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Oct 12 2006 02:36 am   #1Guest

How do you get those nifty pictures to come up where it now says Avatar?

Oct 12 2006 04:52 am   #2Guest

"my account" > "edit my account"

Jan 05 2010 11:50 pm   #3Help? 
I have a joint account on here but I have no clue how to fill out my profile and add an avatar. Is it possible to do it?
Jan 06 2010 01:38 am   #4slaymesoftly
If you have a joint account, you should have the same access as members with single accounts. Have you gone to "my account" and seen what is there?
Got to "account settings" and fill out which ever parts you want to. Then scroll to the bottom for the info on how to get an avatar. :)
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Jan 06 2010 09:57 pm   #5

That’s the problem. We go to My Account and these options show up:

View Private Messages

View Moderator/System Messages

Change Password

Joint-Account Settings

Manage Your Stories

All Reviews

Unanswered Reviews

Set Permissions

Then we click on Joint-Account Settings and all we see is the user name, the option to fill out the first email, second email, the box to make our emails visible (we haven’t checked it off), a place for website (again, it is not filled), the Skin choices and then it says Submit New Data.

Are we looking in the wrong place?

Jan 06 2010 10:57 pm   #6Always_jbj
My guess would be that you can't add an avatar to a joint account, but it would just be a guess. I have emailed Dia to ask her, so hopefully she will have an answer for you sometime soon.
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Jan 06 2010 11:20 pm   #7
Thank you :)
Feb 06 2010 07:56 pm   #8
I don't mean to bug but it has been about a month. Is there (for sure) no way to have an avatar with a joint account?
Feb 06 2010 10:51 pm   #9slaymesoftly
Dia did reply, just a few days ago; and, no, unfortunately, there is no way to add an avatar to a joint account. If you really want one, why not open another account in just your name. You can still use the joint account when that's appropriate for whatever you're doing - posting fic or whatever - but you will have an avatar to use when on the forum. ;)
I am not a minion of Evil...
I am upper management.
Feb 09 2010 10:28 pm   #10
Great, thanks for your help. :)
Feb 11 2010 09:07 am   #11Scarlet 
Hee, and I thought this was a thread for the film :P