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Farewell my friends

Mar 19 2008 11:21 pm   #1daniel_nieves
Hey guys,

In case ya'll didn't know, I'm in the military and I've been gone for a few weeks on a short deployment, but I just found out I'm leaving to the sandtrap for a few months, around 6-9. I'm definitely gonna miss you guys and will be sure to update as fast as I can, but it will take some time. Spikez_tart, thanks for all your beta work, I'll be sure to hit you up when I get back, and DoS, thank you for everything. I'll definitely try to read as much of your fics while I'm gone but I just wanted to say that.  Also, thank all of you who have reviewed and read Dark Reflection, and to the BSV mods, thanks for have the best F****** Spuffy site out here. 


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Mar 19 2008 11:48 pm   #2Always_jbj
Best of luck, Daniel. Keep safe!
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Mar 19 2008 11:52 pm   #3Unbridled_Brunette
I'm so sorry to hear that, Daniel. Good luck and stay safe while you're away, although that's easier said than done, I'm sure. My thoughts will be with you. (((hugs)))
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Mar 20 2008 12:20 am   #4Coquine
Our hero!  Good luck, and be safe!
Mar 20 2008 12:33 am   #5LadyYashka
Good luck to you and stay safe.
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Mar 20 2008 01:06 am   #6FetchingMadScientist
Stay safe, Daniel, and know that my prayers go with you. :
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Mar 20 2008 01:11 am   #7LindsayH
Stay safe, Daniel.  Good luck!
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Mar 20 2008 01:18 am   #8Guest
Good luck, Daniel! And if you run into a Robert Duran, tell him I say "hi". He's Army and been over there a couple months, for a year's stay.
Mar 20 2008 01:33 am   #9Spikez_tart
Stay safe student - I've got a few more things to teach you.
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Mar 20 2008 01:39 am   #10dawnofme
Our hero, indeed!  I have nothing but respect for our Military.  Thank you for serving.  Stay safe!
Mar 20 2008 01:43 am   #11Shadow
Good Luck, and remember 3 things....

Keep your head down, watch your six, and keep it in your pants.

All 3 guaranteed to provide safety!

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Mar 20 2008 02:32 am   #12smlcspike
You will be missed, and keep safe.
Mar 20 2008 03:26 am   #13slaymesoftly
Be safe, Daniel. *waves* See you when you get back.
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Mar 20 2008 06:21 am   #14nmcil
All my love and best wishes go out to you - May you be safe in the land of troubles - come back soon  and finish that awesome story for us.  If at all possible, let us know how you are.
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Mar 20 2008 06:33 am   #15daniel_nieves
It shouldn't be too bad, most of my work will be launch helicopters and F18s out but even then, thank you guys for everything.
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Mar 20 2008 09:16 am   #16Guest
Are you on a carrier, then? Cuz that'd be cool!

Mar 20 2008 08:28 pm   #17Guest
be careful, be safe. thanks for writing and thanks for serving.   vladt
Mar 22 2008 12:12 am   #18pfeifferpack
Be safe.  Don't stay away (net connections everywhere or so I hear).  Thank you for putting it all on the line for matter the politics those who serve do it for US.  {{{{hugs}}}} and many a prayer.

Mar 22 2008 10:49 pm   #19JoJoBird
Be safe and i agree with what Shadow said
Mar 23 2008 05:36 am   #20DreamsofSpike
Stay safe, love...sorry you've got to go but our thoughts and prayers are with you... *hugs* let us know how things are going every now and then, yes? so we know you're safe?