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Jan 27 2008 12:36 pm   #1ya_lublyu_tebya
Help! I'm British and I don't get the whole NC-17, R etc. etc. ratings thing. Which is worse? What sort of things should make a story NC-17? Help!
Jan 27 2008 01:42 pm   #2LadyYashka

An R rating is lower than an NC-17 rating. I believe that extreme descriptions of violence, torture, bad language, and graphic sex all need to be labeled NC-17.  (I'm sure someone can list more things found in an NC-17 fic, but those are just the ones I could name off the top of my head.)

Now you can find sex, violence, bad language, and torture in an R rated fic but it shouldn't be anywhere near as graphic as an NC-17 fic. Generally, no one under the age of 17 is allowed to read or write NC-17 fics. 

Hope this helps some! :)

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Jan 27 2008 06:02 pm   #3Eowyn315
Here are the ratings descriptions from the MPAA (which, I believe, is where fanfic adopted the ratings from).
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Jan 28 2008 09:07 pm   #4Always_jbj
Generally, no one under the age of 17 is allowed to read or write NC-17 fics. 

Actually, it means no one 17 or under, therefore, no one under 18.  LOL Crazy yankie ratings!

I actually use Aussie ratings for my fics and just add the American ones in brackets when posting on LJ etc (and of course I convert them to whatever rating type archives are using, whether it be American ratings or fan-rated).  But really, as long as it is clear enough what sort of age group the fic is suitable for, that's all that matters.
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Jan 28 2008 10:29 pm   #5ya_lublyu_tebya
Okay, I think I've got the idea. If I get it wrong, I'm sure someone will tell me. Maybe I'll go over-cautious though, just to be safe! Thanks for all the help, guys!