seeing re-souled Angel.

Challenge: 569
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 6
Spike calls Giles in a panic when the Scoobies start looking to him for ‘responsible adult’ advice and behavior.
Giles, I grounded Dawn!
Well, yes, I’m certain it was necessary…
But she actually listened! And she said I didn’t understand her and she hated me forever and that I was ruining her life!
Which is all perfectly normal Spike…

Challenge: 568
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Post Chosen
Buffy is in Rome, right? During season 5 of Angel, well, what if she and Dawn, and Willow made a trip to Verona, maybe either Willow or Dawn felt that Buffy needed a break, and where better to go than Verona? So what if Buffy posted a letter on Juliet’s wall?

Challenge: 567
Set in 1977, Spike's had a bit of a falling out with Drusilla- nothing he's too worried bout, after a century a bit of off-and-on in a relationship isn't really unheard of. He figures she'll be back (or, more likelly, he'll come crawling back to her) and all will be roses again.

In the mean time, he's hunting himself his second slayer.

During his search for Nikki Wood he keeps running into this blonde girl- little slip of a thing with a ridiculous name (Buffy, seriously?), but she's gorgeous and entertaining enough to keep from killing just for the joy of pissing her off.

For now, anyway.

He grows reluctantly fond of her as he grows closer and closer to killing Nikki and, when he finally manages to snap her neck, it's Buffy he turns to for a victory shag.

When, in the heat of the moment, he takes a nibble on the woman who's oddly more physically equipped to handle him than she usually is, imagine his suprise when he realised he's just had sex with the slayer he, essentially, made.

Bonus points for Spike having weirdly Sire-y emotions about the whole thing. And being deeply weirded out by the Sire-y emotions he is having about the whole thing.

Challenge: 566
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 6
I’d like to see a new Scoobie line-up, how these guys, which ever ones you use, get there and how it all works out is of course up to you, the writer.
  1. Clem – I see him as kinda the donut bringer.
  2. Oz – I really liked him, and could never figure out why he left the show.
  3. Tara – resident witch
  4. Amy – I never could understand why no one ever tried to help her, and kinda felt her spell on Willow in the seventh season was justified.
  5. Jonathan – I bet all it would have taken to get him from the Trio to Buffy’s side would have been offered an in to the scoobies.
  6. Anya – as a real member, not the sarcastic comic relief.
  7. Dawn – I think the responsibility of being a researcher and occasionally called on to help with Slaying and weapons maintenance might make her less, um, whiny.

Challenge: 565
Zombie apocalypse! AU from the beginning of the S4.

 The Initiative is behind the zombie apocalypse. They want to destroy all demons and manage to mess up the world's magic. All half breed demons die or revert to humans. Pure blood demons run to their home dimensions because prolonged exposure to this world’s wild magic would mean death. Vampires die, but only their demons, so their bodies become zombies.

 This happens a few seconds after Spike put on the ring of Amara, so he survives.The ring's magic didn’t last long but it gave him some sort of immunity to the wild magic.

 Buffy’s slayer strength is almost nonexistent. She only has her skill with weapons and that has kept her alive so far.

 When Spike discovers what has happened, he is really angry because he'd wanted to kill his third Slayer and maybe bring her head to Dru. Now the world is ending and there are stinky corpses walking everywhere (zombies ignore Spike)… Vampire food (people) is hard to find, people food (onion blossom things and spicy wings) is non-existent, there's no tv.., yep Spike is really pissed. He roams for a while, but after a week when he can't find any humans, he starts hunting animals. When he does finds a human, he does catch and release. After a month he is so angry and bored he decides to try to find the Slayer. They finally meet, and after a rocky start they find common ground and try to save the world again.

 Of course it’s Spuffy fic ,so when they are finally together, she somehow tastes Spike’s blood, which gives her her full Slayer strength back. Because Slayer strength was originally from a demon and was weakened by what the Initiative did, Spike’s blood awakens it. She resumes having Slayer dreams, which tell her how to save the world with Spike's help.


Challenge: 564
Name:Cin Cin
No Dawn or if there is she was just always Buffy's sister and not the key and no Glory. Buffy is learning about being a Slayer and what not, but feeling guilty she does take that drama class with Willow, and the production chosen is RENT. Buffy as Mimi and Spike as Roger. How Spike gets the part is up to you.

Challenge: 563
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 6

What if Tara did a spell to reveal what Willow had made her forget, and ended up undoing a few more forgetting spells, like maybe Tara had told Spike about the resuraction and he tried to get Willow to do a seance to find Buffy, maybe even found out that Buffy was in heaven, and Willow did the forgetting spell because she wasn't willing to accept that Buffy might be gone for good. And hey, what about a day that doesn't exist anymore and thenically never happened, when Angel was human...

Challenge: 562
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Post Chosen
Buffy finds out Spike is alive, like alive alive, and goes to L.A. However Spike has been hanging with Fred, and he's the one that breathes in the dust from Illyria's coffin, instead of Fred.  The line, "I got there in time to hold him while he died" keeps going through my head, maybe in response to Xander/Giles derision for her going.

Challenge: 561
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 6
Buffy always talks about her darkness and her fear that killing is all she is. So what if someone, Tara, Spike, or Anya, comes up with something like gardening for her, which if she grew magic herbs (not that kind, honeslty ^_^) she could sell them to the magic box. Maybe get into cooking, but basically knowing she's creating something.

Challenge: 560
Name:Cinward Kettleblack
Season:Season 7
When everyone is doing the 'vote Buffy off the island' thing, what if the Potentials, at least some of them, voted for Spike? Would they make Spike leader? Would Giles adn Xander and Willow actually have to accept the majority vote? Or when Spike gets back, would the ones that voted for him, if they didn't win, go with him when he searches for Buffy?

Challenge: 559
Season:Post Chosen
Season Nine AU in which Andrew never interfered with his robots. 

Instead, Buffy has one arm and a baby bump.

Aborting, miscarrying, or keeping are all completely acceptable. 

I'm looking for angst and H/C, here. Nothing too schmoopy, please. 

No character bashing. If you hate Xander with a firey passion, just don't put him in the story. 

Challenge: 558
Season:Season 5
What if instead of Drusilla, Wolfram and Hart got Spike to re-vamp Darla, in exchange for getting his chip removed?

Challenge: 557
Buffy/Spike Challenge

Series rewrite(from season1 to 7) with a human Spike with Superpowers

After Chosen Spike ends up in a sort of limbo. The Powers are a little undecided where to put him because he just saved the world, so he can't end up in Hell but at the same time, he can't go to Heaven because of all the people he killed in the past. So they propose a third option: to send him back in a dimension where William Pratt was never turned by Drusilla so the vampire William the Bloody doesn't exist. Spike would be send back there as a human(so the Shanshu Prophecy is fulfilled) but with his strength and reflexes still intact - a gift from the Powers -. Spike will not remember his old life, he will have instead fake memories of his past together with the people who shared his fake past(practically like what happened with Dawn). He will appear in Sunnydale in 1996 - when Buffy arrives there for the first time -. You decide how his past is.

Suggestion: Spike is a demon hunter since he's fifteen or something and the Powers gifted him with Super-strength to help him in his fight.

Must Have:

- Dawn from the beginning, not as Buffy's sister,  but as one of the Scoobies. Dawn is not the Key.

- Dawn/Wesley romantic couple (yes, unusual but if you've read the Origins series, you'd fall in love with this pairing like I did)

- After Xander is possessed by the Hyena spirit, a little bit of its essence remained, just enough to make him stronger than a normal human(not Slayer strong or Spike strong, but stronger than a simple human)

Can't have:

- The tragic love story of Buffy/Angel 2.0

I hope someone will respond to this Challenge!

Challenge: 556
Season:Season 4
In this challenge Spike didn't escape from the Inititive before he was subjected to one more experiment in addition to the chip.

The experiment was done to his genetics and is not fully in effect before he escapes. It is only as he is loose on the streets after his failed attack on Willow that he start to notice the changes and after he has gone to the Scoobies for help that he and the other truly start to see that something is wrong.

Some suggested experiments are:

-his demon and human DNA have been merged and he is now alive with his vampire features much more sutble and the blood just a dietary suplement.

-he has been given a empathic ablilty and now must deal with not only feeling others emotions but projecting his as well.

-another good/light based supernatural creatures DNA was added to his

Challenge: 555
Season:Season 5
Alternate episode 20

Buffy, Spike and Scoobies are traped in abandoned building and Willow's barrier is holding the knights of byzantium away.
The barrier is slowly fading and they need to do something now. Spike remembers spell Willow used when the Initiative shot him with the homing beacon. The spell ionized atmosphere and the tracker stopped working for a while. Spike asks for an hour. A spell that would stop the chip for a short time so he and Buffy could fight the knights off. After a quick discussion and shouting from Xander Buffy agrees and Willow will cast the spell. Buffy and Spike will defeat the knights and you can go where you want from there. 

Must have:
The spell didn't worked the way Willow wanted and Spike's chip is destroyed for good. He knows and will keep this information for himslef. It's up to you if he tells Buffy or if she finds out.

Can't have:
Spike and Buffy dying

Challenge: 554
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 7

What if Spike managed to hear Chloe choking before she hung herself and managed to save her? Would that affect anything, especially if Buffy and the potentials saw him taking care of her? Maybe Spike would become the ‘nice parent’ to Buffy’s ‘strict parent’


Challenge: 553
Season:Season 2

'If it should be judged that the Line has strayed, He shall be called.

He alone has the knowledge to find,

The skill to hunt,

And the strength kill,

That which has lost its way.

For he is the Punisher of the Slayer.'

Basically, Spike's success in the field of Slayer hunting is more than just paying attention in class and doing all the homework. He's been called because the Slayer line has deviated from its predestined course. And you know how the PTB can get.

So yeah, Spike's job is pretty much, spank the Slayers on the ass until they get their act together.

Things to consider:

  • How has the line deviated? Who's caused it?

  • Why William? Why of all the possible Vampires, Demons, and forces of Darkness, was he chosen to fight the...Chosen?

  • Is Spike even aware that he's the Punisher?

  • The Spuffy factor...personally I would like the story to take precedence but you can decide for yourself.

Challenge: 552
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 6
Buffy and Spike seem terribly blase about all that wood during there fight/romp during Smashed, so what would happen if Spike got accidentaly dusty sometime during the fight part, or the after the fight part?
Would Buffy's tentative grip on life and sanity survive?

Challenge: 551
Name:Cin Cin
So, I've read loads of stories where Angel going evil was the catalyst for Buffy/Spike. But what if Angel never did go evil? Maybe Jenny found out about the consequences of the curse and fixed it so there was no happiness clause.
So, how would a Buffy/Spike relationship spring up from that?

Challenge: 550
Name:Cin Cin
Buffy and Spike as rogue demon hunters. I've read fic's where they talk about going rogue, but they never do. Plus I've been watching Supernatural, so...

Challenge: 549
Season:Season 5
Buffy had survived the encounter with Glory in The Gift and while on patrol with Spike they get sucked into a portal that takes them to Oz. Has to include the ruby slippers and some smutty spuffy lovin after a huge fight

Challenge: 548
Season:Season 5
At the end of season 5, Buffy jumped but Spike did too. And the portal took them to Pylea (hell dimension from AtS).

They are attacked. Spike puts his game face on and changes into Van-Tal. So now Spike is in his purest demon form .  We know Angel in Van-Tal form was basically a beast. 
I want to see your take on how Van-Tal Spike might turn out. 
Would his love for Buffy be so deep that he would recognize her? What would he look like? What about the chip? Maybe it won't work because of Pylea, or because Spike is now something different from a vampire and it confuses the chip.  

Challenge: 547
Season:Season 6
In the season 2 episode “Lie to Me” Buffy tells Angel “I love you, but I don’t know it I trust you.” Yet she tells Spike in “Seeing Red” that she doesn’t trust him enough to love him. How come her sixteen year-old self can understand that it’s possible to love someone you don’t trust, but her twenty-one year old self doesn’t get it.

Challenge: 546
Name:Rose Unspindle
At some point in the sixth season Willow curses Spike with his soul.
Willow feels sorry for Spike soon after he gets his chip and curses him with his soul.
In a panic over what Spike might reveal to Glory after he is captured, Willow curses Spike with his soul, hoping that will keep him from talking.

Challenge: 545
Okay, so I was re-watching “Crush” for the millionth time, and Spike is telling Dru that if she hadn’t cheated on him, he wouldn’t be in love with Buffy, wouldn’t have come back to Sunnydale, and Dru shakes her head, so what would have happened if Dru hadn’t driven Spike away?

Challenge: 544
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 2
Angel actually leaves with the Judges arm and is gone for months.

Challenge: 543
Season:Season 4
Remember the happy pill that Rachel slipped into Angel's drink that one time? What if it took and he got back to his happy homicidal self?
I expect his turning up in Season 4 would therefore make things quite...grim for the still healing Scoobies.
Fortunately for them, Spike is pre-chip (I know canonically by that point he be chipped but I'M the guy writing the challenge so I say he's pre-chip!) and so is still at his peak strength. He therefore offers to help out in putting Angel 'back in the bloody ground for bloody good this time.' In return he gets Buffy as his live-in dinner source.
And no, resouling is out of the question. Anya and Spike (and even Giles to some extent) continuously shoot the idea down whenever it comes up. It's unnatural, or too difficult, or they just bloody don't like the ponce in either incarnation.

  • The sword that slew Acathla (not the one Buffy used, the original one) is brought back into action somehow. I'd like to see someone write a scene that shows off Spike's swordsmanship.
  • The Judge's words from about Spike 'stinking' of humanity come up again.
  • Xander and Giles bonding with Spike over Angel-hateage.

Challenge: 542
Season:Season 6
Trust is for' I wish I had yours...
You hate 'Seeing Red.' I hate 'Seeing Red.' I defy any self-respecting Spuffy fan, or even a BTVS fan in general, to like or even tolerate 'Seeing Red.'
The challenge therefore is for something to hit Spike as he's on his way to Revello Drive that snaps him out of his weirdo need to apologise for that little tryst in Entropy.
This would probably work best in a sort of character study.
Anyway it should resolve in Spike realising that there's no point in talking to Buffy as she wouldn't trust anything that came out of his mouth anyway, and decides another tactic.
What that tactic is, is all up to you.
Just one rule: NO RAPE! AND NO SOUL!!

Bonus Points:
  • Tara lives (I like Tara)
  • Happy Spuffy ending (it probably wouldn't be realistic)
  • The Gem of Amara (are you seriously telling me that only one of those things exists? It doesn't have to be, y'know!)
  • Dawn and Tara manage to put two and two together, come up with four, and confront Buffy on the pounding Spike took in the alley. If you do this one, don't be gentle. Flay her, FLAY HER LIKE DARTH WILLOW!!!

Challenge: 541
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 6
Buffy and Spike are together in an openly together sort of way and Buffy has decided to let Spike move in with her and Dawn. But anyway, they’ve decided to bring Spike’s bed to the house, and are trying to bring all the pieces up the stairs. Basically, just a funny argument thing with the two of them being teasingly domestic. ^_^

Challenge: 540
Season:Season 7

'Thanks doc. You cured me after all. I got my own free will, now. I'm not under the First's or anyone else's influences.'
Suppose there was more to it than just the First pulling Spike's strings. When he puts his guilt over his mother behind him, something else is lifted from his conscience, something that kept him from being more than he'd ever been as a vampire.
What is it? Who placed it there? Why did flashing back to staking his mother break whatever was holding him back? Why am I asking all these questions?
The answer, dear challenge accepter, is in that head of yours somewhere.

Bonus Points:

  • Wood gets more thrashing. From Spike or otherwise.
  • The First throwing a Buffy-esque tantrum over losing it's best pawn.

Challenge: 539
Season:Season 6
I just thought of something that I'm pretty sure has NEVER been tackled before:
The Scoobies, idiots that they are (except Tara, she's not an idiot. I like Tara), bring Buffy back from heaven.
But Spike and Dawn have skipped town, going off to start somewhere new.
How does Buffy deal without her sister and her unexpected rock? And how do Spike and Dawn react when they find out that she's back?

Bonus Points For:

  • Angel and Riley featuring in some way
  • Giles saying four "Good Lord"s in a chapter. Extra lovin' if he cleans his glasses more than twice that in the whole story.
  • Spike acting all fatherly to Dawn at some point


Challenge: 538
Season:Season 4

'You see, I was once a badass vampire...but then I took an arrow to the knee.'
The Will Be Done spell is still going strong (this is Willow we're talking about). Spike takes an arrow to the knee. Buffy, dutiful fiancee that she is, tends to him. Smut is of the expectancy. Also I expect some funny.

Bonus points if you:

  • Get Buffy into a skimpy nursemaid costume.
  • Manage to bash Riley at least three times.

Challenge: 537
Name:Cin Cin
Season:Season 6
The scoobies find out somewhere between season 5 and 6 that Joyce, after learning that Dawn was the key, changed her will to make sure Dawn was protected, so that if Buffy died, then Spike would be Dawns gaurdian.

Challenge: 536
Season:Season 6
Willow's spell works. She brings Buffy back from the dead, just like she wanted, except... using blood magic has certain unforseen consequences... like the fact that she's ripped out of Heaven and put into her dead body in the only way dark magic being used by an overeager, powerful novice allows.

Buffy is brough back as a vampire. Which is certainly bad enough, but on top of the soul, the bloodlust, the loss of peace and a certain sense of betrayal she is also a Childe without a Sire.

And that lack of any vampiric family connection is slowly killing her once more.

And Spike is afraid that if he helps her in the only way available to him, he might lose the meager trust she has left in him. If he claims her, there is a chance the slow detoriation of her health is stopped, but if she is unwilling (and she seems to be) Spike will be saddling himself with a mate he loves hating him with all her heart for all their immortal lives.

Before going to desperate leangths he wants to try everything else first. Like doing everything in his power to find a different solution... or maybe, possibly, if he's very lucky... all the time he spends with her and the Scoobies looking for a solution, - while keeping secret an almost sure way to save her, - will help her fall in love with him.

P.S. I'd like Angel to show up eventually, but only towards the end of the story, - when Buffy is already very sick, - because Spike called him. After all Spike does not want to chain his Slayer to a man she cares nothing about even if he has to then instead help the great Poof claim the love of his unlife.

Ahem... the end doesn't have to be happily-ever-after, but it does need to be Spuffy and somewhat hopeful.

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