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Duplicate review

Dec 11 2009 01:34 pm   #1All4Spike 
I just reviewed a story and accidentally sent it twice. I can't see any way to delete the duplicate review, is it possible?

Dec 11 2009 09:10 pm   #2Always_jbj
If the author reports it to Dia she can remove it.
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Dec 12 2009 01:16 am   #3All4Spike
Oh, right. Thanks, Always_jbj. I had been looking for an 'edit' or 'delete' button which is sometimes available to reviewers on other sites in case they muck up a posting. I guess I'll have to hope the author notices my error and knows what to do about it...
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Dec 12 2009 01:17 am   #4All4Spike
I see there's an edit button and a delete button on my previous posting... so they pop up on the forum but not on reviews.... odd...
Love's a funny thing...
Dec 12 2009 02:21 am   #5slaymesoftly
I wouldn't worry about it. I've had it happen several times on different sites. I just respond to the first one, and put a smilie face on the second one to indicate I know it was unintentional.  Nobody minds getting an extra review. lol
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