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Favorites/Updates Questions

Sep 06 2008 03:07 am   #1
I just got an account, but I've been reading on BSV for a while. I was wondering: How do I add a story to my favorites list? And is there a way to keep track of stories that get updated (other than checking the update list). I mean, is there some kind of email system that would tell me when a story has been updated? Because sometimes I don't come here for a week or so and then I find out a story I was reading has been updated five more chapters since the last time I read it. 

Thanks in advance,

Sep 06 2008 03:55 am   #2Eowyn315
Actually, you can do both at once. When you're logged in, go to "My Account" and then click on "Manage Favorites." Whenever you add an author or story to your favorites list, you'll get an email notification when that author or story has been updated. (If you favorite an author, you'll also get a notification whenever the author starts a new story.)
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Sep 15 2008 04:17 am   #3
Aha! Thank you!