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Fic Search......

Nov 16 2008 07:56 am   #1Guest
I'm been searching for a fic for a while now and I'm hoping that someone will be able to help me find it

It takes place post graduation and AU season four
When Angel was poisoned he drank too much from Buffy, he freaked out and turned her, then ran away from Sunnydale.
Spike shows up later and teaches her how to be a vampire. 

I really hope that this is enough info and that someone out there can help me find it.
Nov 16 2008 04:05 pm   #2Guest
This sounds very similar to Kari Mouke's Alone in Death, which can be found by Wayback here:

Aug 28 2013 11:54 am   #3riya
I think it's a story by shipperx (her livejournal name) but I can't remember the name. I do know it's unfinished.
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