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All4Spike            Send message
Is comfortable with the following ratings:
      PG, PG-13, R, NC-17
Can help you check for the following problems:
      plot, grammar, punctuation, other
Is confident in their knowledge regarding the following parts of the shows:
  • BtVS Season 1
  • BtVS Season 2
  • BtVS Season 3
  • BtVS Season 4
  • BtVS Season 5
  • BtVS Season 6
  • BtVS Season 7
  • AtS Season 1
  • AtS Season 2
  • AtS Season 3
  • AtS Season 4
  • AtS Season 5
Will not beta All Human stories.
Other qualifications that may be useful:
I am English so I can help to get dialogue for Giles/Wesley/Spike in character and also help with all British terminology and Victorian historical accuracy.