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Does Anyone Know...

Sep 16 2008 01:53 am   #1Scarlet Ibis
I have some video (flv MPEG-4 movie) files saved to my computer.  I was wondering if anyone knew how I would go about burning them to DVD?  I have the option of CD, but that's really not what I want.  I'm thinking I have to have a burning program...and the one that I have (Nero) does not show the files that I want when I click add for some reason (though other files that I don't wish to add do, so it's not like I'm looking in the wrong place).  Anyway, I guess what I really need to know of is a free DVD burning program or something.  Or if not a free one, a really cheap one.

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Sep 16 2008 05:30 am   #2FetchingMadScientist

Try here: or try

have fun
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