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Having Trogan virus problems

Nov 27 2006 03:07 pm   #1Guest

Dia I hate doing this but I'm having Trogan virus problems which my pc tech believes maybe conected to the new skins.Tried the new skins on different days after each time my pc had virus.I'm not blaming anyone as I am contacting all the owners of sites I frequent regularly. I just thought you might want to check the codes in case it is hiding there. Thanks JGI

Nov 27 2006 03:28 pm   #2Diabola

Checked the code, and it looks just like it did when I uploaded it. The only JS on this site is the forum-editor, and the little [?] images in some of the forms (and the [?] do no more than opening an Alert window), oh, and the html-cleaner. Everything else is server-side (php). To make sure, I checked out the different skins on computers with Symantec Internet Security (boss), McAfee Security Center (mine) and AntiVir (boss' gf), none of them noticed any viruses or trojans.

If your tech has reason to belief that the trojan comes from the BSV, feel free to have him contact me with further information/questions..

And don't worry about mentioning this, if there is a problem, the faster I know of it, the faster I can fix it.

Ups, of course the tag-board uses JS too, but that's not my code, so I can't check if it is clean. Since they have us pay for the service however, I doubt that they'd allow something like this to happen. If money is involved, they tend to be pretty careful.

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