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I hate filling out these things cause I have a tendency to go on and on and on... and on...

That and I'm afraid I always sound like a spaz.

Lets see...short, red-headed and hazel-blue eyed (which means that my eyes are a hazy blue, not brownish. They change from blue-grey to blue-green to greenish-grey...its odd. I have marbled eyes).

Umm...I'm kinda snarky but not in a mean way. Just kinda insecure a bit cause I was teased horribly for a few years in middle school because I blossomed waaaaaay before the other girls and had big boobs and hips when they were still straight as a plank in trainers. It's been a number of years since I've been in school and I know now that most of those girls would love to have my curves but I still tend to hide in jeans and big tees and my purple wire-frame glasses. I'm also kinda nerdy as I'm a voracious reader when I have the time and I mostly read drama/suspense/horror novels or BtVS/AtS fanfic as BtVS and AtS are really the only shows I've watched regularly.

I don't do a lot of TV so I've never gotten into Gilmore Girls or Bones or Serenity or Veronica Mars or any of those other shows that amassed a huge fanbase. Nope. Its pretty much BtVS and AtS for me and I will wake up early in the AM to catch BtVS re-runs on FX channel. I'd watch AtS too but they air it the same time as Buffy so I choose the greater of my 2 loves.

Umm...I love Bangel but love Spuffy just as much and I hate, Hate, ¤HATE¤ Kennedy and whenever I write her, I make sure to bash her as much as possible! *grin*

I also love me some sexy Ganya fics! ♥♥

Oh! And Willow and Oz! I did adore the relationship Willow had with Tara but Willow and Oz are my OTP. How can you not love Willoz?!?♥

I'm kinda random and have been told that I'm like a much bustier Willow (must be the red hair) but a weird thing is when a poll was put up about me Willow and Faith both tied for first with Xander as a far second. Good friend described me the best-- "You're quirky and sweet like Willow but have Faith's sensuality. Think of it like this: you love with the sweetness of Willow's heart but see things through Faith's jaded eyes. Throw in the snarkiness of Xander and you have the person that is you."

I pretty much couldn't argue with that so I let it the oddness that is Willow/Faith stand as is.

Umm...I ♥ David Boreanaz. To me, he is just sex on legs! I mean James Marsters is a good lookin guy, don't get me wrong, but David just makes me tingle in all the places I'm not supposed to talk about with total strangers.

I also love Vyra, Selene and Thia...their artwork actually, as I'm pretty sure if I ever actually said something like that to either of these women they'd probably mace me or hit me with whatever is handy before calling the police or something since I'm a stranger and all. I just love how they can take a simple image and turn it into something that can affect me in a profound way. They really are talented women.

That is pretty much it unless you want to know anything else about me, feel free to ask.

♥ Indi