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JM at Dragon*Con 2009

Apr 03 2009 07:44 pm   #1spikeskat
According to his site, James is now a guest at Dragon*Con this year. Bonus, because I'd already bought my ticket and made hotel reservations. ^_^

It's a bit early for track schedules just yet, and I'm sure, Himber Ent. will have an extra something special up his sleeve. (Here's hoping anyway...)

So, who's going or has already planned on attending?
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Apr 03 2009 07:56 pm   #2Eowyn315
I looked over the rest of the guest list, and so far, the only other person I'd want to see is Edward James Olmos, but if it's anything like last year, the entire cast of Battlestar Galactica will show up and I'll be dying to go. 

As with everything in my life right now, it depends on if/when I get a new job and have to move. (If I do move, I'll be 2 hours closer to Atlanta, lol.)
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Apr 04 2009 08:56 am   #3Shell Presto
No plans for Dragon Con, but I am going to Fangoria in NY.
Apr 05 2009 05:40 pm   #4Scarlet Ibis
Fangoria?  Word
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