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Fic writing helps Role Playing

Apr 30 2008 03:57 am   #1Guest
Just over a week ago, I was in a live chat on a site that I role play on, my uncle came dressed as a Ninja, another decided to poke some with a fish so I ran and got my Uncles Katana's out of his room. I eventually went up the to Ninja and challenged him to a fight.

I was also talking to the one playing the Ninja on Yahoo, he was denying being the ninja until he slipped up and called me my real life intails, he then said well I am fighting you anyways.

I forget how long we fought for before I typed in on Yahoo, and to think I have never been trained in sword fighting. His response was really I would have never known.

I have written a few different fight scenes, it gave me enough knowledge since I had to research in order to write them in the fics that I was able to pull off a fight with some that knows how, (Not sure how well he knows though) until my Daughter decided to get sick, then I told him on Yahoo I have to go, because my daughter is sick.

In which I then threw down my sword in defeat and told him he fought a good fight, we bowed and both left the room within minutes.

To this day he is still trying to figure out how I was able to Fight him so well, I am not sure how well I did, but I did have fun, and it was a challenge cause I had a moving body on the end.