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Beta, & Occasionally Sounding Board, Needed

Feb 10 2009 10:29 pm   #1Alexannah
I'm looking for an honest, flexible beta willing to work on several projects at once. For a general idea of my writing style and standard, I have the first three chapters of my fic "A Little Compassion" on the BSV. As well as Spike and Buffy, my favourite characters are Giles, Joyce, Willow, Andrew, Dawn, Anya and Cordelia. The only fic I have planned that is not Spuffy will be in the sequel. Giles/Joyce is another favourite ship, and Xander/Andrew makes a couple of appearances. I mostly write S/B romance, but experiment a lot with adventurous plots and love Spike-Joyce and/or Spike-Dawn.
"Spike? What are you doing?"
"Watching the telly."
"It's generally considered more entertaining if you turn it on."

- A Little Compassion (WIP)
Feb 11 2009 01:11 pm   #2Spikez_tart
A - check out the Volunteer to Beta forum I just bumped to the top.  Sorry I don't have time to help myself for the next few months.
If we want her to be exactly she'll never be exactly I know the only really real Buffy is really Buffy and she's gone' who?