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Erotic Short Story Contest Please Vote

Nov 17 2008 11:24 pm   #1ZoeGrace
Hi guys.  Long time, no anything.  Don't know who here still remembers me, but I used to write fanfic here.  (which I took off.  Not in a fit of anything, just because I'm not sure how publicly posting fanfic that can in some way be linked back to my publishing name can or can't hurt me.  I'm not talking about image, I'm talking about, legalities.)

Anyway, until I sort that issue out, my fanfic isn't being widely distributed.  I'm also focusing mostly on original fic, under the name: Zoe Winters.

I was recently selected for the next round of an Erotic Short fiction contest.  Please read and vote here:

It my story is selected as a weekly winner, then I'll be paid $100 and published in the print anthology,  and go on to the semi-finals.  If I make it through the semi finals, then judges will choose from 3 finalists.  The winner gets $3,000.  That's a crap load of money for an erotic short story, so I would really appreciate your vote!


Nov 20 2008 02:18 am   #2Spikez_tart
Zoe you goof.  Like we could forget you.  Did you win??
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Nov 20 2008 03:15 am   #3slaymesoftly
Yeah. People ask about you and your fics fairly regularly. Zoe.  Good luck with the contest.
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Nov 20 2008 04:18 pm   #4ZoeGrace
Hey Spikez_tart.  heh, well I don't know! hahaha I feel like such a little poophead, like I ran off and abandoned the spuffy community, but really I'm A. a paranoid little goofball.  I mean I GET that Joss himself is okay with fanfic but I'm not sure he's the only person with say-so.  Also the show is long over, so it's a "safer" fandom to be writing in.    and B.  With the original fic, I don't have much time for fanfic.  I'm putting out my work independently for awhile because the larger publishing industry is such a crapshoot, so that makes it take up even more time.

As for the contest, so far I'm doing pretty well in it.  But voting goes through Sunday, so if you haven't voted, and you want to, vote, pimp me, whatever.   I want to win.


Really?  That's awesome!  I hope those people will transition with me to the original fic.  Because the fanfic may be bye bye.  But a lot of what I'm writing for original fic, isn't the erotica, it's Paranormal Romance, which is pretty much the genre that a lot of Spuffy fanfic is.  It's how I discovered the genre in the first place.  I got a little burnt out on Spuffy for awhile, yeah, yeah, I know, and then I discovered paranormal romance.  Starting reading it like a crazy chick with a crack addiction, then started writing it.    I've got a free paranormal romance ebook coming out next week on my blog:

And thanks, on the contest! 

Nov 21 2008 02:18 am   #5Spikez_tart
Zoe we're all thrilled that you're breaking into the big time and you're not a poophead.  You've got to protect your work.  Looking forward to that ebook.
If we want her to be exactly she'll never be exactly I know the only really real Buffy is really Buffy and she's gone' who?
Nov 22 2008 03:21 am   #6ZoeGrace
Well, true, Parker is the stinky poophead.   But yeah.  Don't know if I'd call it the "big time" hehe, but I'm excited to start getting some of my original work out there.

Nov 24 2008 05:22 pm   #7ZoeGrace
Thanks to everyone who went and voted for me!  My story won it's week.  I ended up winning with 49% of the vote.   So far I've won $100, inclusion in the print anthology, a copy of the print anthology, and a spot in the Semi-Finals.  Those will be in February.

I've also got a "fake site" set up that's tied in with my free ebook for anyone who is interested:

And I know this isn't my marketing forum, so I'll shut up now.