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In Need for a Beta - Special Circumstances

Mar 06 2009 09:05 pm   #1steffi
Hello everyone,
here is the situation:
I am not a native speaker, but had ten years of English class at school. I am kind of an experienced writer, although only in my mother tongue, German. I have never written Spuffy before but there is this idea in my head that just will not go away. So I want to give it a try.
I have already written some Bones and Moonlight Fanfiction, but untill now all in German. I want to try and write my spuffy Idea in English so I can post it here. Obviously I need someone who will correct my grammar and spelling as well as things that you just don't say this way oin English. I am aware of the fact that this is areally hard job and was wondering if someone here will gived it a try.
So if there is anyone out there who will give it a try and work with me, please answer. Thank you



Mar 07 2009 12:29 am   #2slaymesoftly
I'll give it a shot, steffi. At least until you get someone permanent.  Often, more betas makes for better stories, so if you end up with two or three, that could be good.
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Apr 06 2009 12:31 am   #3Abby
I've been a beta before for someone whose native language was not English.  I am unfortunately not always the most reliable person when it comes to having things back in a timely manner, but I'd be willing to help.  It looks like your English is pretty good to begin with, so I suspect it'll be in the small details that you'll need assistance and that was the case with the other writer.