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Flowers in Forever

Jan 05 2010 09:53 pm   #1coalitiongirl
Does anyone know what kind of flowers Spike brings for Joyce in "Forever?"


The top ones look like daisies- can anyone confirm that? What about the yellow ones?

It's embarrassing that I don't know this, but I'm really not a flower person.
Jan 06 2010 01:19 am   #2TammyDevil666
I was thinking daisies, or lilies perhaps?  I don't even think I'm spelling that right.  Sorry, I'm really not a flower person!
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Jan 06 2010 01:26 am   #3slaymesoftly
They looked like daisies to me, but it's been a long time since I saw them.  I don't remember any yellow ones.  I'll try to find some screen caps and see what I can figure out from them.
ETA - definitely daisies and I think the yellow ones are some sort of ragweed type flower. I think they are meant to be wildflowers that Spike picked, rather than something purchased at a florist.
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Jan 06 2010 01:48 am   #4coalitiongirl
 Excellent. It was really just a word choice, not so much an actual fic plot (Spike goes to the florist and buys flowers. What a story!), so that works out perfectly.

Thank you for your help!
Jan 06 2010 03:33 am   #5nmcil
I have very good dvdcaps of the flowers - do you want me to post it?
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Jan 06 2010 03:45 am   #6coalitiongirl
 There should be one in my original post, if you click on the word "Image." 
Jan 06 2010 07:01 pm   #7xaphania
Kind of related to this... does anyone one know what kind of tree it is in Buffy's front garden--the one Spike always stands under? Probably a longshot, the best screencap I can find is this, which isn't very clear - pic here. Thanks.

Jan 07 2010 01:36 pm   #8slaymesoftly
I would guess, just based on where they live, that it's a California Live Oak.  But it's too hard to see the leaves and the rest of the tree in that shot.  *shrugs* It may not even be a real tree - it is a set, after all - so it may just be a generic tree that they put up for Spike to stand under.
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Jan 08 2010 12:19 am   #9Cordykitten
Can't help with the tree but I've seen other pics in the daylight:
Maybe someone will recognize them if you're still looking for it.
Jan 08 2010 01:00 am   #10slaymesoftly
Okay, those are very helpful, although I've got to say I never noticed all that vegetation!  The really big trees are some kind of spruce trees . One of those would be "Spike's" tree.  There is the trunk of at least one very large palm tree visible (not an expert on palms, so wouldn't begin to try to guess what kind) there is a smaller tree that is also some sort of warm-weather type. Leathery leaves, magnolia-like, but probably not a magnolia. And the things alongside the house look like arborvitae or leyland cypress or something like that.
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I am upper management.