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Nov 06 2008 09:38 pm   #1Alexannah
I'm not sure this is the right place, but I have a question about the story categories. Each of the Buffy series are listed seperately, plus a different category labelled "Alternate Universe". What sort of story lands in the AU one and which go under the appropriate series?

The story in question I'm trying to submit is set in series four, but only takes into account some of the canon from the beginning of the series onwards - i.e, keeping Riley and the Initiative, ignoring pretty much everything else. So, Series 4 or AU?
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Nov 07 2008 01:10 am   #2Always_jbj
I'd go with S4... the AU section is more for things that don't start in canon. But it's up to you, really...they are more a guideline than anything.
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Nov 07 2008 03:40 pm   #3EveryLastDrop

I'd say that you put any story that follows canon up until a certain point or only has a few changes in the past you can explain in an Author's Note could go in the particular season category it is in. AU is used more for when the universe is so notably different from what anyone who has seen canon would assume had happened or is used to.

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