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Spike and the First

Jan 01 2008 02:44 am   #1goldenusagi

Okay, it's been a while since I saw season 7, and I'm drawing a complete blank.  What is the First talking about when s/he says to Spike before he's bled:  "You're the one who couldn't hold his end of the bargain. You're the one who couldn't take care of what's-his-name. You're the one who had to make breakthroughs and learn something about himself."  What bargain, exactly?  And who is what's his name?

Jan 01 2008 03:26 am   #2Sotia

I think he was supposed to kill Andrew (so that would be what's-his-name), but I too have a drawn a blank over the rest of it... Ha! Thanks for giving me an excuse to watch Season 7 again

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Jan 01 2008 03:22 pm   #3Caro Mio

Well, since the First had Spike triggered, brainwashed, Spike was supposed to be weak and go with the plan......but he didn't. And yeah, he was supposed to finish Andrew after Andrew didn't come through for the First, either.

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