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'Celebrity Time Travel' Pictures photoshop competition Buffy/Angel/Spike

Apr 20 2008 09:30 pm   #1JoJoBird
I found this amusing

'Round 1 of the Worth1000 Intramural Team Tournament is Celebrity Time Travel... with a twist.

In this contest, your task is to depict television celebrities in time periods foreign to their show's timeline. However, the celebrities must be from a current or past television series on the WB '

A cupple of pics there with our Jossverse stars.. and others that i found equally amusing..
Photoshop rocks
The Willow Bacall one is just fabulous.
Apr 20 2008 09:40 pm   #2Guest
Thanks for the link. I found all of the ones of Lex Luthor amusing.
Apr 22 2008 12:38 pm   #3nmcil
Thank You Indeed - some very neat images -
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Michael Tomasello is co-director of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.
Apr 22 2008 08:25 pm   #4Guest
I too found the Michael Rosenbaum pictures amusing. I think there were the best ones.