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Buffybot - Robot with a Soul?

Jul 21 2008 12:27 am   #1Spikez_tart
Okay - she doesn't really have a soul, but she does appear to have feelings She's very cheerful when having sex with Spike, thinking about having sex with Spike and telling other people that she's had sex with Spike.  She's upset when Willow won't let her answer the phone, afraid she might be making mistakes, and is very downhearted when S6 Spike rejects her. 

She even occasionally asserts her own will.  When Spike tells her to wait in the basement, she eventually gets tired of waiting and comes out. 

Buffy never sees the unhappy bot, but the others do.  So, if a Bot can have feelings, why can't a vampire? 

It's also interesting that Spike programs her to do good instead of to help him do bad things.

If we want her to be exactly she'll never be exactly I know the only really real Buffy is really Buffy and she's gone' who?
Jul 21 2008 01:20 am   #2TammyDevil666
I think he wanted her to be as much like Buffy as he could get, which meant programming those little tidbits about her friends and family, and putting the slaying in there.  Buffy is a hero and to him would never really do anything bad, not at that point, so it wouldn't seem right to program her to be something she's not.  If that makes any!
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Jul 22 2008 04:16 am   #3Callace

That makes a lot of sense, Tammy! I think that is also one of the reasons why he never sired her, althought he must have had opportunities to do so, He wanted his Buffy, just the way she was, and nobody else!

But the Buffybot's feelings have bugged me too! Especially that I never manage to figure out how she got programmed to feel all those things. Like how upset she is when the motorcycle demons interrupt Willows resurrection spell. Why should a robot care about that?