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Jul 18 2008 12:39 am   #1Guest

I've been trying to track down an awesome spuffy fic that's set in an alternate universe where slayers are bad and the vampires have rights just like a human citizens.  Buffy is thrust into the future and kills a vampire and is promptly sentenced for murder. Spike is a lawyer and has a child and was married but the wife died, Angel is in jail, Giles has passed away and was seen as a radical for wanting to exterminate the vampires.  Willow is still alive (but living in Montana I believe).  Faith is now a vampire.  I hope this sounds familiar because I really, really want to read it again and this time I wont forget to bookmark it!  
Jul 18 2008 12:55 am   #2EMM

Brave New World by JamesMFan...I think.

Jul 18 2008 01:09 am   #3Eowyn315
Yep, that's Brave New World, and it's archived on this site.
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Jul 18 2008 03:55 am   #4Guest
yay!!! thanks so much