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Human Spike

May 19 2008 06:42 am   #1Guest
I know that this site is for vamp Spike, but I was just wondering if it would be okay to possibly post a fiction that takes place after the Angel finale and have Spike get the shanshu?  So, he would start out as a human in the fiction.  I was curious about maybe writing one and just wanted to know if that would be okay to post here, it would probably just be a oneshot if I did decide to do it.
May 19 2008 07:01 am   #2LindsayH
I've seen human-Spike stories of the sort that you're describing here, so write it up, submit it, and see what happens!  It can't hurt to give it a try!  Good luck!  Damn, my problem with exclamation points is coming back again, I see.
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May 19 2008 01:54 pm   #3slaymesoftly
Dia would be the final decider about that, but I think we'd be okay with it, as long as it takes place in the BtVS world and there is no question that it is "our" Spike who has shanshued.  Also, I notice you're saying he would "start out as human" - if that means that he would ultimately become a vampire again, then there is no question that it would be all right. 

The rule about vamp-Spike-only exists for two reasons - one is that the original founder of the BSV wanted it to be about vampires and only vampires. Originally, any fic posted here had to contain blood play of some sort.  That rule has since been replaced by the one that says that Spike must be a vampire.   That is to prevent anyone from trying to post all-human fics. Which is the second reason for the rule: there is an affiliate site for those stories and the readers who like them. They are not eligible for posting here.

So, I would say go ahead and write it.  If you're really concerned, and don't want to do it if it won't be accepted (although, there will be other places you could post it), you could contact one of the mods with a more detailed summary or a first chapter and be guided by what we think after we've talked about it.
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May 19 2008 06:38 pm   #4Guest
I don't think I have any plans for Spike to become a vampire again, I just meant that he would start out as a human in the beginning of the fiction.  That he wouldn't be a vampire first, then become human, but I'm thinking maybe he won't be completely human, that he would still have some of his vamp strength.  I already wrote the first chapter, but I'm not all that sure of it yet.  I guess this might be a little longer than a oneshot.
Feb 10 2009 10:13 pm   #5Alexannah
I hope posting on this thread is all right, it seemed pointless to start a new thread with basically a similar question: I'm writing a fic series, where Spike starts off as a vampire and turns human at the end of the first fic. It's a pretty AU series but Buffy's still the Slayer, Willow a witch, and so on. And Spike may be human but he's still definitely not normal, supernaturally speaking, and still recognisable as our beloved Spike. Would slaymesoftly's advice be different in this case, or shall I follow it for Guest?
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Feb 10 2009 11:05 pm   #6Diabola
Well, according to your description, the first part of the series would definitely be eligible for the BSV. And I can't remember if it is mentioned anywhere, but we allow pre-/sequels and parts of a series even if they don't fit all the rules (as in non-B/S fic, human!Spike fic, ...).

We'd make an exception if for example someone tried to submit a 1000 word ficlet that's B/S and wanted to use that as a reason to get permission to post their 100,000 word B/A fic too. But generally if part of a series is eligible we allow you to post the whole thing.

If you want to make sure you can always contact one of the mods with a more detailed description of the fic and see what they think.
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Feb 11 2009 01:56 am   #7slaymesoftly
*cough, cough* As someone who has posted at least one or two fics in which Spike is human either in the beginning, or at the end, I'm not in a position to throw stones at someone else. LOL  As Dia said, as long as there's no attempt to sneak in a Bangel, or an AH (in the sense that the fic and characters are unrecognizabily as the ones we met on the show), I think we'd be fine with it.  The key would be Spike starting out as a vamp, and the other characters being who and what they are.
I am not a minion of Evil...
I am upper management.