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Mark all as "read" button?

Feb 02 2008 05:24 am   #1Quark
Is there a feature to mark all threads as read?  I think maybe I'm just not seeing it. 
~ Q
Feb 02 2008 05:28 am   #2Eowyn315
No... threads don't get marked as read even when you actually read them. It's not a feature on this forum.
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Feb 02 2008 05:49 am   #3Quark
Thanks. :)  Good to know I wasn't just missing it.
~ Q
Feb 02 2008 02:06 pm   #4slaymesoftly
Um, you guys don't have the little pink thingie in the left hand column that shows you if something new has been added to a thread since the last time you read it?  If it's white, you've read the latest entry, if it's pink, you haven't.
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Feb 02 2008 04:44 pm   #5Diabola
What Patti said, opening the thread will label it as read (it will go back to "not read" as soon as someone posts a new comment though). As for marking all threads as read, no, we don't have that, didn't see how it would be useful. A thread will automatically be labeled as read after four weeks though, no matter if you've read it or not. I thought that if you haven't touched it by then, you're probably not interested. If you want the option to mark everything as read at once, I can add that, but like I said, I can't really see what's the use in it.
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Feb 02 2008 09:58 pm   #6Eowyn315
I have no pink thingy... never have. Is it on the main page, where the most recent threads are listed? Or on the thread itself when you open it?
Writing should feel easy, like a monkey driving a speed boat.
Feb 02 2008 10:47 pm   #7Quark
I do have the pink thingy, I just haven't been around long enough for the color to change on all the older threads.  :) After that time limit passes, I'll be all set.  No worries.  Just thought I was missing it.  Thanks again
~ Q
Feb 03 2008 12:46 am   #8Always_jbj
Eowyn, it's on the main forum page
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Feb 03 2008 01:26 am   #9Eowyn315
Ah, now I see it. Guess I never noticed it before, since I rarely go to the forum page unless I'm looking for something specific, so it's not all that helpful. I just look at the updated threads listed on the main page.
Writing should feel easy, like a monkey driving a speed boat.