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Looking, but not urgent

Apr 06 2009 12:52 am   #1Abby

I am, obviously, looking for a beta.  I am not a beginner writer and so I don’t need help with spelling and grammar – though somebody with a good eye for the occasional mistake would be appreciated.  There are a few specific things I require, as follows:

1)     Keen eyes to catch occasional mistakes.

2)     A decent knowledge of canon (comics not necessary).

3)     The ability to tell me when something stinks and why so that I can fix it (don’t pull punches – if it sucks I wanna know.)

4)     Advice/suggestions on story flow, plot points, continuity, characterizations, etc.

5)     Can tolerate probably way too many sentences purposefully started with and or but due to my love affair with mental full-stops beforehand.

6)     Willing to beta stories with an NC-17 rating.

7)     Has read, or is willing to read my story Whispers. One of my current projects is its sequel and knowledge of the first story would be helpful.      

I am not as prolific a writer as some, but when I do I tend to write in large chunks/chapters.  If you are interested, please let me know!
Apr 06 2009 02:31 am   #2Always_jbj


As long as you don't expect same day turn around, I am happy to give it a go. I haven't read your story yet, but it is on my 'to read' list.

You can email me or grab me on YM  wantedjbj


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Apr 06 2009 11:57 am   #3Sotia
I'm completely unfit as a beta, but I wanted to say that I love number 5 on your list (and am guilty of the same love affair)
What can I tell you, baby? I've always been bad...
Apr 06 2009 04:55 pm   #4Abby
I figure, as long as we realize it's not technically correct, then we're allowed our creative license, right?  Right?
Apr 06 2009 06:09 pm   #5Sotia
Couldn't agree more
What can I tell you, baby? I've always been bad...