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Something I'd like to see at the BSV

Dec 18 2009 08:21 am   #1lovesbitch91
Haha that kinda rhymes. Anyways, (yes, I know that's bad grammar but that's hows I says it.) I'd like it if we maybe had a box on the submissions page for the mods, in case an author wants to send along a message with whatever fic she's posting. There's been plenty of times where I've had a question or comment to go along with the chapter, yet there wasn't anyplace to put it. So yeah, that's it. Just a suggestion.

Dec 18 2009 01:37 pm   #2slaymesoftly
You can always just click on our names to send an e-mail. We're all (both) in the "Authors" list, and probably other places.  But we'll see what Dia says. It would be handy to have a "contact mod" button, if nothing else.
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