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Erotic Fiction Contest. Finals, and Win free book.

Feb 09 2009 10:49 pm   #1ZoeGrace
Hey everybody, I made it to the finals of the erotic fiction contest, Thanks to everyone who voted for me!

Now it's the finals (Finally)  And the grand prize is $3,000.

It had been my original understanding that this finals round was a judging only round, but they are doing another public voting round.  There will be a judges panel, but their decision could be swayed by the outcome of this vote.  So I'm offering extra incentive this time to help me get the word out about this contest and my story.  For everyone who blogs about my contest, you'll be entered in a drawing for a free book (I'm giving away 10 free books), for details on how you can win a free book go here:

And to vote for my story, for the final voting round, go here:

Thank you guys for all your help, and for putting up with my promo!  This contest is really important to me and I appreciate being allowed to let people know about it here.

Feb 10 2009 03:39 am   #2Spikez_tart
I live in Chicago - This has such a homey - vote early vote often feel to it.
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Feb 10 2009 08:06 am   #3ZoeGrace
LMAO Spikez_tart. God, I know.  I HATE being miss "campaign for votes."  But I can't let this opportunity slip by me and feel like at the end of it that I didn't give it everything I had it in me to give.

Seriously, if this whole thing were longer, I'd be baking cookies and passing out buttons or something weird like that.