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beta needed please

Sep 05 2008 04:07 pm   #1Buffbot
Hi. I really need a beta to look over my first Spuffy fic please.
The whole story is written but its not up to posting standard yet,so if anyone has some time to look over my story,even if its just a chapter at a time ,once a week or something. I would really appraite it.
Sep 05 2008 10:47 pm   #2EveryLastDrop
Try going to the Forum and the Beta section. There is a thread called Volunteer to Beta where many betas offer their strengths, weaknesses, what they are or aren't comfortable with writing (i.e slash fics, torture), and any specialties they have. I don't know what you're looking for, but that's a great way to find someone suited to the kind of writing you like.

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Sep 06 2008 03:01 pm   #3Buffbot
ok. thanks