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How do I add a banner to my story?

Jan 17 2009 02:12 pm   #1Secret Slayer
Hi! I'm pretty new on this site, and haven't got around to posting anything yet, but when i do, how do i add a banner to my story? I've all ready made some really good ones, but i cant figure out what to do with them... also, i'd like to share them with others, but i dont know how to do that either... can someone help me please? thanks xxx =]
Jan 17 2009 02:19 pm   #2LadyYashka
All you have to do is upload the image to a site like photobucket and copy/paste the appropriate link in the same place you put your story text. If you decide to share them with others, just create a thread and post links to them in it.  :)
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Jan 17 2009 02:21 pm   #3Secret Slayer
Thanks! I'll try that soon! =]

Secret Slayer
Jan 17 2009 09:16 pm   #4nmcil
I recommend the Flickr site - you can get a free account or a paid one for $25.00 year - the paid by far is superior - Flickr is the most user friendly site that I have ever used - if you just want a place to share your images with, this will serve you well - plus they have all types of fun things that you can do with your images - and posting from Flickr to this site is super easy - all you have to do is copy/paste the size you want (which is automatically generated by flickr) and do the insert image here - works super easy.  Plus with Flickr you can offer very large high res files if you want as an option.

I would actually like to start a Bloodshedverse Flickr Gallery - if enough members would like one -

Here is the link for my Flickr - check it out, see if this would work for you -
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Jan 18 2009 10:38 pm   #5Always_jbj
I would actually like to start a Bloodshedverse Flickr Gallery - if enough members would like one -

You could start a gallery, but you'd need to call it something else--using 'Bloodsheverse' in the name implies that it is officially connected to this site, which is something that only Dia can do.
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