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Hi, guys....

Mar 11 2008 02:50 am   #1Caro Mio
Doing a little self-pimping, here:

As some of you may know, I also write original fiction, with the hope of eventually publishing. I created an LJ community today for those stories, in an effort to have some back-and-forth with readers while I polish my manuscript and shop for a lit agent. The community is invite only, but if you have an LJ, just click to be added, and you'll be a part of the list. I'm just trying to keep the work private to protect against plagiarism...

Anyway, here's the link:
I'll be adding the first story soon, once I get my computer back from the tech.  Hope to see you there.

What If I'm Not the Slayer? now updated with chapters 22 and 23.
Mar 12 2008 09:34 am   #2Guest
First chapter is now there, membership locked, of course. The first story is a contemporary romance.

Mar 13 2008 12:17 am   #3Izzy
I'm gonna try a little self-pimping too, if I don't chicken out from embarrassment.
I was piled with schoolwork for a while and suffering from writer's block, so it's been a while since I updated my first fic, "A Heart Can Change the World". Then, right after I post, a bunch of fics are suddenly added or updated and my fic got pushed down the list. I don't want anyone to miss it when it's already been so long since I updated, so if they check this forum...

Mar 14 2008 10:03 am   #4Guest

I'm playing with an idea, and this is the beta version...

May 25 2008 04:21 am   #5Guest
My original fiction LJ now hosts 6 chapters of Second Chances, a contemporary romance.

Request an invite if you'd like to read it.

Caro Mio
May 28 2008 08:51 am   #6nmcil
the freewebs link is not working -
” Recent evolutionary models have demonstrated what politicians have long known: the best way to get people to collaborate and to think like a group is to identify an enemy and charge that “they” threaten “us.”

Michael Tomasello is co-director of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.
May 28 2008 09:25 am   #7Guest
Sorry about that - the site is no longer there. I should have included a word about that. After playing with what they had to offer, I decided to delete it, as it's not what I want right now.

May 30 2008 01:17 pm   #8Guest
Now that the site has been up a while, I have a 3-question poll open to everyone there, that I'd really appreciate getting responses to.


Jun 07 2008 02:34 am   #9Guest
Cross-posted at my caromiofic LJ:

Disclaimer: I woke up with this idea at 7am, so...

For any of you that are also writers....I'm trying to jump-start my muse, and I thought of: what if people wrote a scene or chapter for one of my WIPs? What would I think of the results?

So, a challenge:

Take any of my uncompleted stories and write a bit to continue on from the last posted chapter, or for a future bit you'd like to see in the story. Can be as long as you want.

I'm interested in what you guys really like in a story and where that inspires you to go.

Here's the list:

Choices 2 (found at
Identity (posted on caromiofic)
My Girl (posted on caromiofic)
The Memoirs of Countess de Fontaine (posted at, BSV, and SR)
What If I'm Not The Slayer? (posted at, BSV, and SR)

Hopefully, it'd be fun for you guys, and inspiring for me. Any takers?

Caro Mio
Jul 06 2008 02:36 pm   #10Caro Mio
8 chapters of my original story, Second Chances, are at So, for those of you not on LJ, it's free to read. I've also added some images and icons to the LJ comm to go with the story.
What If I'm Not the Slayer? now updated with chapters 22 and 23.