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im a dude, i like a buffy, sue me

about me:
used to write a lot of stuff over on (penname aeetos) but the btvs and ats fandoms have sunk over there and so im looking for something with a lil more feedback

also trying out some fanvids (hating moviemaker right now) that i hope to post on youtube eventually

pet peeves:
i dont get fluffy stories, no drama, no angst, no action adventure, at best it has these up until 1/2 way through the story then it effectively dies with lots and lots of sex - not thats there anything wrong with that just gets boring after a while

unique buffy views:
s6 was the DARKEST season ever but certainly not the worst. IMO there is no worst season i enjoyed them all but the thing that set aside s6 from all others was buffy coming back from the dead and all the $#@% she had to deal with so of course dark season

as for the attempted rape - spike could never be consciously good (IN CHARACTER) w/o a soul and the only way, short of killing buffy or actually raping her, was the attempted rape --- joss whedon

it should also b said that both jm and smg refused to do the seen at first but were forced to otherwise itd b a breach of contract, jm later said that as an artist he was proud of it but would never ever do such a scene again

write in character
joss whedon is a genius
AND checkout the season 8 comics - you learn a LOT as well as what the real deal is between buffy and the immortal